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natural thyroid

all, I have only been a member for a few weeks but what a wealth of information and support I have received , I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Just a quick recap , I lost my thyroid due to Amiodarone medication, I was informed by the Dr this was a perfectly safe drug and when I became Hyper all the drs Gasp and they had never seen the reaction to it. Looking on the net it happens all the time and I wonder who is kidding who.

After only 6 month PPCU i was told `i had to take my thyroid out a big mistake on my part.

After 6 months my legs ached and I had to pack up driving and i lost my job. That was way back in 2000 and since then I have been bumping around the bottom and spending a lot of money on Drs.

I have really had enough and decided to try Natural thyroid its like armour but its has kinder fillers in it.

I have taken this before but was turned off for two reasons. Do I want to be dependant on a a med that is really not available in the Uk and there are sometimes supply problems. Also all the endocrinologists have warned me its dangerous because of cross contamination and the stress on my heart is not good for me as I have had Atrial Fibrillation.

IHaving had a enough and being 62 now but with an 8 year old daughter , I felt I was not giving her any decent life from her daddy.

My normal t4 dose is 100MCR which for no thyroid is a low dose but any more than that I get short of breath and of course my TSH is showing that I need 100 MCr.

the first morning I took 1/2 grain and 50 MCR and felt like I had taken rocket fuel, with out too much detail I went to the bathroom around 4 times usually I am constipated very constipated. I also noticed that my brain was working, I was having thoughts thinking about things before i do them , I use to be like this before all this happened.

My big worry was my heart it was thudding around , that was a big worry for me,.

The next morning I kept to the dose and things settled down the only thing was my face was red raw and I was itchy all over my neck and cheeks. Instead of taking less I took more t4 an extra 25Mcr as I had work out by simple maths.that 1/2 grain and 75 MCR t4 was around 110 total MCr of thyroxin , that is excluding the t3 element.

That was far too much and I became short of breath and very agitated. I drop the dose to 50+12.5 of T4 and 1/2 grain of Natural thyroid.

The heart thing has got a lot better, I still feel crap in the morning but that gets better around 930. My mind is a lot better and I made my wife laugh last night for the first time in ages.My mind is a lot clearer I can't explain this either unless you have had brain fog.

I still have to sleep for an hour between 0930 and 1030 but the rest of the day I am building up my energy.

I hope the improvements carry on and may move over to completely natural thyroid. One thing I am very hot of the point of over heating but this is an internal heat and for the last 20 years I have been cold.

One thing I have dropped my DHEA to 12mg but i really don't think I need it now, I feel this drops my cortozol levels and that what was making my finger and body cold and tired.. I will, oncee I get a job go back to see Dr Moulton but he is very expensive and I cannot fund it at the moment.

thank you to everybody who has responded and I hope this post will give you some hope.



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In all of this hell you have suffered has anyone checked your ferritin level

because without ferritin being at least 70 13-150 any thyroid medication will not be fully utilised by the body


Dr moulton has checked everything, he said I am the worst patient he has ever seen.


I will though bear that in mind and maybe try and Iron supplement.

That is food for thought.



So good to hear that, finally, you're feeling so much better, John. You're a good advert for NDT.


Hello I have had a set back today and slept most of the day which means I meed more of the stuff.any ideas how to make a compression between the dosage and NDT . I was on a dose of 100 MCR what should I take in NDT.




1 grain NDT contains 38mcg T4 & 9mcg T3. T4 alone isn't likely to cause improvement or adverse effects within one or two days, hence the blood testing 6/8 weeks after changing dose.

T3 on the other hand can have almost instant noticeable improvement or adverse effect.

You're currently taking the equivalent of 71.5mcg T4 + 4.5mcg T3 which is roughly equivalent to 18mcg T4. I would try adding ¼ grain NDT to boost the T3 and drop the T4 to 50mcg. You can divide the NDT during the day if you feel buzzy taking it in one hit.


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