Test results - I'd welcome any comments please

Hello. I've just had back my results for Ferritin, Vit D, B12 and Folate. The B12 and Folate seem OK. The Ferritin is 69, with normal range as 15-300, and I thought I saw someone post on here the other day that if Ferritin is under 70 then levothyroxine doesn't convert? The Vit D was 24 with normal range 25-49. I've been told I need to speak to the GP about the Vit D levels, but nothing else. I was also tested for coeliac disease, and result for that was normal. Unfortunately the results were scanned into my GPs online system, but they didn't manage to scan the whole page so I can't read fully, The coeliac test result says Anti Tissue Transglutaminase = <1.23 and coeliac screen as 'negative'. There doesn't seem to be a range.

My July results for TSH was 1.64 (range 0.3-5) and Free T4 15.8 (range 8.8-18.8) (I'd previously been at TSH 7.8 and Free T4 17.1 for quite a long time and my levels fluctuate quite a lot, I often have to change dose of levothyroxine - I'm currently on 150mg daily, but sometimes changes down to 125mg daily).

I've previously had really good advice which is why I went for the above tests. I've yet to broach the subject of a test for T3 with my GP. Does anyone think a vitamin D supplement is really going to make much difference? I've read up on symptoms of Vit D deficiency but can't say I think they really cover all my numerous symptoms, which are similar to nearly everyone else on here - weight gain, swollen tongue, joint pain that moves around, extreme fatigue and mental fog to name just the top few.

Really appreciate any comments on what to do next. Thank you for ready this :)

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  • What was your B12 result ? Swollen tongue can be linked to deficiency. The result needs to be towards the top of the range.


    Your VitD is also below range so does need supplementing urgently. You will not notice symptoms of D deficiency as they happen inside the body. Every cell in the body - trillions and trillions - has a receptor for VitD so it is vitally important. It is a steroidal pre-hormone and anti-inflammatory. You could click onto health Conditions on....


    Am afraid they only test one thing for Coeliac disease which is not completely reliable. You can have gluten sensitivity without full blown coeliac disease. More in depth testing is done by Cyrex labs in the States - now done by Regenerus Labs in the UK....

    Have you been tested for Hashimotos ?

  • Hi Marz thanks so much for your reply. The B12 was 421 (range 179 - 1162) and folate 3.5 (range 2.8 - 12.4). I'm not quite sure what is meant by Hashimotos, is it different to being hyopthyroid? I'm thinking any further testing I'll probably need to get done privately - I just chanced on a good locum GP at my local practice last time, but she's gone now and I don't think any of our current crop of GPs is savvy about any of this

  • Only 20% of the B12 result is available for use in the cells - so that is why it is SO important to have B12 at the top of the range. Hope you managed to look at the B12 deficiency link I gave you - don't take my word for it - all the information you need is there. In my view your B12 is not OK :-(

    Hashimotos is the auto-immune version of thyroid illness - and could explain why your TSH fluctuates....making you veer towards Hyper and then Hypo. Do you have any gut issues - as most auto-immune conditions start with unhealthy gut issues. Hashimotos is the most common thyroid condition in the developed world - over 90%. That is an incredibly high figure when I see many people on this forum are rarely tested for thyroid anti-bodies.

    I think the way diet has changed since the 50's has contributed to a myriad of gut conditions that have affected out overall wellbeing. I had ileo-caecal TB followed by Crohns - so have had over 40 years of illness and now at last feeling well :-) ( if you have time you can view my edited profile ! )

    Having your tests done privately could be the best way forward....

  • Your story is very inspiring and gives me hope, thank you for sharing it and so good to hear things can improve. I'm going to try the vitD B12 supplements and then get the other tests done privately. So grateful to you for taking time to reply to me, I wish you well x

  • :-)

  • J5lt, ferritin is optimal at 70-90 so I don't think you've anything to worry about but perhaps eat a tad more iron rich food. Less than 70 doesn't stop absorption of Levothyroxine but optimal levels improve absorption.

    Good vitD levels are needed for conversion of T4 to T3. Deficient levels can cause musculskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood. I was severely deficient <10 and loading and maintenance doses over 8 weeks got my levels to >100 which is in the optimal range 75-200. It made a huge difference to how I felt and looked.

    Most people are more comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0 so if you are still symptomatic when your vitD levels are improved there is room for an increase in your Levothyroxine which should also raise your FT4. Scroll down to Guidelines and Treatment Options to read Dr. A. Toft's comments to Pulse Magazine thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_...

    Email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk if you want a copy of the article to show your GP.

  • Hi Clutter, thanks so much for your response - that is very encouraging and I now feel like I'm going somewhere towards the right track, I sincerely hope so as this is really starting to have a very adverse effect on my life and I need to get it sorted as soon as possible. I've let too many years slip away being told it's because I'm stressed, got a lot on my plate (looking after autistic son, elderly mother etc) now those situations have changed there's nothing else to pin it on other than focussing on this thyroid issue - what a pity the GPs weren't more in tune with the complexity of our make up ! Thank goodness I've found all of you x

  • The range for your vit D is very low. Mine was 57 and I was deficient. Vit d should be around 100!

  • Depends if the measurement was in ng/mL or nmol/L. If it was the former then it would translate into 60nmol/L - which of course is still LOW - very low.... I find it confusing too :-)

  • Good. Yes it's the units it's measured in.

  • ...mine is measure in ng/mL - so depends where you live. Hence I asked the question.... :-)

  • Thank you. Did you feel improvement from increasing vitD levels?

  • I looked through all the vit B12 links yesterday and found the pernicious anaemia society website. It listed every symptom that I have including what they call 'the sighs'. One earlier result from my FBC was a high red cell distribution width 14.4 (range 4-14). Other FBC results were all in normal range. I think I have pernicious anaemia (I also have vitiligo). I think this picture is starting to make sense to me. Do y think I have any chance of persuading the GP.I want to get referred to an Endo as I am now lucky enough to have some BUPA cover

  • How was the MCV ? Am not sure who is the best type of consultant to see about PA - perhaps ask on the PAS forum. Perhaps a Haematologist or an Immunologist...

    I have felt far better with VitD - I take 10,000 IU's daily as I have Crohns . There is an excellent Canadian website...


    There is a guide about dosing according to your D result. Please note it is in ng/mL....

  • Thanks Marz I'm going to look into all this in more detail today.

  • I've just found mcv result it was 89 (range 76-98) had previously been 90.6

  • I think it is only a problem when it is nearer the top of the range. The most knowledgeable person hampster1 no longer seems to post here - as I know she is busy on other sites. Ckick onto her name on the list of members - then onto her posts and I can assure you you will learn loads :-) On B12/PAS etc....

  • I will, many thanks

  • It's slow going but I did. Takes a while. I'm B12 deficient, anaemic and have adrenal issues. This time last year after my 2 weeks in the sun holiday it was tested at 57! I believe that most people are deficient. I take 10,000iu with k2. This time last year I had awful vertigo. Now I don't. I don't feel so tired but I'm taking loads of adrenal support.

  • That's very encouraging! It's difficult to know right levels for supplementing, my next day of research I think. Thanks so much for your help.

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