Just had blood tested and asked about iron levels


I increased Levo 8 weeks ago from 75mcg to 100 mcg and after a couple of weeks felt a bit better but feel I have now gone backwards. I have just had my bloods taken and nurse agreed to request T3 to be tested although G.P had not requested it (She said oh blow it lets request the full lot which I thought was great) but I'm not holding my breath that the lab will do it but I will let you know the outcome.

Whilst I was there I asked about my Iron level as although I have received results from my last tests for Vit B12 Vit D Folate Ferritin and Calcium I did not get a Iron result, when I rang the surgery the receptionist said the Iron test was the Ferritin one, another time a different receptionist said my blood count level was O.K. and that's the most important one and that was it. Today Nurse just said it had not been done last time as it should have been specifically requested and was not and if they thought it needed doing from the other results they would have picked up on it and requested a test after that. Does anyone know if this is right? I am just wondering as I am still not feeling right if Iron is the missing link.

My last results were Vit B12 377 Folate 5.3 Ferritin 88 Vit D 22 Calcium 2.41

I am supplementing Vit B12 and Vit D

Many thanks browny

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  • Do you know your ranges on the Ferritin test? A level of 88 is pretty good (wish mine was even half that) as its advised on here to get your ferritin levels up to 90 so I wouldn't think iron is your problem although I could be wrong and your actual iron result may show differently.

    How much vitD and B12 are you supplementing?

    Moggie x

  • Hi Moggie

    Thanks for replying, I have written down in my diary Ferritin range 15 - 300 but I don't know if I got that from the surgery or I googled it. I remember having a telephone conversation with one of the practise G.P.'s and she said I was pretty low on everything so I should supplement with Folic Acid and Iron as well but as I had sent for a Active Vit B12 Test from Blue Horizon and I had already been supplementing with a Vit B12 spray 2400ug daily I did not take anything else in case it interfered with the result. (Active B12 result was 125 range 25.1 - 165 ) so I think the must supplement be working. I also Take Vit D spray 6000iu daily.

    So is Ferritin Iron? I'm a bit confused with it all (doesn't take much to confuse me nowadays)

    Another thought I have just had is I am now wondering if I am low on everything I have a problem absorbing and may Have Celiac Diesease as my daughter has been diagnosed with it. After she was diagnosed my husband and I had a blood test for it as it can be herediaty but it came back negative but so did my daughters she was diagnosed by having an endoscopy

    (Sorry I'm Waffling now)

    Regards browny

  • A ferritin test is used to determine how much iron is stored in your body and, apparently, it can be low for quite some time before it shows up in an iron test. You really need to get into the habit of asking for ranges with your blood results as getting them from the internet, which you said was a possibility, in worthless - as is your test results without the ranges. Labs have different sets of ranges so unless you know the ranges of the lab that was used is a guessing game as to were your levels actually are.

    Why don't you ask your GP for a referral to a gastroenterologist as this is what my endo has advised for me as I am also low in most things (B12, VitD, iron, ferritin and VitC) which would point to either leaky gut or coeliac.

    Moggie x

  • Hi Moggie

    When I get the results from the tests I had today I am going to ask for a print out of all my results and ranges ( I did ask one Doctor before and she said we can't do that but after reading on here I now know they have to do it even if we have to pay for it)

    Yes I will ask about the Gastroenterologist next week when I have my G.P. appointment, and will research leaky gut as I do not know anything about it but do know about celiac because of my daughter

    Best Wishes browny

  • Hi Browny

    Just for the future, if you want to make a reply to a particular comment to your question, you have to press the blue Reply to this and then the person is alerted, and will answer again if necessary.

  • Thanks Shaw, will do


  • Ferritin is the blood test of choice for the detection of iron deficiency. Serum iron is generally less informative, and should only be tested in specific clinical circumstances. Personally, I would not request it.

  • Many thanks for your reply

    Best Wishes browny

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