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Can I rule out a thyroid problem from these results?

I got my blood results. It looks like I can rule out a thyroid problem doesn't it?

TSH 3.63

Free T4 16.49

Free T3 4.32

Total T4 90.9

Anti Thyroidperoxidase abs 10.6

Anti Thyroglobulin abs 12.8

B12 1362

Serum Folate >45.4

I take a good multi vit, fish oil, betaine (for elevated homoscyteine), 3 monthly b12 injection & 1,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual @3x a week

I have thyroid symptoms but can find out what the cause is. Still no further forward :-/

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Well, no. That actually rules a thyroid problem in, not out. Unfortunately not enough to get anywhere medication-wise though... :(


Thanks for reading & responding Jazzw I really appreciate it. I'm not sure what you mean though? How does it rule it 'in'?


Sorry, that wasn't very helpful of me, was it?

Have a read of this:


Your thyroid is struggling - as demonstrated by your TSH being over 2.0.


Ok, thank you I'll read now.

My TSH has been tested a few times as I've been feeling dreadful with dizziness, awful brain fog, detached & irritable feeling, insomnia & night anxiety for @2y. It's always bounced between 2.8 and 4.8, never lower, never higher. Everyone I've seen has always said its 'normal'. Can that still be what is causing my symptoms do you think? I feel like I'm developing dementia & am so overstimulated by everything at times.

Any thoughts about what I should do next?

The only answer I get from the docs is to try antidepressants, I am getting down with it all & am definitely getting mood swings, but I really feel that that is secondary & so not the root cause :-(

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It's difficult to tell without reference ranges, but as well as your TSH being too high as mentioned in other replies, I would have said your FT3 was low in range as well, and that will make you feel pretty awful.

One of the ways that your body tries to "keep you going" when thyroid hormone is in short supply is by creating more adrenaline. You might also have high cortisol. This could be why you feel overstimulated.

I can't offer any advice on how to deal with this. In my opinion you need thyroid hormone. In the meantime I would suggest making sure that your nutrient levels are optimal, and that you work on maximising the health of your gut.


Scorchio, autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) is ruled out but you do have a thyroid problem as TSH 3.6 shows your thyroid is already struggling to produce hormone. FT4 and FT3 are only good because your TSH is high.

Symptoms can precede abnormal bloods by years but NHS won't diagnose until TSH is over 5 or 6. In the meantime support your thyroid function with 3-5 Brazil nuts daily or 200mcg selenium. NutriThyroid supplement might also be helpful.


Thanks guys.

I take a well woman original supplement daily which has selenium 100mcg in, I'll order & take an extra 100mcg to try on top. Can I take 200 total in the long term safely?

What is in the nutrithyroid? Should I try that too?? Do you really think I need it?

Is it worth trying iodine?


Tsh of 3.63 is indicative of a failing thyroid being flogged by the pituarity

some doctors will start treatment but many wont until your TSH is over 5

your free t4 and free t3 are not too bad currently but they will continue to fall

you may have to consider self treating with NDT as many others like my family have to


Ranges were

(0.27-4.20)TSH - 3.63

(3.1-6.8) FT3 - 4.32

(12-22) FT4 - 16.49

(64.5-142) Total T4 - 90.9

My ferritin was 78 (range 20-150)

CRP 0.30 (range <3.0)

I had my cortisol/DHEA checked in March -

Cortisol -

Sample 1 - 17.70 (5.56- 22.20)

Sample 2 - 5.0 (2.45- 8.12)

Sample 3 - 2.10 (1.54- 5.56)

Sample 4 - 2.20 (1.17- 3.18)

DHEA mean 1.73

DHEA:Cortisol ratio 6.41


Scorchio, this condition is much more complicated than most of us realize. These two men have defined that for me. Dr. Clark formulates 22 causes of low thyroid. I'll post #1 and you can check out the others by going to you tube. #18 points to PCOS, each are only 5 minutes.

This man show clearly the relationship with the adrenal glands.

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Thank you. My head is pretty foggy & it certainly is a very complex relationship to try & get your head around even the basic combinations.

I've booked to see Dr Peatfield privately in the hope that he can piece it all together for me & make sense of some of the potential pathways that might be going wrong in me........& hopefully point me to correct them!

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