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Found relatively affordable test (happy-ish) :)

ZRTlabs provides same dry blood test I used last year except with shorter turn around time and 50 % cheaper. Even with small discount through canary club.

Tho I am forced to take another iodine stress test, but oh well... This test measures tt4, ft4, ft3, tsh, tpo, thyroglobulin, iodine, selenium, arsenic, bromine and creatine.

Same test through Nordic Labs, I used last year, costs 520 € with four days shipping (to Denmark, it is next to us, how can it take forever) + 21 days turn around time. Let alone the test kit comes from UK and that can take up to 8 days for some weird reason :O Finland is not that far away!!!

ZRT test I have to send to US, but as it is dry blood I can send it through normal post cheap and still quick-ish. Turn around time 3-5 days and it costs me 284$.

I am sorta happy and content, this test is reliable and easy to take. I had no idea newborns are tested with same method, dry blood. Pretty cool.

Unfortunately my ferritin remains untested as vit D, but at this point I am worried about thyroid levels. I hope this test helps me to get help, otherwise I am lost and no idea what to do.

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I'm glad you've found a lab to do your tests relatively affordable.

I would just like to point out that the main website relies heavily on the commission they get by using the recommended labs on their site. Otherwise we might not have had a Healthunlocked Thyroiduk forum which many have found invaluable.

There is also a discount when you state the Code they give.

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Yup. I wish I was able to take those tests and support this forum as people here are amazing and know a lot.

Without these people I would not have never figured out I have hashimotos. I am glad you have access to these great tests that are made specially for people struggling with thyroid issues. Of all people I know how hard it can be to be tested.

I wish I had the opportunity to use those tests but due to my ridiculously stupid location my hands are tied.

I have recommended people living in southern Finland to look for these tests as they can do handle shipping in required times.

I apologise if I was advertising other labs but for most people here it does not make sense to use them as it will cost more for them. And for those who live in middle of nowhere it might come handy to know that there are options :)

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