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Blood test results back any comments appreciated

Had my blood results today and would really appreciate some feedback from you all. Still quite new to this after my TT and any help would be welcomed.

Serum Ferritin 11ug/l (15-400ug/l)

Serum Folate 4.6ug/l (4-20ug/l)

Serum Vitamin B12 319ng/l (211-900ng/l)

Serum Free T4 24pmol/l (10-22pmol/l)

Serum TSH Level <0.01mu/l (0.30-5.50mu/l)

Serum Iron level 7umol/l (11-25umol/l)

I have been told to reduce my thyroxine even though I still have many symptoms and feel awful and I have been prescribed iron tablets to be taken twice a day.

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Take your iron tablets with 500mg/1000mg vitC and 4 hours away from your Levothyroxine.

Your TSH and FT4 indicate that you are over-replaced and may explain why you feel awful. I felt dreadful when my TSH was 0.01 and better when it got nearer 0.1. Low iron can make you feel very unwell too.

Your B12 is low in range and would be better if you supplement until it is high in range. As your folate is low too, look for combined B12+folic acid supplement on Amazon (please use pinned TUK affiliate link) or in Healthfood shops.

Next time you have bloods request your vitD & calcium is tested. Hypothyroid px are often deficient or low in range and again, need to be high in range.


I thought my B12 was low too but they haven't supplemented it. Will a B12 & Folic acid be ok to take with the iron? I did ask for my Vit D but it wasn't done!

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Yes, that's fine. NHS only prescribe when hormones, minerals and vits are deficient. Once in range it's up to you to supplement. Ask for vitD again. Most of UK will be low this time of year but vitD deficiency can make you feel very ill and needs a loading dose followed by 2/3months maintenance dose to get you back in range.


It would be good if they had also tested your FT3 level, because that can pinpoint if your body is actually using all that T4 or if it is 'pooling' un your system. With low iron that could well be the case, and when your iron levels are up you may find you would benefit from reducing your Levo.


It would be very good if they would test my T3 but it's like banging my head against a brick wall!! Just can't wait to feel better again.


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