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Any comments on my blood results please?


Background info: Had a hemityroidectomy on the 10th March. Diagnosed with papilliary Thyroid Cancer. Completion is on the 28th of April after which i will be put onto Thyroxine.

Daily I have been taking 40mg Cipramal (anti-depressants) multi vitamin, B12, Vit C , Vit D and iron tablets (every other day) in the hope that it will aid my recovery and may give me a firm foundation should I choose to try NDT if I feel Thyroxine isnt working for me.

My latest bloods:

serum vitamin B2 380 ng/L (220-770)

serum folate 9.6 ug/L (2.6-17.3)

serum ferritin 26 ug/L (10-420)

Serum Vit D 109 mol/L (>50 adequate)

They look Ok to me though perhaps my ferritin is a little low? If so how would one usually go about increasing that? I take a cheap general iron tablet with my Vit C every other day (otherwise I get constipated!)



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Just wanted to wish you good luck for 28th. Hope all goes well. :-)


Thanks for the good wishes :)


any thoughts from those in the know on my bloods ? :)


If you take 'cheap iron tablets' (probably ferrous sulphate) that make you constipated, it might be worth getting ferrous fumarate instead. It's less hard on the digestion and so you will be able to take more of it. Take Vitamin C with it too. If that doesn't suit you there are others you can take. Your B12 levels don't look very good either - you might benefit from supplementing that too.


Thanks eeng :)


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