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Trialing NDT, should I stop Levo for a while first?

I'm about to trial NDT but currently take Levothyroxine. Just wondered what experiences others have had with switching over and if I should consider taking a short break from all meds inbetween.

I also take a combination of supplements:

Selenium, Vit E, ashwaghanda/astragalus and agnus castus in AM

B12 (methylco..)spatone, vit C, magnesium and zinc in PM

Thyroid meds in very early morning. So just wondered if anyone has experience of NDT (nature-throid) and any issues with vitamin supplementation.

Many thanks! Kat

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Assuming that you don't feel over-medicated on levo, in your shoes I would stop the levo one day and start the NDT the next. If there is a chance you are over-medicated then I would leave a few days between stopping levo and starting NDT - perhaps 2 or 3 days, maybe a maximum of 7 days, depending on how much over-medicated you feel.

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Great thank you, I was hoping that would work :) I'm definitely not over-medicated so I'll give it a go!


It's easy to switch straight over - just replace levo with the equivalent of NDT.

Always take supplements about 4 hours apart from thyroid meds.

Don't take any thyroid medication on the morning of a blood test, take it afterwards. If you take it at bedtime, miss this dose and take after blood test.

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Is it the same for all the different types of meds.......Levo,T3 and NDT ?

Will be getting a blood test later this week for the first time since changing to Armour/ T3. Will try to get an early morning test,however,a notice on the hospital wall asks people not to go early unless you are fasting.

Will have to point out the importance of an early test for thyroid patients.


Yes, it's the same for all thyroid medication. The TSH is highest in the morning and varies throughout the day (of which GPs appear unaware of). If test taken later in the day the GP may tell the person to drop meds to bring the TSH 'within range'. That could prove to be a big mistake if the patient feels well as it can bring hypo symptoms back. The docs then tell you it cannot be the thyroid gland because your blood tests are fine.

This is the preferable way to check/treat patients (read the two questions/answers) - again unknown nowadays by the medical profession.



Thanks Shaws ....you are always helpful.

Fortunately my GP has passed me over to my Endo as I think I was getting too knowledgeable......and guess where that came from ? x

However,I will look forward to discussing my meds when I see my Endo on the 28th.( have just sent for a second batch of Armour as I am happy on it )....will keep in touch about that x


Hopefully Endo will be agreeable as the BTA make false statements. Some of our members have been lucky, so best of luck.


Thanks shaws.....I'll keep you posted.


I found that stopping levo for a week before starting on a low dose of NDT worked for me, I built up my dose over a few months and couldn't believe how much better I felt even on the low doses!!


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