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can't remember who requested my test results--sorry brain fog but here are my last ones in feb 2014

free T4 LO 10.8 pmol/L (11.8-24.6)

Serum TSH level HI 8.08 mu/L ( 0.27-4.20 )

Serum vitamin B12 HI 618 ng/L (150-600 U )

Serum folate 13.2 ug/L ( 3.4-20.0 )

Serum ferritin 138.0 ug/L ( 15.0-200.0 )

i have also included the other results which say HI on them--

? eosinophil count HI 0.42 10*9/L ( 0.00-0.40 U )

? monocyte count HI 0.82 10*9/L ( 0.20-0.80 U )

Serum sodium 137 mmol/L (133-146 )

Serum potassium 4.4 mmol/L ( 3.5-5.3 )

Liver function test

? ALT / SGPT HI 42 iu/L ( 0-33 U )

hypothyroid i'd guess yes --even though last endo from two & half years ago said to me you can't be hypothyroid cause your antibodies were negative, yet had every symptom --my gp was furious---gp tried me on levo didn't get on at all and glucose reading shot way up so untreated and am seeing new endo in one week fingers crossed for NDT or t3 at least, been self medicating with Iodoral 12.5 mg & take loads of supplements... any advice / opinions would be appreciated greatly, thnks sky

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I will say that you are hypo with a TSH of 8.08 although the guidelines of the BTA say not to be treated until TSH is 10! where do they find these people. I am not good at blood tests but they appear fine. Your B12 too, as some labs have 900 as the highest in the range.

I wish you success in your appointment.


I agree that a TSH of 8.08 suggests you are hypo.

Lack of anti-bodies means it is less likely that you have the auto-immune type of hypo. I have low anti-bodies, but I am definitely hypo and on levothyroxine.

If you have symptoms, you can argue for a trial of levo before your TSH reaches 10; the link on this post about whom to treat may help

Also, have blood tests done as early morning as possible - your TSH level is highest in the early morning. Good luck


thanks for responding, may i be ignorant--for as much as i read & research, i forget nearly that much again--so if i might not have an auto-immune type what type might i be and would that type be better or worse then auto-immune, i know none are good-but some may be easier to treat or might not be life long, can one be totally free of it being auto-immune if you have no antibodies,cause i hear there are 2 different tests for auto-and the endo only did the one--as i also have other autos-ie; diabetes etc. could they have been overlooked---sorry for so long winded, been so long with no help from endo--and doc did try levo, but it was not helpful at all and hurt my glucose readings, he took me off it.. thanks again for the help sky


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