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B12, folate etc... understand my blood tests?


I'm trying to understand my symptoms and having read a few posts on here I think some recent blood tests may help shed some light if anyone is able to help?

I believe my B12, folate and possibly MCHC aren't looking too good? (See results below). Any thoughts?

I'm awaiting a more thorough thyroid screening test back (fortunate my GP is now testing for antibodies and T3 has promised a referral even if privately after results come back ).

My symptoms seem never ending but a few are: extreme tiredness, weight gain, dizziness/'zoning out', sometimes sleeplessness, headaches, shaky, cold hands/feet, sometimes shaky (especially if stressed), periods becoming more irregular than usual, muscle aches (spending too much on physio atm!) pins and needles, swollen tongue/dry throat.... on and on... seems different set of stuff all the time but always tired. Good days/bad days, you all know the drill...

Hope to have this sorted before I have to cut hours at work.

I take nutri supplements currently including adrenal extra, thyroid, thyro complex, co q 10 and vit c every day. I don't feel this is working anymore....

TSH 4.17 (0.35-5.0)

T4 14.5 (9.0 - 22.0)

MCHC 359 (300-360)

MCV 87 (84-98)

MCH 31.3 (27.5-32)

B12 308 (200-910)

Ferritin 82 (10-200)

Follate 4.9 (3-20)

Didn't have vit d done although GP did suggest I possibly could be deficient or should take a supplement although I felt I was being fobbed off. That said he has been more responsive than any other doc so I'm not complaining...

Sorry for long email. Trying to understand before next appt (next week). I expect high antibodies!!

Any comments or thoughts would be very much appreciated... want to enjoy what's left of my 20s!!!

Thanks x

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TSH is too high for you to feel well. Most people are more comfortable with TSH of 1.0-1.5. Your FT4 is low in range and would benefit from being higher. Has your GP said why you are not being medicated with thyroxine or is s/he waiting on the results of your TPoAb test results?

Try and get the vitD tested. It's reckless of your GP to suggest you self-supplement without knowing your levels. Too much can leach calcium from your bones and is as bad as too little. If you are deficient you need a prescription for a loading dose for a week and maintenance dose for a few weeks. If you are within range it is fine to supplement in order to get high in range.

Your B12 and folate are low in range and again, would be better high in range. You can buy combined B12 & folic acid supplements on Amazon (please use the pinned affiliate link) and in health stores.

Your ferritin is in a reasonable place but shouldn't be allowed to drop lower.


Hi Clutter.

Thank you for this detailed and informative reply. My GP currently does not believe I have a thyroid problem "TSH in range" according to his ranges. However, I was pleasantly surprised he ok'ed the extra testing. Think this maybe because I said why do we not medicate at this TSH level in UK when if I lived in USA I would be medicated at 2.5/3.

He also thinks the nutri tablets provide nothing more than a placebo effect! He said this because I showed him blood test results showed TSH decreased after taking supplementation. I didn't know I could psychologically affect blood test results in this way - I thought this was ridiculous!

I will try to get some private vit d blood testing and will not start any supplementation until I have some kind of medical supervision...


Have another crack at your GP for vitD and thyroid medication before you go private. Maybe shove this Pulse article under his nose and shame him into proper doctoring :-D

If you do need a private blood test check out Blue Horizon on TUK main site and use TUK10 discount code. There are other labs listed too.


Thanks again Clutter. What a fabulous doctor in that article... wish they were all like that but comforting to see that some medical professionals are treating in this way. I will certainly investigate the vit d testing.

Are you yourself a practitioner or just a well read sufferer? I feel I'm becoming more and more of an expert! I found myself advising a colleague at work for b12 deficiency today!



I dont know nuffing much, but based on my blood results your B12 is definetly too low.

Sheenah x




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