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Help with results

Meds increased from 100 to 125 approximately 6 weeks ago - results from Blue Horizon as follows:

Active B12 - 185 - range 25.1 - 165

HCT - 0.392 - range 0.33 - 0.45

Magnesium - whole blood - 1.37 - range 1.19 - 1.73

Magnesium - whole blood - 33.3 - range 29 - 42

Selenium - whole blood - 93.4 - range 76 - 140

Ferritin - 233 - range 13 - 150

Serum Zinc - 19.3 - range 11 - 18

TSH - 0.12 - range 0.27 - 4.2

Free thyroxine - 22.6 - range 12.0 - 22

Free T3 - 4.3 - range 3.1 - 6.8

Thyroglobulin antibody - 62.7 Range 0 - 115

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies - 5.2 - range 0 - 34

25 OH Vitamin D - 114 - range 50 - 200

TSH receptor antibodies <0.30 negative range 0.81 - 3.0

Suggestions from Blue Horizon:

Borderline hyperthyroid result - decrease thyroxine

Ferritin level little high - can be sign of inflammation or infection

Active Vitamin B12 level elevated

Small excess of zinc which may weaken immune system function and result in a lowering of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol)

I am not on any multi vitamins or supplements at the moment.

Blue Horizon suggest sharing results with GP which I definitely will not do as its due to him that I have had to have private testing - they also suggest retesting after a few weeks but I cannot afford to do this financially.

I know some people are excellent at reading results and giving advice - any help greatly appreciated.

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I don't see anything wrong with low TSH 0.12 and slightly elevated FT4 22.6. Hopefully they will improve your FT3 4.3 which is a bit low in range. The antibody tests are negative and rule out autoimmune thyroid diseases (Hashimoto's and Graves).

If you were supplementing prior to testing this may have affected your B12, ferritin and zinc levels.

Vit D 114 is excellent.

Ferritin can be elevated due to inflammation or infection in the body. Even a cold or virus at the time of testing can elevate it. You may want to reconsider about showing your GP the results and requesting a retest in a few weeks.

I think zinc may be elevated when copper is low but don't know enough to advise.

Click on My Communities and +Browse Communities and find the PAS forum for advice on elevated B12.

The other results are within range. You can find out more about testing and results from


Thank you so much for your reply - strange thing is I had not used any supplements or vitamins for around 3 months before test.


Cassandra, If you left off supplementing for 3 months prior to testing it's unlikely the supplements are why your levels are high.


Well, that's disappointing! Borderline hyper with a TSH of 0.12 and an FT3 of 4.3 - range 3.1 - 6.8? That FT3 isn't even mid-range! How can that be hyper! I thought Blue Horizon knew better than that!


GG, I think it's ridiculous. Another TSH obsessed doctor who can't determine what hyper is!


Well, not much point in doing private tests, then, is there! Unless one knows to ignore them.


GG, it's the interpretation which was iffy not the test.


Yes, I know that! But if you know nothing about it yourself and you get a test back with that comment...

'Suggestions from Blue Horizon:

Borderline hyperthyroid result - decrease thyroxine'

You've rather wasted your money, haven't you!


GG, true, and compromised your health. Not helpful.


Totally agree, not a good comment on thyroid results. I would say hypo, and probably a conversion problem. Results similar to mine-Endo is rechecking my FT3 so I'm interested in what the advice is for you. It does worry me that someone at Blue Horizon is saying this. I take the point that we can work out for ourselves that the advice isn't sound but more of us do private testing to show our GP that he is wrong about the interpretation of results and this comment is more likely to have him saying "I told you I was right"!


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