Prolactin blood results help!


I have been feeling unwell for sometime, noticed a few body changes missed periods, sinus problems, headaches and more recently, when I woke in the morning my left breast had been leaking as it was dry and flakey.

The doctor carried out tests thyroid, prolactin , I called to find out results and was told everything normal.. Then I receive call from the hospital to say my go had requested a referral for me to be reviewed at the endocrine clinic.  (I do attend this clinic but recently because things were going well I wasn't to be seen until December time).  I was somewhat confused so I called doctors surgery and they said 'the doctor needs to speak to you'. I queried why as my blood tests were fine, she explained that it was in relation to my prolatin test 

Prolatin serum level is 2978 

Monmeric prolatin serum level is 2376 

I have been booked for a telephone call but in the meantime I'm totally confused and worried about what is going on.  Currently I feel lousy again and sinus pressure is back, I work with children so I have been putting my ongoing sinus problem down to that.  Would be grateful if someone could enlighten me with regard to these blood results .

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  • Phone your surgery and ask for a copy of your results with reference ranges and repost for advice.  If the receptionist won't give them ask the doctor.

    Jo  xx

  • Hi 

    I have reference ranges

    Serum prolactin level 2966 range (102-496)

    Monmeric prolactin serum 2374 range (75-381)

    Apologies for misprint earlier I hold this sheds some light 

  • It sounds like a prolactinoma don't worry most are treatable by oral medication. You may have to have an MRI scan. Do not worry you will be fine.

  • Hi,  I don't know about prolactin but did wonder about the other results like thyroid.  Sorry 

    Jo  xx

  • Thyroid is within normal range currently I'm taking 175 of thyroxine a day, was doing really well up until Feb 

  • Lactating can also be a symptom of underactive or under treated thyroid.  What were your levels?

    Jo  xx

  • What is prolatin in regards to? Are u having surgery on ur thyroid? My questions may be dumb but I'm also confused. Sorry but I will dig around and see what I can find.

  • Oh u meant prolactin level.Sorry

  • Hi I have gone trough the same almost.. my period has been gone for 4 years. I am 44.

    I had the mri scan and I had a little tumor in my pituitary. It's harmless but the doctors says it's not because of the tumor that my prolactin is high. It can be because of you taking some meds or that your thyroid is not working good. 

    Get the free t3 and free t4 test done and check out the

    Be safe

  • If your doctor's say , it is not because of a tumor your prolactin levels are high, my apologies, but they are daft

  • There are other reasons for high prolactin.

  • I had raised prolactin but it was related to my thyroid function. With yours it sounds like it could be related to something called a prolactinoma - especially with your symptoms. It is easily treatable with medication. Hope you get sorted soon. 

  • If prolactin levels are above 500 whatever the scale is, it's a tumour, & may affect the thyroid, rather the other way around, causing secondary hypothyroidism. The endocrinologist system is closed, so any abnormalities have a knock on effect. 

    TSH etc is even more useless where the pituitary is concerned, though it seems Hamer is already being treated for hypothyroidism. 


  • You can't know that for certain. It might be drug related. I have had high prolactin due to antidepressants. Do you mean 5000 maybe?

  • My levels were just under 1500ng/mls, & I also had galactorrhea, & 35 years of undiagnosed secondary hypo symptoms.

    Pregnant women's levels can go up to about 200, & lots of things such as stress, sex, exercise, meds, & other illnesses can raise prolactin but not that high.

    The endocrinology & pathophysiology books I read stated over 500 indicates a pituitary tumour, though it can affect hormones differently depending on whether it's on the posterior or anterior lobe.

  • Mine were over 500.  It was stated probably due to Seroxat.  My cortisol was also up and my GP did speak to the endo and did offer me the test that suppresses adrenalin (?) to test for Cushings. I am due to have a batch of tests.

    I have read quite a bit about the pituitary as my low TSH and low T3 and T4 were consistent with a pituitary problem.

     In one of the link you posted they confirm: "It is important to note that moderate elevations of prolactin (30 - 200 ng/ml) can occur as a result of several other causes, which must be excluded prior to invoking a pituitary tumor. The most common causes are listed below:

    pregnancy or in the post-partum period

    stress (discomfort, exercise, low blood sugar)

    low thyroid function (hypothyroidism)

    kidney failure

    liver failure

    medications (such as anti-ulcer and antidepressants)

    "stalk effect" ..."

    As I say my GP said it was almost certainly down to anti-depressants, also no milk production.  I will get it checked again though to see what direction it's going in.

  • I had this problem years ago. my prolactin level  6000 and odd. i said is that high not knowing what prolactin was he said well mount everest is high yr level is way past that  same as you my periods stopped all together head aches prouducing milk. etc.. so i was sent for ct scan every thing was fine with that so i was put on broacriptine to bring the level down . which worked , they scan you for a tumour  dont worry  may well not be that,  mine was clear.   

  • might add too i went through the change then too.  well i thought i was pregnant .  and ye thyroid went to

  • A high prolactin level can be caused by multiple things. Hypothyroidism, taking pills against nausea, some other medicines that can cause high prolactin.

    It could also be a prolactinoma, a small tumor on the pituitary gland which produces the hormone prolactin. The only way to find out is by getting an MRI scan. If you have a prolactinoma you will get medication to lower your prolactin levels.

    It will be okay, even if it's a prolactinoma. I have Hashimoto's and a microprolactinoma. With meds it's fine, don't worry.

    Good luck and hopefully you will find out soon why your prolactin level is high.

  • I too have had a prolactin of 3000 come back.   I have been referred to an endocrinologist as mine was found doing hormonal blood tests.  My first one was high at 600 and 2nd was 3000.  It should be no more than a couple of hundred   They usually do 2 to confirm high then will be referred upto the hospital.    Try not to worry.  I've my first appointment in 3 weeks and it seems prolactin so high usually due to a pituitary tumour.  Now don't panic! It's completely benign, they do an mri to diagnose and treatment is medication to bring levels down.    

  • Hope u don't mind me asking here but everyone seems to be quite knowledable. Happy to start a new thread if proffered.  

     Does anyone know why my breasts lactate even though I have normal (mid range) prolactin levels? 


  • You should request a mammogram.  

  • Thank you everyone. Speak to doctor tomorrow and endocrine clinic on the 24th.  Finding tiredness and headaches plus sinus problem the most tiring. 

  • This confuses me also. I remember my doctor telling me my prolactin level was way too low, which caused my periods to be horribly heavy. It seems like a low thyroid level might cause your prolactin to be too low also. Not too high..

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