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Saliva Cortisal test results

Hi all,

I just need some help understanding my Adrenal Profile test as am only seeing my doctor in about 2 weeks time. My results are:

Reference range

Sample 1 Post Awakening 31.17 7.45-32.56

Sample 2 (+ 4 - 5 Hours) 10.37 2.76-11.31

Sample 3 (+ 4 - 5 Hours) 6.30 1.38-7.45

Sample 4 (Prior to Sleep) 5.01 H 0.83-3.86

Sum of Cortisol 52.9

DHEA Levels


7.45-32.56 2.76-11.31 1.38-7.45 0.83-3.86

Cortisol Reference Limits - nmol/L

Hormones Reference Range (nmol/L)

DHEA Sample 1 (am) 0.61 0.25-2.22

DHEA Sample 3 (pm) 0.32 0.25-2.22


Is my cortisal extremely high? I am under extreme stress at the moment at work, just wondering the best way to bring down my high cortisal.

Thank you

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I'm sorry you've had no replies, Julia35. Feel free to repost your question.

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hi Julia

just got my results on Monday. my cortisol is high sample 3 and 4 . ive started taking zinc before bed which is helping me sleep a bit better. I'm pretty much the same as you morning and lunch but by the afternoon ....

sample 3 13.32 -1.38-7.45

sample 4 7.00- 0.83-3.86

cortisol burden 61.4

I read about holy basil for this as well as zinc. I have to say I'm feeling a bit stressed but I didn't think I would have such high cortisol and I do feel pretty crap. I'm trying to raise my ndt without any success. I hope you're feeling ok.

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Hi Fitzy, sorry to hear you are also dealing with high cortisol, I hope the Zinc and holy basil tea are helping. I had to reduce my NDT dose to 30mg and started taking phosphatidylserine 300mg before bedtime and it seems to be helping as I am able to sleep well at night. I also wake up feeling really rested. The only problem is that am struggling with brain fog and depression after reducing my NDT to 30mg from 60mg. I have to wait atleast 8 weeks before I can start raising again and I hope this time it will work.


Hi Julia

Sorry to hear that you can't raise either. Its miserable :-( im also depressed and very frustrated. Had a bad day tearful and went to bed. Will also have to cut back again from tomorrow. No brain fog yet just very bad cramps in muscles and so cold . I thought it would be easier than this. The high cortisol is so horrible and seemed to come from nowhere . Hope you feel better soon. I had replied earlier but i must have done something wrong .hope you don't get two replies . Perhaps the fog has indeed kicked in.

Take very good care of yourself .


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Thanks Fitzy, I hope you feel better too. I will keep posting her to let you know how am feeling in a few weeks time. Good luck with your treatment.


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