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Please could anyone comment on my recent blood tests.. im not on any medication at the moment.. and not sure what i should do. thank you :)

19th december 2013

Tsh is currently 3.15 range 0.3-4.2 but was 4.43 previous week

free t4 13.4 range 10.6-23.2

Free t3 4.2 range 3.1-6.8

Ferritin 41 range 13-150

Iron 14.3 range 10-30

Blood work

mch is high 32.8 (27-32)

Rbc is low 3.5 (3.8-4.8)

Packed cell volume is low 0.34 (.36-.46)

Haemoglobin low 116g/l (120-150)

c reactive protein 0.69 range 0-5

Cholesterol high 4.6 (0.5-4)

Sodium and potassium mid range

b12 326 (191-663)

Folate 6.3 (4.6-18.7)

Hormone profile 10 days after start of period

serum LH 10.7

Serum FSH 4.5

Progesterone 1.6

Oestradol 351

Prolactin 175 (102-496)

CEA 6.9 (0-5)

Body temperature is slightly low.. average 36.1 - does drop lower 35.4 at times. . But this has improved since last year.. 

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Sorry you have still had no replies! :(

Hopefully someone will pick it up from latest activity...




Thanks louise and happy new year to you :) x


What symptoms do you have currently?

Can't comment on most of those test results but the freeT3 and freeT4 do look a bit low in range, so you could ask for a trial of levothyroxine maybe if you have a lot of potentially hypothyroid symptoms though the TSH isn't high enough that most GP's would consider it. Or you could ask for your GP to test for antibodies to check for signs of autoimmune thyroid trouble in case low in range is a warning of such things.

Might actually be worth trying iron supplements first/too as your ferritin is under 70 that most people around here say it ought to be for good thyroid function and B12 looks not ideal in range either.


Many thanks for your reply.. my tsh has been alot higher. . But has recently come down.. I was put on levo last year and had a terrible time on it.. became so ill I thought I was dying... my anti bodies were only at 1.0 - doctor said that doesn't matter -  today I got good news... I am vitamin d deficient. . So that might be why I couldn't take the levo.. so have just bought vit d and k1 and hoping to see a big difference :) happy new year to you and thanks I will keep taking spatone iron and vit b.. which I ha e taken religiously for last few years :) x


Happy New Years.

If you've been taking vit b and iron for last few years it's a little surprising they aren't higher. Is there any chance anything, like coeliacs or low stomach acid, interfering with absorption?


Funny you should say that. . I was reading about vit d last night.. and I eat the right foods and love sunshine.. and dont use sunscreen.. so dont know why mine is so low.

I have had bleeding bowels and iBS symptoms ever sjnce having my son 18 years ago... I had tests and as told it was just iBS. . The doctor did a coeliac test last week and it came back normal apparently.. I deffo think I have food allergies.. as my hands swell and get hot whenI eat certain foods pparticularly anything with MSG in it or beer... My bblood group is A neg (rh) - and I have read that it has low stomach acid and should follow a veggie diet.. I do eat meat though. . Mainly chicken.

So now I am wondering if you are right. . Maybe all my problems stem from bad gut..maybe if I take probiotics

And digestive enzymes.. things might improve :)

thanks for taking the time to help me... really appreciate it... health matters cant really pickle your head.. it all gets so confusing and overwhelming :)


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