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Signed, blank blood request form. What would you do?

I feel very cheeky even asking this question but in my circumstances, what would you do?

Have been feeling ill for 4 months now - can't believe it's been that long.

Multiple symptoms indicative of hypo and low B12

Blood tests show a TSH of 3, Ferratin of 10, B12 of 215.

GP is convinced I have ME - on my very first GP appointment he tried to send me packing with antidepressants and was reluctant to order any blood tests at all.

Neurologist was also very dismissive and thinks it's all psychological.

Labs won't test for T3 or T4 or antibodies, nor will GP test for IF, Vit D or Coeliacs (he thinks I have had enough tests already!)

I do have an endo appointment coming up but I'm not holding my breath as this particular endo seems to have a terrible reputation.

I'm willing to give him a try though.

In my drawer in the kitchen however, I have a blood test request form from another GP at the surgery (who has since left). He wrote it out for me so that I could get my Ferratin levels rechecked at some point.

He has ticked the box for the Ferratin test but there are also other boxes that could be ticked plus blank spaces.

In my shoes, in total desperation, what would you do?

I know it's wrong but I'm so tempted to add some other 'suggestions' to the form.

I can't believe I'm even considering it :(

Feel free to pm me if you prefer

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Your ferritin is desperate and B12 is far too low. That would give you some or all of fatigue, palpitations, bad hair, bad nails, night sweats, brain fog, memory problems, nausea, tingling in hands and feet, muscle and coordination problems, and more. And your TSH is high. But treating you for hypothyroid won't work until your B12 and ferritin are at a decent level (and improving those would help your thyroid work correctly).

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Oooo, your question is a toughy. If the doctor is no longer working at that location, the lab may send your results to his/her new location. They usually have the current address of the doctor on their computers. So he or she will get your results and you don't even know where this person has gone...........or you can ask at the lab to give you the current address, if known. You can tell them the truth that he's gone but to send it to the address on the label.

I've always be subversive in regards to these test requisitions and have encouraged my neighbour to modify them since her endocrinologist is treating her for diabetes and thyroid but didn't ask for all the requisite tests. Good thing too. Her fT3 and fT4 were in the garbage can. He realized that we modified the requisition form but admitted we did the right thing.

So if you think the results will go to your current surgery address despite the difference in name of ordering GP, go for it. Add B12 and folate.


I'd tick everything you think you need - take your form to your local hospital pathology lab first thing, wait for a number to see pleb nurse for blood-draw - results go to your practice (often happens if practice pleb nurse is too busy/urgent tests or, in my case, she couldn't find my veins).

fast that morning, & don't smoke (not suggesting you do, but just in case).

don't feel guilty - it's your NHS and your health J :D x


I agree with Spareribs, I'd be very tempted to tick everything you want. Folates, ferritin, B12 and vitamin D plus anYthing you usually get done.

I'm sure the results will go back to the practice rather than the doctor. Just make sure the practice address is on it.

If anyone gets mean either plead ignorance.


Sparerib is right, it is Your Health ! No need to feel guilty ! Tick everything you need and write in the blank spaces (in a doctors scrawl) anything else you need that is not listed. I did this, I had a request form given to me by an endo, the only thing that I requested and was not done was rT3. If they were anything like my gp then the lab probably didn't even know what that was !

Good luck.


Thank you - I was preparing myself for a bit of a flaming :) Feel relieved now.

I am reluctant to tick the TSH box as if the result is within range, they won't go on to do the full thyroid profile. There is no box to tick for T4 or T3 however so I would have to write them by hand in the 'other' box. I don't know how to write it though?

I get confused with 'free' this and 'total' that so could do with a bit of help of what to write. Should I also ask for antibodies? How do I write that?

For a coeliacs test, do I just write 'Coaelics'?

Of course if the results do come through I will express my pleasant surprise at how thorough the GP was before he left !!!


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