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Blood request form - ferritin not ticked what should I do?


I have only recently been diagnosed with hypothyroism after seeing my doctor he gave me a form to get my bloods checked. He ticked:

Renal (sodium, potassium, urea, creatinine), Bone (calcium, albumin, alk phosphor), liver (total protein, albumin, alt, alk phos, total bilirubin), Fluroid oxalate, Full Blood count, B12/ red cell folate and Vitamin D.

After doing some research and reading on this site I believe he should also have ticked Ferritin but he has not.

What should I do, it seems that to do all of those test and not ferritin seems odd. If I should request it is there anything I can quote to back up my request?

Thanks for your help


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tick it!



Hi Rosin

Your answer made me laugh. I would love to but it's a printed form so can't.

Should I go back and ask for a new form?



Ferritin is very important so I would go back and ask. I would also have suggested ticking it :D xx


Just to check do any of the ones he has ticked cover my tsh, t4 and t3?



It should have TFT, thyroid function test, ticked and possibly FT4 or FT3 written, again possibly hand written next to it. I think each health area use different blood test forms.

My GP always says, tick away :-)


I can't see any mention of thyroid blood tests... :(


Just to close this.

I rang the surgery and spoke to one of the secretaries she said to just tick it, as that's all she would do if she asked the doctor and he said it was ok to do!

Thanks for the hand holding, much appreciated.


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