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Eltroxin and Natural Dessicated Thyroid Queries


I have been on T3 only for quite a long time but have had a very erratic time on it. My amazingly helpful and knowledgeable new GP has suggested that I try adding in a little T4 for stability. When I last took T4 I responded badly to one brand but did a bit better on Eltroxin. I have just been to Boots and they can't get hold of it. Is it no longer available?

My other question is - how much does Natural Dessicated Thyroid cost? My new GP is happy to prescribe it (several of her patients do very well on it) but I would need to find the best place to get it if I go down that route.

I did feel very unwell on the T4/T3 combination in the past, although was probably on too big a dose of both. I am currently contemplating whether to do the T4/T3 experiment again on a much smaller does (this is working well for a friend) or just go direct for the natural dessicated.

All best wishes and many thanks for any help.

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Your GP can prescribe NDT ( Armour or ERFA or Westhyroid) on the NHS on a named patient basis ............full info via MHRA or on


Hello Dee1,

If I were you I would certainly try the T4 & T3 combo again under guidance of what appears to be a knowledgable and helpful doctor. You said yourself you were probably on too higher dose before. If you go straight onto NDT and it doesn't suit, you might regret not trying the combo beforehand. There is no guarantee of either working as whats suits one person may not suit another. Therefore different people advocate different thyroid meds.

T4 is readily available. I am on it. I haven't taken T3 or NDT but both are on my plan if glandulars don't work out.

Good luck. Hope you feel better soon.


Of all the levothyroxines I tried, Eltroxin was the best. Mercury Pharma decided to remove this from their products and said that their generic levothyroxine was 'EXACTLY' the same. People who had taken it for years knew it wasn't as they became ill and it was still denied by MP. Generic wasn't identical at all.

They also said it would be coming back, but that's like waiting for the bus that never turns up.

It's extremely shoddy I think. I cannot take generic levo at all. I had less symptoms with Eltroxin but am now on T3 only.

If your GP is willing to prescribe NDT, go for it as it contains all the hormones we lack and besides it is more synergystic with our bodies than a synthetic levothyroxine.

I hope you feel better soon.


We keep hearing how amazing knowledgeable pharmacists are. How having pharmacists added to GP surgeries will transform care. That they know everything about the medicines they supply.

And they couldn't even explain to you that Mercury Pharma Eltroxin has been off the market in the UK for a considerable period (a couple of years or so from memory)? There is no indication of its return in the UK though Mercury Pharma have at times indicated that it would return. And that Mercury Pharma insist that their Levothyroxine is identical to Eltroxin though a number of people here insist otherwise. That, oddly, Eltroxin is available in Ireland.

If your GP is prescribing desiccated thyroid on standard NHS prescription forms, it doesn't matter how much it costs - you cannot influence that and it changes over time. If he is only willing to give you a private prescription, the Thyroid UK website has some information about where to buy it.


Dee1, Mercury Pharma, Actavis and Wockhardt are the generic T4 available in the UK, but Wockhardt is only available in 25mcg. When I was on T4 only I did better on Actavis than Mercury Pharma but I wasn't tolerating T4 at all well. Adding T3 calmed the adverse effects of T4. Although I did well on T3 only prior to switching to T4, I prefer T4+T3 combination simply because of the security of having some T4 in my system should I be unable to take T3 for a few days.


Thanks Clutter. Are you on quite low doses of both?


Dee, I'm thyroidless and on 100mcg T4 + 30mcg T3.


If your GP is willing to prescribe NDT I would grab it with both hands. Oh why can't they all be like yours???


My thoughts exactly sulamaye. It has taken me my whole life and a house move to the other end of the country to end up with this GP. It was an unbelievable experience talking to her, but did make me realise how totally unacceptable everything I've put up with until now (bar one good endocrinologist) has been.


Thanks so much to everyone who replied. It's been so helpful. :)


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