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Interpretaion of results and how to improve levels

Please would anyone advise where to go from here, as far as supplements to improve results, and what is missing from the results.

I have an underactive thyroid, and after seeing the NHS Endo's registrar and complaining of tiredness and weight gain, she ageed to do further tests. She wrote on the pathology form that I copied, TSH, T4,T3,FSH,LH,Oestradiol,CA24,VitD,VitB12 folate,FBC. She also asked for a Synachan test, that I havent received the results for yet. However, what has come back that I have just got a copy of, though not complete, is the following:

Albumin 40 (35-50g/l)

Calcium Blood Level 2.42 (2.20-2.60 mmol/L)

Corrected calcium 2.43 (2.20-2.60 mmol/L)

Free T4 12 (9-20 pmol/L)

FSH 12 (IU/L) Fol 3-8: Luteal 1-5: Ovulatory 3-17: Post Menopausal 27-133

Free T3 3.4 (2.4-5.7 pmol/L)

LH 11 (IU/L) Follicular 2-12: luteal 1-14: ovulatory 9-89: post menopaus 5-62

Oestradiol blood level 1450 Foll 77-921: luteal 77-1145: Ov Peak: 140-2382: post menopaus 103

TSH 0.01 (0.34-4.94 mU/L)

Vitamin D blood level

25 OH Vitamin D2 2.8 (nmol/L)

25 OH Vitamin D3 24.6 (nmol/L)

25 OH Vit D (total) 27.4 L 50.0-220.0 nmol/L)

Thanking you in anticipation.


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You're on Armour, aren't you? How many grains? A first glance would suggest you need more than you're currently taking as your FT3 is only mid range.

And you're very low in Vit D...


I have 40mcg of Liothyronine, taken twice a day in 20mcg doses.

I then I self medicate in addition with 4 grains of Nature-Thyroid now, I used to take Armour but its got too expensive and I dont feel the expense is justified compared to what I take now. Nature-Thyroid is a very good product.



Totally agree about Nature Throid - I take it too. :)

Well... I'm surprised your FT3 wasn't higher then. That's quite a bit of T3 you're taking there. How long before the blood test did you stop taking it?


I come off my meds 5 days before I have the blood test.



That's too much. You end up with an unreal hypothyroid test result. If you just don't take your NDT dose the morning of the test, that's good enough.

But the vitamin D level is abysmal. You really need to give that a power boost.


I used to see a private endo, who advised to leave the meds off for three days, my dosage is also on his recommendation.


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