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Thyroid UK Interpretation of Thyroid Blood Tests Flowchart query

I am prepping for private endo appt tomorrow (wish me luck) with my normal TSH of 2.2 and bucket load of symptoms (pain, fatigue, cold, low basal temp, brain fog).

I noticed the flow chart states a TSH of >2 is high.

Have people found that some endos actually endorse the Thyroid UK chart?

My goal from the meeting is to get the FT4 TT4 TgAB (rT3) tested as per flow chart recommendation....

My second goal is to get the endo to ask my GP to fill in the gaps in my vitamin and mineral profile (after I my GP told me the NHS doesn't do these)

If necessary, I will be taking my bank card....

Then back to the books and this site ;-) to make sense of it all...

small steps....

Can anyone think of any other things to ask at this stage?

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I think most Endocrinologists go along with the British Thyroid Association's guidelines that we are only diagnosed when the TSH reaches 10. Horrendous I know and they don't appear to take any notice (or know) of clinical symptoms.

Whoever has had a good Endo who has prescribed (some do according to symptoms) ask for a Private Message to be sent to you as we don't put names on the open forum.


Is this the chart you stated:-


Yes it is


I would go more for an FT3 test rather than a TT4. The TT4 tells you nothing of any interest, whereas T3 is the active, important hormone.

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Thank you greygoose. I asked for the works but think I just got T3 and T4 as that is what the lab does. I spotted a full set of tests from a private testing lab so that may be the next stop. Thank you, though, it is good to know.




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