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Disappointing Endo appointment I'm wondering if they are all the same?

When I saw my Endo recently my husband came with me of which I was pleased he did because he heard for himself just how they talk down to you! The Endo looked at my blood test from 3 months before! he said well they are all in range so we will keep you on the same meds, but as I told him that I still have trouble in sleeping, my throat tongue & mouth are really sore and my joints really ache! His remark was that so many people blame the thyroid for things that are nothing to do with it, he did not even look at my throat,check my paulse or anything else!

When I then said that my blood test showed at the top of the form the lab suggested supplementing with B12+ iron he turned and tapped my notes on the table! and said that my body might have an infection at present so he will look at it on my next appointment, and to go away now and stop trying to understand blood test that I know nothing about. ( By the way my GP put on her referral that I keep a close eye on blood tests) So he then wanted me on my way! So I will supplement myself.

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Wakeham it is distressing when your hopes are built up and you think that your problems will finally be sorted out, but the person whom you are consulting turns you away because he seems completely unaware of the clinical symptoms and ignores them completely.

To get well it does seem you will have to find your own way outside of the NHS.

Best wishes


I have learnt from this site that before you have an endo appt it is very wise to do some homework first and look at different endo in your area - you dont HAVE to go to your nearest one.

If I were you I would do some research about this and then go back to your GP and ask for a second opinion naming an endo you would like to see and not one thats not just been fostered on to you. You can either put up with bad service or start to think outside the box a little.

Hope this has given you food for thought.

Moggie x


Next time ask the endo what the reference ranges are for the tests, I bet he doesn't know!! Mine didn't nor did the GP, diagnosis by lab tech every time!!


Dear all thank you for your help, I did try to do my home work, my GP wanted me to go to this teaching Hospital!! as she thought it would be better than the one of my choice owing to the fact that this Endo had been there for some considerable time, plus I had all my results that were out of range to talk through with him but as I said he was just annoyed to even think that I had a print out or thought that I knew anything! So I will do as you say shaws try and get the money together for private app.

Thank you all again Regards wakeham.


Sorry to hear that Wakeham. Maybe you could remind him of this:

World-renowned thyroid specialist, Sir Anthony Toft, MD, discussed this sad fact in 2002. In a speech to the British Endocrine Society, Dr. Toft reviewed some of the evidence that demonstrated that the modern TSH-centered approach was ineffective. He concluded, "...the treatment of hypothyroidism is about to come full circle"—going back to the approach that worked so well before all of our modern tests and treatments were invented.

My conclusion: Using the patient as my guide, I focus on reversing the signs and symptoms of low thyroid function while avoiding side effects or signs of thyroid excess. When the TSH is normal but the patient continues to be symptomatic, I prefer to err on the side of treating the patient—not normalizing the blood test.


It would be good if they did treat like that Heliouse, but we will have to wait and see eh!

Keep well Regards wakeham.


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