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latest bloodwork

description value range

iron 17.8 10-28

transferrin 2.77 2.0-4.0

ferritin 97 20-300

vit b12 528 180-2000

folate 11.0 2.8-20

transferrin saturation index 25%

tsh 1.6 0.2-4.5

free t4 12 9-21

t3 1.6 0.9-2.4

still waiting on selenium result

also doc did not test free t3 or vit d

my symptoms are weight gain size 10-18 in 2 years

sleep problems


muscle and joint pain especially in feet ankles shoulders

brain fog /memory issues

skin sore to touch

puffy face

hair loss

cold hands/extremities

to name a few!

background is was on t3 slow release in usa and was changed to cytomel which did not work as well - was to increase but doc here took me off of it when my results were within limits - they were always within limits!!

I was then put on t4 which did nothing ! but make me feel bad! now off all meds -

can anyone help me put some sense in all of this ?


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Swkenzie, symptoms sound hypothyroid but TSH 1.6 and FT4 12 don't indicate thyroid dysfunction. How long have you been off all thyroid meds?

Your other results look well. It may be worth having a private vitamin D test via City Assays as low vitD can cause musculoskeletal pain.


hi clutter - thanks for your reply-

been off all meds since October 2014-


swkenzie, it really doesn't look like you need thyroid meds from your blood results.


thank you clutter


low TSH and low T4 and lowish t3 could well indicate CENTRAL HYPOTHYROID

if slow release T3 worked then sounds like that's what you need

no idea how you can get it in the UK though


thank you reallyfedup123-

don't think I can get slow release in uk -does anyone else know?


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