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2nd blood test results

Hi just had my 2nd blood tests results after being diagnosed hypo in Dec 2013. My results have improved as my previous TSH was 79 and T4 was 6.4. New ones are -

TSH 22.6 - range 0.35 to 5.50

T4 14.4 - range 9.00 to 22.70

Serum Ferritin 24 - range 10 to 291

Serum Folate 5.4 - range 2.80 to 19

Serum vitamin B12 452 - range 211 to 911

Serum vitamin D 40 - range 75 to 225

Thyroid Antibody levels 679 - range 0.00 to 60 so I assume this means I have Hashis?

Unfortunately I still feel ill and none of my symptoms have improved yet. GP said to increase my Levo dose from 50 to 75mcg until my next blood test and is referring me to an Endo at local hospital. He also advised me to take vit D supplements 10 mcg daily plus selenium, iron and suggested Kelp although I'm not sure if this is one of the things u need to avoid with thyroid? I would be grateful for any comments/ opinions on these results. Thanks Sue

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Yes, it does look like Hashimoto's. Your TSH is still very high so the increase is definitely needed and will probably need to increase again when you retest. The increase will hopefully bring up your FT4 which is low in range.

Supplementing as your GP advises is a good idea, except for kelp which may be contraindicated. Take 500-1000g vitC with iron to aid absorption.

Your B12 is low in range too. You could boost this with subliingual B12 methylcobalamin or spray.

Supplementation may take 6-8 weeks before you feel any benefit, but you will if you persist.

Make sure Levo is taken 4 hours away from iron and 2 hours away from other meds. Take levo one hour before food or 2 hours after. It's a matter of personal taste whether to take levothyroxine at night or in the morning.


Thanks Clutter for the advice re vit c and sublingual b12. Can I get these supplements at most health food stores?


You can also order from Amazon and you will see details on the right hand side column.


Oh yes thanks for that and may I add how helpful I have found this site especially on the days I have been feeling very ill and low. X


We understand because we have been there. It is a surprise when we don't feel much better when given meds but it is a slow progress to work up to a dose which suits. As long as the doctor doesn't rely on the TSH alone to medicate. It is a big learning curve.


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