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Blood test - vitamin results

Hi - further to me going to the doctor with being inadequately dosed (and he has now increased my dose to 50mcg of levothyroxine) I also asked for blood tests for some of the vitamins. He said no as it had been done a few (6) months ago but was willing to print out the results. He talked me through them and said they were all fine.

These were taken in August 2014 and are:

Serum ferritin 61 (10 - 275U)

Serum vitamin b12 513 (200-900U)

Serum folate 3.1 (3.1 - 20U) He did circle this one but said it was still in range

I also asked what level of TSH they were trying to get me down to and he said around 4 - going by what I've read on here, this seems a little high but I guess I will go with the flow just now and address it further down the line. Not feeling particularly wonderful, I must admit - have been on annual leave for five days so far and not managed to leave the house yet :-(

This was a locum - as its quite difficult getting a hold of my own doctor - but I might try harder now.



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Are you supplementing ? B12 could do with being higher - towards the top of the range. Ferritin needs to be mid range - but 90 will help - and yes Folate is very low.

So if you are supplementing with B12 then also add a GOOD B Complex to the mix to ensure you have good levels of Folic Acid or Methyfolate. Am not knowledgeable about iron supplements - someone else will help or you could type Iron into the Search Box on the green bar and earlier posts should be helpful.

So what is your TSH ? Sounds as if you are going to have a hard job getting it to or under - where most people feel better. You probably need to increase your T4 soon too.

I didn't see the FT3 result - nor VitD... both are important.


Hi Marz - the only thing I'm supplementing just now is Vitamin D (they said that testing that is expensive so they only do that one occasionally) I also take magnesium occasionally and a multivitamin.

My thyroid results (the ones they were willing to do, that is) are:

Results: TSH 5.07 ( 0.35 - 5.00 U)

Free T4 13.2 (9.0 - 21.0 U)

So I should be taking folate most definitely - and a good B complex too.

I always come away from the doctor feeling exhausted!

Thank you :-)


Sorry - I asked for FT3 and they refused (the lab) to do it


The above link will take you to earlier posts about Iron. If you are taking VitD then also take VitK2 to keep the increased calcium in the right place. The Multi-Vit could be keeping your B12 mid range - but may be better to take B12 on it's own - Jarrow Methylcobalamin chewable tabs 1000mcg from Amazon. If you order through the main website of Thyroid UK then they will receive a small commission - they are a charity and every little helps. You can buy VitD in spray form with K2 - same source. I use Thorne Research B complex containing Methylfolate rather than Folic Acid. Just personal choice. Folate is natural and Folic Acid is synthetic.

You can test VitD privately for 28 pounds ( sorry Greek keyboard - no pound signs - or euros come to that ! ) from City Assays in Birmingham - they have a website. You need to know your result so you can take the correct dose.

Your TSH is too high and should reduce down to 1 or under. FT4 also low so an increase of Levo should be on the cards. Am suspecting your FT3 also to be low - which is not good. It is cost that prevents FT3 being tested - and yet it is the most informative test result....

When you have all the basics in place - like vitamins and minerals - you will feel so much better and your medication will work well....

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Thank you Marz :-)


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