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Opinions on my blood results please?

Opinions on my blood results please?

I have learned an awful lot about thyroid problems from this forum over the last few weeks. Wonder if you can help with interpreting these blood test results?

I have had the following tests/results in the last month.

* = abnormal result

Blood taken on 27/3/14:


Haemoglobin estimation 115 g/L (115-160)

*Total white cell count 3.52 10*9/l (4.00-11.00)

Platelet count 212 10*9/L (150-400)

*Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) 101 fl (78-100)

*Packed cell volume 0.36 (0.37-0.47)

*Red blood cell count 3.61 10*12/L (3.8-5.8)

Mean corpuscular haemoglobin (MCH) 31.9 pg (27.0-32.0)

Red blood cell dist width 13.5 (11.5-15.0)

*Neutrophil count 1.72 10*9/L ((2.00-7.50)

(all other white cells within normal ranges)

*Plasma viscosity 1.49 mPa,s (1.50-1.72) (CRP also within range)

Tissue transglutaminase IgA Negative (celiac test)

Asked to go back for repeat test including haematinics (and I asked for thyroid tests as these should have been done with the first blood test above - good job I did!)

Blood taken on 4/4/14:

*Serum TSH 0.05 miu/L (0.20-4.00)

*Serum free T4 33.7 pmol/L (10.0-20.0)

*Serum T3 2.9 nmol/L (0.9-2.9)

Serum Vit B12 356 ng/L (211-911)

Serum ferritin 22 ug/L (10-322)

Serum folate 8.9 ug/L (5.4-24.0)

FBC repeat...

HB 115 g/L

*Total white cell count 3.43 10*9/L

Platelet count 178 10*9/L

MCV 99 fl

*Packed cell volume 0.34

*RBCs 3.42 10*12/L

*MCH 33.6 pg

RBC dist width 13.2

*Neutrophil count 1.74 10*9/L

(all other white cells within normal ranges)

Initially saw GP in Jan 2014 about faecal incontinence when I run and unplanned weight loss. Was told to come back if weight loss continued - so I did. Hence the blood tests. Symptoms of weight loss (8-10 lbs unplanned loss - not losing weight now, have put 3 lbs back on through dietary management), sweats. Also since blood tests I have developed palpitations and increased heart rate. No eye or neck problems. I am also menopausal (LMP June/July 2013).

Referred to Thyroid clinic (appt 12/5/14) and prescribed propranolol for heart rate/palpitations. This has also improved sweats. Have also started taking Vitabiotics Ultra Vit D3 and Ultra B Complex since results on 4/4/14.

Would appreciate any thoughts on the above test results.

Kind regards,


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The thyroid blood tests suggest hyperthyroidism (thyroid overactivity). The thyroid clinic (an endocrinologist) will almost certainly carry out the thyroid blood tests agains along with thyroid antibody tests. If they confirm hyperthyroidism they will probably put you on medication to reduce your thyroid output. In the long term you may stay on medication, it may settle down or burn itself out (you would then need thyroxine) or you could need the thyroid surgically removed or ablated with radio-iodine. Don't worry about the long term, see how the medication goes assuming they prescribe it.


Am afraid the B complex will not give you adequate B12 for your VERY LOW result. You need to take B12 alone - about 1000mcg chewable x 2. Jarrow Methylcobalamin from amazon is good and chewable. If you increase the B complex to achieve more B12 then you will overdose on something else. You need to take Folic Acid with the B12 as they work together. Your Ferritin needs to be at least halfway in the range. Your MCV seems high which can suggest B12 deficiency.

The B12 that shows in the blood test is both bound and unbound and only about 20% will reach the cells where it is needed. Hence your result needs to be at the TOP of the range. In Japan the range is 500-1300 and Sally Pachlok who wrote the book - Could it be B12 ? - says that as we age we need B12 to be around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline. You will read all this and more in the above link. Did you sign the Petition posted by Lyn Mynott about being able to buy B12 injections over the counter - please do if you haven't.... :-)

Do hope you soon receive the right treatment for your thyroid - and soon feel better. Getting the supplements balanced may help you on your journey....


Thanks Marz, I was looking at the Jarrow product yesterday - they also do a 5000 mcg version. What are your thoughts on that one?


It would certainly give you a boost ! You can't overdose - you will only pee it out ! Also with your gut being unsettled at the moment it maybe a good idea to go for more. B12 is mostly absorbed in the Terminal Ileum - how do I know - I don't have one :-) However having the chewable form some will dissolve under the tongue and taken up by the micro-circulation. You can also buy sprays I believe.

Regarding the Folate - it was suggested to me to take 5mg - so I doubt if your complex will have that much. They are also so VERY conservative with RDA's - and we often need more.

I have only gained knowledge from others on this forum - and it has helped me greatly. I am not a medical expert - just learning as I go along :-)


Plus would it be enough folate if I carried on taking the Vitabiotics Ultra B complex?


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