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Could anyone advise on my blood results?


Hello. I was on here saying that I was breathless. Some people kindly advised to get complete thyroid blood test and also some vitamins. I have the results. While the Doctor says they are all 'normal', I wonder if I could put them on here for advice? He said my thyroid ones indicated I was over medicated, but I take NDT (Erfa) and it always look like that! I had my thyroid removed 5 years ago. Levo wasn't working, and Dr S put me on the Erfa, which has been wonderful....except for the breathlessness!


TSH 0.01 (0.27-4.2)

T4 23 pmol/l (10-24)

T3 15 pmol (2.8-7.1)

Just noticed my T3 seems very high?

And the vitamins.

vit D2 D3 101 nmol (75-200 optimal)

Vit B12 318 ng/l (191-663)

serum folate 4.6 (4.6-18.7)

He also did a full blood count if that's useful?

If anyone can make any sense of these, I would be very grateful.

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I would say you are overmedicated on Erfa as your FT3 is really high and out of range. Did you leave 24hrs between your blood test and taking Erfa? If you didn't this could be why your FT3 is so high.

greygoose in reply to fixit

Good point! Did you?

I think he might be right! That FT3 is way too high. And that could very well be causing your breathlessness. But Don't do a drastic reduction in one go, or you'll miss your sweet spot! Come down gradually and see how you feel with each reduction. It's possible that you might need your FT3 over-range, but if you're having symptoms, then it's too much over-range.

Plus your vit B12 is dangerously low, and that could be making you breathless, too. And the symptoms of low B12 are very similar to those of low thyroid, so that could have induced you to increase your Erfa too much. You'll need about 7000 daily sublingual methylcobalamin to bring that B12 up to a comfortable level. Then you can reduce a bit but carry on taking it, because it needs to be at the top of the range -- just seen the top of the range is 663! That's too low. You need it to be about 900. You can't over-dose on B12, so Don't worry about the range. It's water-soluable, so excreted. But, of course, always keep an eye on your body's reaction so that you can take control if necessary.

When I was FT3 over range, I kept feeling dizzy and faint, do you feel like that?

missmolly55 in reply to cc120

Ahhhh....I took the Erfa on the morning of the test! Ooops! Does that make it completely useless?

I have been having dizzy spells though.....

cc120 in reply to missmolly55

I think you have to leave 24 hours between taking NDT and a blood test for it to be accurate, some say 12 hours.

Do you find that when you stand up, you get woozy, or /and if you walk fast/are too active, you feel the blood leaving your face and get very hot and dizzy. That's how I felt when FT3 over-range.

Low B12 like yours can make you breathless, but you look overmedicated.

Your folate is right at the bottom of the range too so you should definately supplement that.

You should leave 24 hrs between last dose and bloods. I would have FT3 done again to get a realistic picture.

Can I just add...since I started taking Erfa, around 2 years ago, I have lost the 4 stone I had put on. Could this affect how much I need? The last stone and a half has only recently come off.

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