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Levels and vitamins

I am posting my recent blood test results as well as my medication so too if you think its all ok or too much or if I am taking the wrong supplements;

My TSH is 6

free T4 is 16.2

Free T3 is 4.4

Vit D is 68

Ferritin is 13

Vit B12 is 333

Folate is 7.1

The doctor has just (6 days ago) increased my dose to Levothyroxine 100mg. I am taking per day:

Acidophilus 4 billion

Selenium 200ug

Doxycycline 50mg (for my Rosecea)

Sertraline (Anti depressant) reduced to 25mg a day and trying to come off by reducing to 25mg every other day as of next week

Wellwoman 50+ multi vit tabler

Butchers Broom + Horse Chestnut + Vine leaf - for my thread veins

"you therapy" Collagen advanced formal but only 2 tablets per day.

My weight seems to have gone up for no reason. I am constantly tired and feel as if I am on another planet looking down at myself - I cry really easily, my hair is falling out so much that I have become very self conscience. my skin is dry and nails keep breaking. I feel as if I just cannot cope with anything anymore and totally miserable. I have no energy or motivation to exercise, swim, nothing…. I cannot even concentrate on paperwork, emails even returning phone calls - everything seems just too much.

maybe I just have to wait it out ???

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The reason for your symptoms is most likely that you are not yet in a high enough dose of thyroxine. A TSH of 6 indicates your body is still not getting enough thyroid hormone. Some experts recommend aiming for a TSH around 1 or less for optimal health on thyroxine but some people feel best with their TSH a bit higher than this. Dosing really needs to be done according to how you feel.

As well as this, you really need to be taking vitamin b12 and folate as separate supplements in addition to what you are already taking. They are in range but the ranges in the UK are questionable at best. Folate is best above 12 and b12 above 500.

Your ferritin is very low. The optimum level seems to be around 70-90. A good iron supplement taken with vitamin C should help.

Without a reference range, I don't know whether your vitamin D is ok. If you have a range, please post it :)

All of the things I mentioned above could be contributing to your symptoms but hopefully things will start to improve as your thyroxine is increased and the vitamins I mentioned.

I hope you start to see some improvement soon.

Carolyn x


Without reference ranges its hard to comment on some results but




vit d3


which yours most certainly are not even on the lowest ferritin range of 6 to150. 13 is dire

Your tsh should be below 1 but until the above 4 are halfway your body cannot utilise the levothyroxine and it will take many months to correct the deficient levels


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