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Test Results and I now have ranges - Any help?

These are results which have had a marker put against them saying I need to speak to a Doctor about any problems there may be.

Latest results RANGES

Serum TSH - 10.2 - (0.4-5.5 )

Serum T4 - 12.5 ( 11.5-22.7 )

B12 - 286 ( 210-910 )

Folate - 2 ( 5.4 - 24 )

April 2013 Tests

Serum TSH level 12.2 mu/l ( 0.4 - 5.5 )

Serum FT4 level 11.6 (11.5 - 22.7 )

B12 - 157 ng/l ( 210-910 )

Folate - 2.7 ug/l ( 5.4 - 24 )

ferritin - 13 ug/

Previously in September 2012 they were

ferritin was 18

TSH - 7.8

Free T4 - 12.7

I previously asked the questions what to do about my results and the doctor would not treat and I know a lot of people asked for ranges I have finally managed to squeeze that out of the surgery

I should point out that everytime I have had blood tests - I am told the areas for concern and that I need to speak to a Doctor the above are all the areas of concern that are raised each time but when I get to speak to the Doctor he says they are all fine!!!! - I am so confused - why earmark a problem only to be told its fine.

I was tested in April and was told everything fine - maybe just some blips - be re-tested in four weeks - they called me for tests earlier than that and have just been re-tested (test results above) and even though the receptionist said there was problems and I needed to speak to GP he said that everything looks fine maybe some borderline results - when I challenged him over symptoms he asked did I have any???? and then said it might be an idea to start me on low dose thyroxine 25mg

I queried why they had marked the folate with a problem if he said all was fine he said i would only consider this a problem if you were anemic and you are not you are slighlty on the low end (I dont know what the latest ferritin was as they could not see the results for that but it was 13 in the middle of April)

I queried why the B12 had gone up quite well in the two weeks in said just one of those things a blip. - again this had been raised as a problem - hence speaking to the GP

I asked him did it contradict with anything I was taking - he said no - but have read on here that it may not work as well or contradict if you are taking calcium - I take prescribed Vit D with calcium

Any help or advice at this further stage would be great

many thanks x

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At what time do you take your Levo and at what time do you take your vitD with calcium. You need to leave at least 4 hours between the two - even drinking milk (which contains a lot of calcium) can effect your levo.

You said in your previous question that you were looking into leaving this GP - is that correct? because in my book the sooner you leave him the better. I think this man is either incompetent or he is on a major money saving exercise - either way you will not see any improvement in your health until you find another doctor.

My Ferritin result came in at 12.2 which isn't a million miles away from 13 and my endo put me on iron tablets so I would suggest you buy some and take them with VitC (pure orange juice would do) for a couple of months. I have been on them now for 6 weeks and they are really making a difference regarding the tiredness. Again these need to be keep at least four hours apart from your thyroid meds.

If I were you I would take my thyroid meds of a night (leaving at least two hours after eating or dinking anything other than water) and this way your body should be able to absorb the levo properly.

Sorry have to dash - hope you get loads of good advice from others on here.

Moggie x


Sorry just realise my error - this is your first lot of levo isn't it - my mistake, that's what you get for rushing an answer. So apart from me asking what time you take your levo the rest still stands, especially the CHANGE YOUR DOCTOR bit.

Moggie x


Thank you xxx dont worry I will be changing - have a great weekend - hope the weather is nice your way xx


oh and thanks for the advice on iron and orange juice - will do that this weekend xx


I don't know if you've seen this page but for new people I think it's informative. It's hard to believe that with levels sooo low that your GP has barely taken any action. How low can these people sink? I guess they have no malpractice law suits in the UK, he would certainly qualify.


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