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Should I stop taking ndt

Day 6 was on tirosint 88mcg for 6 months felt like crap t3 was low doctor switched me to naturethroid. Feeling even more tired than I was on tirosint and for some reason my tongue has been raw and burning ever since I started it. I do have low ferratin and possible adrenal issues have not been checked for that but I'm starting to think maybe I shouldn't have switched and how do I treat my low ferratin and adrenal issues is ndt always better than synthetic

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I think it's unusual to have a sore mouth etc with Nature-throid as it's hypoallergenic. I would contact the manufacturers and ask them as I'm sure they'd like to know.

This is an excerpt:

RLC Labs is proud to manufacture and distribute Nature-Throid® and WP Thyroid®, the only hypoallergenic medications with a history of safety, efficacy, and consistent T4/T3 content for over 75 years.

A sore mouth/tongue can be connected to a B12 deficiency. I would ask GP to test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate too.

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b12 deficiency


Buy is it common to feel worse on ndt


Lindsey, you'll feel worse if you aren't on the right dose. If you post your recent thyroid results with the lab ranges (figures in brackets after results), members will advise whether you are on an optimal dose.

If you are optimally medicated you might want to try an alternative brand. NatureThroid is generally well tolerated but WP, also by RLC labs, has less fillers and may be better tolerated.

Finally, NDT doesn't suit everyone. Tirosint + T3 (Cytomel) would address low T3 in patients taking Levothyroxine only.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


To add to what Shaws and Clutter say, do you mean you've only been taking NDT for 6 days? Although I don't know how the amount you're taking compares to the T3 you were taking, nor how long you were on that, I would say that it takes a while to build up in your system - so it may be that you haven't been on it long enough yet, nor built up to the right dose for you?


Idk how to post pictures but my.most recent lab work from like 2 weeks ago was tsh was 1.27, free t3 2.9 range 2.3-4.2 free t4 1.0 range 0.8-1.8 I was on 88mcg tirosint and yes I've only been on naturethroid 6 days


Yes, but how much naturethroid? Half a grain? That would mean a reduction in dose, so not surprising you Don't feel well - quite apart from the fact that you've only been on it for 6 days, which isn't long enough to tell anything.

Having said that, NDT does not suit everyone. Some people are better off on synthetic. But you have to give things time to work before deciding it doesn't work for you.

Your FT3 is very low, there, so perhaps after two weeks, you could try increasing by half a grain and see how you feel.

To post a picture, look at the window where you posted your message. First box says 'Title', then the second says 'type your post here'. And undernieth that box it says 'Add photo'. Just click on that and up-load your photo. :)


Im on one grain 32.5 in morning and afternoon which is equivalent to 100mcg synthetic


OK But you aren't coverting very well, and your T3 is too low. You need an increase.


Aren't i supposed to wait minimum 10 days before increasing from starting dose?


Well, if you look back at what I said above, you'll see I said in two weeks. But mainly, what I wanted to say was, Don't give up on it too soon because you're still on a very low dose so it's not going to get rid of all your symptoms yet. :)


Were you taking 100mcg of levo? 1/2 gr = 50mcg levo a.m. might be too low unless you this is the first time you've taken thyroid hormones.

The advice from the manufacturers is one daily dose:-

"Take WP Thyroid or Nature-Throid in the morning on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes prior to food or caffeine with an 8oz glass of water; unless otherwise instructed by your physician".

Your two separate doses equals 1 grain, i.e. approx 100mcg of levo. Usually you switch straight over from levo to equivalent dose on any other thyroid hormones. Splitting doses may not give your receptor cells sufficient T3 initially to saturate your receptor cells

As RLC advises one daily dose.


Raw tongue indicates low B12 (another irony thing). B12 needs the other B's -'complex'

I feel great on ndt - so why am I still here?????

am I monetized ?????? hands up pick me! (apologies - take no notice)

To boost iron you need a lorra/lotsa or just some meat/liver/bacon/pate - oh yes you do...!!!spinach & broccoli just don't cut it sorry... & can make things worse....

or you could cook with an 'iron fish' in the pan, or even an iron pan....

Vitamin C helps iron absorption (& helps associated constipation)

ferritin is the storage iron sort, haeme takes from it, as & when... as I understand anyway - I'm not a doctor thank goodness!

just seen a lot of folks suffer from years of not knowing... no offence intended.... I just sound like my mum who ate very well :)

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Lindsey1987 As you have low Ferritin - it may be good to have all the other vitals tested - VitD - Iron - Folate and most importantly B12. It is my non-medical opinion that few of the thyroid hormones work when the vitals are LOW in the range. They should be all in place before embarking on a change - it only results in disappointment it seems.

Low B12 can mimic Low thyroid....


My doctor said that mouth sores may be yeast. Did your doctor check for that? It will make us gain weight and feel exhausted. Cider vinegar in water 3x a day kills it and doesn't interfere with meds. check it out


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