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Next lot of test results for your advice


Hi I wrote a previous post about the dr not wanting to do anything with my test results and lots of you kindly wrote that i should have been treated anyway to cut a long story short after being told I had to wait 4 weeks the district nurse turned up saying she had been asked to attend urgently as the Doctor was concerned about my previous results ( if you are confused Im sorry .......)

Previously in September 2012 they were

ferritin was 18

TSH - 7.8

Free T4 - 12.7

April 2013

Serum TSH level 12.2 mu/l

Serum FT4 level 11.6

B12 - 157 ng/l

Folate - 2.7 ug/l

ferritin - 13 ug/

Latest one this weeks

Serum TSH - 10.2

Serum T4 - 12.5

B12 - 286

Folate - 2

The receptionist has also said that there is also a marker against Full Blood Count but "as she is not medically trained" she wasnt sure what the problem was with those

Obviously if anyone can decipher this last lot - I know I shouldnt be negative but Im not holding out any hope of any treatment as they said they were fine the last time but just might be a blip!

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Hi If on treatment T4 very low, in most ranges. Always ask for the ranges, all different. TSH definitely high, you need a FT3 test, if lowish, then need T3 with the T4 ( if on it) to bring it down, helps lots of symptoms too.Only test will show. FBC was probably low Ferritin/ iron, you need to see the GP and ask, low can make you feel terrible. B12 is in range but much too low. best test for that anyway is the cell blood.

Best wishes,


liketoknit in reply to Jackie

Hi yes am learning to ask for ranges - sadly they dont always want to give them - they wouldnt tell me my ferritin level (too confusing for receptionist apparantely as there were "19" different tests under one heading. Ferritin before was given as in range (although is only slightly over the range)

Jackie in reply to liketoknit

Hi Yes, I have often been actually incorrect info by receptionist. You need a print out ie not phone call etc.

Remember the vital FT3.

Best wishes,


Stourie in reply to liketoknit

Hi even if they sadly don't really want to print out your blood results by law they have to.

Jo xx

There is possible a market against your FBC due to your low iron levels (Ferritin).

When are you next seeing the GP and what did the District Nurse actually do - I know you said she saw you but you don't make clear why. Did she take more bloods? and why the sudden urgency when only a few weeks ago your GP wasn't concerned.

Moggie x

liketoknit in reply to Moggie

Sorry Moggie (am a little dizzy at the moment!) District Nurse took bloods - and yes thats why mentioned that she had said he wanted them done urgently after telling me two weeks ago that everything was "fine".... hence my confusion

Im a little confused as to why the B12 has gone up to me quite considerably since last time - Im assuming they will do nothing with these now - but to tell you the truth am still feeling blurgh and am just getting over a really bad ear infection as well so feel totally run down

Sorry I meant to add does B12 go up and down like that?

J xx

Moggie in reply to liketoknit

So have you made contact with your GP at all? When is your next appt with him? Have you asked him why he sent a Direct Nurse around urgently?

If I were in your shoes I would be asking him so many questions his head would be reeling (as yours is). Please don't sit and wait for things to happen, make them happen yourself. Ask for explanations and possible treatments, ask him why your B12 has increased so much in such a short time with no supplements being taken.

If you cant get to the GP's book a phone consultation with him and have ALL the questions you want to ask written down so that you don't forget anything. This doctor has proved time and time again that he is not managing your condition/symptoms properly and you need to start putting pressure on him to do so.

Moggie x

liketoknit in reply to Moggie

I sit and chuckle as I write this answer - yes they have booked a telephone consultation for this afternoon so will update you then with what he says this time. As for the Nurse I explained she was 2 weeks early and she said oh no Doctor asked me to come today as they needed doing as he was worried about your Vit B12 - so your guess is as good as mine .....

The surgery does make me laugh (sometimes hysterically) - when I was told I needed to speak to a Doctor it had to be under their 48 hour later appointment system - when I asked if I needed medication it would be way after the bank holiday as they now like "one week" to do prescriptions - yes one week - she then explained that not to worry in "acute" cases prescriptions could be done and faxed to chemist.????

Dont worry though I have made enquiries to go to a new surgery so this should be underway shortly.

I bet you cant wait to hear what he has to say this time - although judging by a lot on this thread im not alone - will update you later this afternoon - i thought i would just pop in with the latest results and get some pointers before i speak which you have both done greatly - thank you x

Moggie in reply to liketoknit

I hope this is before 4 o'clock as I go home at 4.30 and will have no internet access until Wednesday next week.

Moggie x

liketoknit in reply to Moggie

so do I tee hee ..... am hoping I dont keep you in suspense until next week ! xx

hope you get to see the below answer before you leave for the weekend xx

I just have spoken to Dr and guess what he says everything is fine .........

I raised the question about my Vit B12 going up - he said the last test was a blip

He said that my thyroid level is "slightly raised" and would need monitoring in a while - I queried the symptoms that I have and would you not think it would help - he then agreed to give a prescription for 25mg thyroxine........................

I asked did it contradict with anything else i took - he said no - i noticed that another member in another quote said that thyroxine contradicts with calcium - I take Ad Cal which is Vit D with Calcium .....

I am very very confused and my head is all over the place after saying there were problems with my tests and then to be told there are no real problems and be reassessed in 6 months and only when I confronted him with my symptoms did he say oh well lets try low level thyroxine

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