How long should I stop my NDT before my test

Hello ladies and guys, your advice will be much appreciated. I self medicate, I should be having a test from my GP for my TSH and a scan for my goitre in a few months. I don't want my TSH number to be "normal" I want it to reflect what it really is. I am not willing to tell him I am self medicating, because if course my number was within range, but now so many of my symptoms have left the building that I really don't want his help. They offered NOTHING before and I was so ill for years. I plan on getting a blood test from blue horizon later so I will know what is really what. So should I go a couple of days without my NDT? And I know to try to get the test early early. For at least 7 or 8 years I begged my GP to help me, told me my thyroid was normal, then someone on this site and the ENDO I saw said my GP could never have tested it properly because they do not do it at queens. So really no matter what I do will it matter?? But still don't want to rock the boat so to speak. And shouldn't you ask for FNA when your goitre is big enough to feel?? It does press on my throat. Sorry to ramble just a little worried.

Free t4. 12.6. 11.0-26.0. TSH 2.09 0.35-4.50. Freet3 4.1. 3.1-6.8

This was my blood work before NDT and I felt horrible.

Vit d. 26.76. 50->200

Thanks in advance

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  • Rita, if you want to know your unmedicated TSH you'll need to stop NDT for 8 weeks, the time it takes T4 to clear your system. Why bother to disguise that you are self medicating? If your results are improved since self medicating your GP will tell you your results are normal and there's no need to discuss further unless you want to.

    What's being done about your low vitD?

  • Thank Clutter, I take vit D supplements, but from what I hear it takes ages for it to work. Ya know you are right, my GP would not notice if I dropped dead in front of him. And I am not going back to the symptoms I had before. You are right really. Thank you honey. X

  • How much are you supplementing, Rita?

  • Do you mean the vit D, I take two pills a day they are 1000 iu's and I take one grain of NDT. The Endo said take ten pills once a week, I thought I would rather do it my way. And I thought they made me a but I'll when I took ten but it could have been just the day. X

  • I was taking 40,000iu a day x 7 followed by 2,000iu daily x 8 weeks and vitD went from <10 to 116. I currently take 5,000iu daily.

    It's rare that toxicity is experienced with <8,000iu daily if you want to increase your dose.

  • Thanks clutter I will up my dose, I am very pale skinned as well. X

  • I agree with Clutter. When my Vitamin D was low they had me taking 40,000IUs for a couple of weeks and then had me back down to 10,000IUs in the winter. Now that it is summer I only take 5,000IUs. My doctor said that my last Vitamin D test looked fine, but I should go back up to 10,000IUs in the winter if I start to get symptoms again.

  • Cheers hon, gonna take more. X

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