Blue Horizon Medicals for thyroid tests?

Can I ask if anybody has used them before? Am I right in saying, if you pay the £29 - each test after that is a lot cheaper?? I'm assuming it means £29 per individual test, and then retesting that same test is cheaper next time? I'm a bit confused!

Also - do you have to have your blood drawn by a nurse or are these tests something you can do at home?

I've been using Genova up until now, but I'm thinking Blue Horizons might be cheaper, and possibly a quicker turn around time too.

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I have used the home finger prick ones & they have been fine, and very very fast. I sent one sample & got the results at 11am the next day! You don't pay the medical fee for those, but they are more expensive, so I guess it depends on how often you might use them and whether you can easily get blood taken

That's quick!! If it comes to it (and I have to test myself!) then I think I'm definitely going to try them :) I don't know how I'd get my blood taken to be honest, so the finger prick seems the perfect solution.

As I understand it, you pay a one-off medical fee of £29.95 per order and can order as many tests as you like in that one order. The reference to low low prices is that their standard prices are low rather than payment of the medical fee gives you a discounted price. But if you go through ThyroidUk you will get a discount I believe and also ThyroidUk benefits from your order . Another cheaper option is the India lab service, recently set up by them.

How do I find out about the India Lab service? :)

I will send the details by pm :-)


I've used them several times. I had a full blood count done twice through them. I paid something like £140 for one test (sorry can't remember off hand exactly how much I paid. I think the £29.95 is an admin fee? And the tests are all priced, it depends which test you require. At the moment they have a May offer which discounts the £29.95 fee - it'll say this somewhere on the site.

I go on their site and choose whether I want to gave my tests fine at the Nuffield or the Spire hospitals. There are then links to go to either the Nuffield or spire part of the site so you can order your tests. You add your tests to the "basket", choose which hospital you want to go to and then pay.

You go to your chosen hospital to have the blood drawn. You gave to ring this hospital to make an appt. this hospital will then send your blood onto blue horizon who will test and analyse your blood. They will them email you their findings. It can rake up yo a week although I've had the results back in 3 days before.

Hope this helps!!!

Sorry about the typo errors! I'm on my iPad and it won't let me edit it :-(

That's interesting info, thank you :) Is that Nuffield in Exeter? As I'm close by in Exmouth.

The Thyroid Profile Advanced home blood test (which is finger prick, I think?), when added to the basket with the £10 off (with the code from this site), comes to £108.75. It says it checks Includes T4, TSH, FT4,FT3, THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODIES, THYROID PEROXIDASE ANTIBODIES. I think if I am going to do one (if I'm not offered anything useful by my endo that is!) then this is the one I'd probably do?

Nuffield hospitals are all over the country, I use the Nuffield Derby.

Can they really get all that info just from a finger prick?? That's incredible! I'm going to take a look....

Yes - I did this - very good XX

Hi Much dearer if you go through a private hospital. use their finger prick, still a test tube DIY, very well tested and reliable. Or if gP will take the blood for free, use the venous blood. Quote TUK 10 for a discount.I use them all the time. Their Harley st. doc also send a report if they think something wrong. You decide if you show it to anyone. I have tSH,T4 and Free T3 done about £60 ,also so more expensive but the "best" vit D too as so much more accurate then the nHS one.


Just ordered finger prick home test (microtainer) for TSH,FT4,FT3 was charged £78.75 including TUK10 discount. Was I overcharged? or is the charge higher if ordered by phone?

PS this by BlueHorizon.

That looks right to me :) Let us know how you get on with it!!! I'd be interested to know how quickly you get the results too.

Have used bluehorizonmedicals before,they are very good and prompt sending their report,haven't sent the sample yet waiting to do it Monday.I was just querying the cost since Jackie said it was about£ 60 for home test kit for TSH FT3andFT4.

Hi it probably is about right. I use venous blood as I have sticky blood, finger prick normally fine, have a glass of water 30mins before. Do not do Thurs - Sunday, our post. reply usually about 24 hours, working hours.I pay just over £60 but I know that is about £10 cheaper.They have slight l know they have upped their charges lately. however, if you aid for the identical test, same Lab at a private hospital, you need a referral, costs about £200 and you have to do it through a doc!They are checked by Harley St doc and advise you with a report if not happy.make sure they have your e mail address for the answers.


Thanks for replying Jackie

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