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My cortisol saliva results in numbers

Sorry, I see that the photo of my Genova saliva test isn't too clear. The numbers horrify me: they are:

Sample 1:. 30.55 ( range 7.4-32.56)

Sample 2:.  64.19. ( range 2.76-11.31)

Sample 3:.  27.12 (range 1.38-7.45) 

Sample 4:. 31.51 (range 0.83-3.86)

Sum of cortisol 143.4

DHEA mean 0.08

DHEA-Cortisol ratio 0.004 ( 0.015-0.150)

Sorry to post twice, I am upset.


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Thank you so much for replying. I'm certainly shocked. I've had low cortisol for years. Agreed by a GP as hypoadrenia! But that was three years ago, it's obviously changed!



Wow! Is it possible you may have been taking supplements that may have affected these results? Wondering about Nutri adrenal, ace ? Progesterone, anti depressants or pain meds? It is better to test without taking these for 2 weeks. 

If not, probably need to do Cushings test to rule it out & then work on lowering that cortisol, perhaps using Holy Basil. 

Good luck.


Ps not doctor. Just another woman trying to maintain wellness 


Thanks Vally! No supplements since Christmas but I was on HC and NAX for four years. Surely out of my system between December and late March? No, I've been doing T3 CM dosing and was too enthusiastic. 



We are all guilty of that, hard to be patient all the time. 

You could try Holy Basil before each high & see if that helps. Raise dose after 3 weeks, re-test at 3 months


Hi sorry to read you are upset.

There are six variety of results when you have an ASP test. High cortisol and low DHEA is one of them. The body cannot make enough DHEA to balance cortisol. This is the first sign of adrenal exhaustion and chronic stress. The most common is hypoglycaemia but may also include insomnia physical or mental stress etc.

Low DHEA can be helped by taking Pregnenolone say 50 mgs sublinuarily. Its is really reasonable and I have never come across side effects myself.

Do you use a mouth wash? If so please bin it as it raises cortisol levels.

If not then sorry to say there is no quick fix. Its about looking after yourself in everyway- relaxing exercising eating and sleeping well.

I know its small comfort but I have seen far higher cortisol levels and with the meds and a slight change people's health has improved.

If you need anymore support feel free to message me.

Kind regards and good luck.

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That is really helpful; thank you so much for the response. It was a huge shock after having low cortisol for years, but I am feeling more composed now and able to deal with it.

Thank you!


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