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Test results - what next? :(

Please can anyone have a go at interpreting my latest blood test results, saw yet another doctor at my practice and had the old your TSH levels are normal discussion!

Serum free T4 - 15 (range is 9 to 25)

TSH - 3.2 (range is 0.3 to 5)

Vitamin B12 - 433 (range is 220 - 700)

Folate level - 5.9 (range is 2.6 - 17.3)

Ferritin level - 26 (range is 10 - 420)

Vitamin D level - 47 - (range of 30 to 50 is inadequate in some people)

Iron level - 19 (range is 14 - 28)

Inorganic phosphate level - 0.66 below range (range is 0.8 - 1.5) that's to do with my bone profile

Thyroid peroxidase antibody level - <20 (range is <60 Negative, 60 to 99 weak positive, 100 - 2000 - positive)

I am really confused now. The Dr I saw today said that my Vit D and ferritin levels needed addressing which could account for my lack of energy which is fair enough but I don't think they are anything to do with my increasing weight gain - I have put on 2 stone since this time last year despite changing my diet for the better.

I have ticked over 40 symptoms on the Thyroid UK list so showing very definite hypo clinical symptoms but she couldn't offer much explaination at all as to why I was feeling like I do and what to do to stop the weight going up!

I am peri menopausal and I accept that this could have a bearing on the weight gain but I have to put more effort in which feeling as tired all the time as I do is not the best answer in the world!

Oh and when I asked about adrenal gland saliva tests, she clearly didn't know what they were and said the NHS didn't do those tests! Head, brick and wall time :(

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Actually, the vitamin D and ferritin could be contributing to your weight gain. Iron is needed for your cells to use the thyroid hormones you produce so low iron levels and ferritin could result in hypothyroid symptoms.

Vitamin D is actually a pro-hormone involved in over 300 metabolic processes apparently.

Your folate is very low in range which could also be contributing to your symptoms. All these things tend to work together.

Having said this, your TSH is quite high in range indicating your thyroid function may not be quite as good as it could be. It may be wise to get a repeat blood test in a few months, especially if addressing the ferritin and vitamin D doesn't make you feel any better. Make sure you have the blood drawn first thing in the morning before breakfast to get a better idea of your actual thyroid function. It may well be out of range next time or may have deteriorated which may mean you can get treatment.

This must be very frustrating for you. Remember we are here to support you while you go through this.

I hope this helps a little.

Carolyn x


Hi Carolyn

Thank you for your reply!

That's a better interpretation of my results for sure! I had an idea that Vit D etc played a part in thyroid function through reading on this forum but have no idea how much of a part it does play and how low it has to be before everything starts to feel yuck!

I already taken a multi vitamin supplement but the Dr suggested that I take an additional Vit D supplement which she herself takes so been out and got that today and also that I get more ferritin and folate into my diet so spinach, prunes etc.

I'm willing to give all that a go as I am also trying to eat more clean too.

My TSH has actually gone down slightly, my original test was 3.4 and now it is 3.2 - could be explained by the fact that I have tried to go more gluten free in my diet since my original blood test but I am still gaining weight :(

This forum is super and thank you all for your support. I know I am not the only one out there! x


Your FT4 is also too low, not even mid-range. This could mean that you're FT3 is low, too, as you Don't have enough to convert. But, of course, they Don't test the FT3!

And your B12 is too low. It should be well over 500 for you to be 'healthy'. Preferably top of the range.

Multi vits are not going to address any of your nutritional deficiencies because there's not enough of anything in them. You need to treat yourself with individual vits and mins : sublingual methylcobalamin, about 5000 daily, with a B complex containing methylfolate, rather than folic acid, and that will bring your folate up. Vit D3 about 3000 a day, perhaps. And some form of iron - Solgar's Gentle Iron is good - take it with lots of vit C. And if you're taking vit D3, add in some magnesium, zinc and vit K2. Yes, I know that's a lot of suppléments to take, but I take a lot more than that, and it's Worth it to get my health back!

Are you getting enough fat in your diet? Fat is a necessary nutrient and eating it does not make you fat! Also, make sure you get plenty of salt. Your adrenals need salt and vit C. :)

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Thank you greygoose!

I don't mind taking all of those supplements if they make me feel better that's for sure! I will have a go and look at all of those you've mentioned.

I am eating a high fat, high protein, low carb diet with that being largely gluten and wheat free for the carb part.

I am eating good fats such as olive oil, avocados, salmon and butter with cheese (small portions of!)

Increasing Vit C intake and also salt although I don't like the taste of a lot of salt but trying to add rock salt/sea salt to veggies etc.


No, too much salt is too much! lol But adding salt to veggies is not only good for you but makes them taste so much nicer. Sounds like a good diet. Eggs are good, too. But, if your thyroid is failing, you will eventually need to supplement thyroid hormones, too. Diet is important, but not everything.


Lol too much salt will have me screwing my face up and going yuck so just gently introducing it!

Oh I love my eggs a lot so not a problem to eat them.

I don't call it a diet more like a way of life. I am quite convinced that I have under active thyroid issues combined with some moderate adrenal fatigue but will see what happens after more blood tests in a couple of months time.


Yup, it's a waiting-game, I'm afraid.


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