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What blood tests other than thyroid ones are recommended in Hashi's?

I was diagnosed hypothyroid in May last year but diagnosed Hashi's in January 2014.

My Endo has ordered a repeat thyroid function test (only TSH and FT4 if TSH is high) and coeliac screen, but what I'd like to know at present is what other tests are worth asking the GP for apart from the typical battery that includes ferritin, folates, Vitamin D and Vitamin D.

Seeing as my Endo is ordering a coeliac screen and repeat thyroid function test I don't think it would do much harm if I went back to my GP and see if there was anything else I could be tested in to see what was going on.

Note: I am also iron and Vitamin D deficient and take supplements for this, although notably my Vitamin D meds have been stopped as GP thinks I am doing fine without them. I am also on 150mcg thyroxine.

I've been tested in December for Anti-TPO which is elevated yet has halved within 11 months.

Last thyroid function tests have come back with the TSH at 2.7 (0.27-4.2). No FT4 as TSH was normal and GP lab does not usually carry out FT3 testing.

Addison's has been ruled out with a Short Synacthen Test.

I've tested positive for ANA antibodies with HeP2 (speckled).

I have also underwent a saliva test.

Current symptoms


* Depression

* Fatigue

* Constipation worse when eating wheat/flour/gluten. I was told this is not coeliac disease as diarrhoea occurs after eating wheat/floud/gluten and a coeliac screen was negative

* Dry/flaky skin

* Joint pain

* Heavy/early/late/short periods

* Short menstrual cycles - every 22-25 days (they were every 27 days)

* Painful periods

* Clumsiness/falling over/slipping/stumbling/dropping things

* Blackouts

* Acne

* Hyperpigmentation on back, legs and around eyes

* Puffy eyes

* Hair loss at outer third of right eyebrow

* Raynaud's

* Intolerance to cold

* Inability to gain weight (currently 7 stone 10 pounds/49 kilograms and body mass index is 19.7 - just about healthy)

* Slow heart rate - currently 54-63 beats per minute

* Low body temperature - currently 36.4-36.9 Celsius

* High blood pressure - has been as high as 131/95 but has since fallen to around about 109/70

* Mood swings

* Brain fog/forgetfulness

* Cramps

* Muscle weakness

* Excessive daytime sleepiness

* Nausea - seems to improve after eating something sugary

* Headaches - seem to improve after eating something sugary

* Watery eyes

* Easy bruising

* Pale skin

* Thin/fine hair

* Excessive hair on face, bikini line and legs - sorry, I've always had this but I've accidentally missed this off when doing my family history, medications, test results and symptoms from scratch!

Family history

Mum - Diabetes Type 1 and Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Nan - Diabetes Type 1, High Cholesterol and Angina

Grandad - High Cholesterol and stroke before 40.

Other information

* Had infantile eczema/chickenpox

* Underwent operation in 2011 for a repair to the iliopsoas tendon (tendon in the hip) due to Hip Tendinitis/Snapping Hip Syndrome

* Have got generalised joint laxity/hypermobility

So yes, are there any other tests other than those above which are indicated for Hashi's patients with symptoms similar to mine? E.g., vitamins or minerals apart from folate and iron? Or am I just likely to confuse myself all the more by going ahead with more tests?


Jo xxx

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I don't think you should ask for any more tests other than VitD which should be checked after supplementing for 3 months. Just have the tests your endo requests.

Tests are not going to tell you what's going on. Hashimoto's is going on and it's a chronic and fluctuating condition.


You have had all the tests done in the last few months so there is no point in redoing them so soon. Supplements take months to have an effect so nothing will have changed in this short time. Results naturally go up and down for everyone, whether hypo or not so yet more tests will tell you nothing as Clutter has said. You really are worrying about this far too much, you have a diagnosis of hypo, you are on treatment, it can sometimes take 18-24 months to become stable on meds so you have to be patient.


Dear Jo, surely no more tests! You seem to have had a whole battery of them done and nothing apart from hashi's has been detected.It is and will always probably be, a fluctuating condition and does take time to stabilise in the first instance.the list of symptoms you have there very likely to be due to the thyroid condition that you have or are just part and parcel of the human condition! most people in general population have a list not too dis-similar to those but since they haven't got a thyroid condition or are unaware of it,most of those things are just got on with and are no real big deal to them.

Once we are aware of having any type of illness or condition we are constantly trying to attribute most oddities to it,which may or may not be the case. Unfortunately for a lot of people thyroid issues are really not black and white and as all have said its hit and miss and takes what seems like an age to get to grips with.I so hope you can find yourself able to relax off a bit on the worry of auto ammune illnesses,at present you would seem not to suffer from any other ones (from the tests you have had ) and god willing you never will,its not enevitable. try to relax and enjoy life,you are young and should be! Life will pass you by quick enough,try to move on from the constant worry you are putting yourself under.I guess it seems hard right now but things will almost certainly improve given time which is usually what it takes,to get stable and vits etc to have the desired effect. Bigs hugs to you right nowx


Agree with the below. My story is relatively similar to yours Jo with the long wait for diagnosis, age and nature of our autoimmune condition. There is no point or running tests for the sake of running tests. I've only been on medication since June after a year of severe illness and I know how difficult it is. The way the endo's and GP sell it is that that one little pill is going to make you feel marvellous again. But, as we all know, it takes time.

I've fluctuated dramatically since being on medication to being euthryoid and at the target tsh my endo advised to now being quite hypo. I think we just have to accept that after a long time of illness it takes our body time to heal. We need to accept that we must give the medication and vitamins/minerals time to do their job.

It is frustrating, and you are in the right place to voice these frustrations as everyone has been there. It's frustrating "looking fine" but feeling low and knackered on the inside. It's hard but you have to come to terms with your condition but like others have said try and stay positive that it wasn't something more serious.

Do you have some other concerns? I know you talk a lot about your grandparents not really asking to often about your health and focus more on you finding work. Could this added pressure and stress be affecting you? My sister has was made redundant last April and the lack of work/job is really getting her down. Could that be a contributing factor?

So many questions and don't feel you need to answer if this is too personal. Just use it as food for thought x


Hi Pennyrose, thanks for your reply.

Yes, the added pressure about finding work has gotten to me in the past but this pressure isn't so bad now as my GP has signed me off. I have been looking for counseling but I have applied for it 3 times - twice through the NHS and once through my employer when I had my job. I never had one session even though I was on their books.

I also went to see a counselor after I was assaulted by a man on holiday and they assigned me a male counselor who fired question after question at me, making me feel rather bullied. He even said he would let my GP know about me visiting them and having all these problems but my GP never mentioned them. So I have since given up and refuse to speak to any more mental health professionals about it.

Jo xxx


NHS can be so useless at times!

I'm sorry you had to go through that with a counsellor, that experience must had been really difficult and to give you a male counsellor. Awful :( x


Hey there,

Hope today is a good day for you...I have had hashi's for 15 years - so I do know how you feel!!! You are doing the right things by checking all you can and learning as much as you can, so just wanted to say be kind to yourself as things will take time. Do you have a nice gp and endo? If so then you are at the beginning of a long relationship - so follow your instincts and tell them everything..some things will be inter-related and will take time to sort out.

Some symptoms may NOT be thyroid - have you been checked for polycystic ovary syndrome? My friend had this..but it wasn't picked up until she was trying for a baby..but she had suffered with painful, crazy periods for years...AND excessive facial and body hair. Might be worth looking into.

Take care now.



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