Restless Legs Syndrome

Ferritin high rbc


I've got very odd symptoms at the moment. Very tingly, weakmess etc. sensory issues often numb hands and feet. Whole body rls.

My b12 is 600.

My ferritin a few weeks ago was 57.

I'm coming off sertraline and thuroxine is 150; Tsh was over suppressed a while ago on 175.

My gp has suggested a referral to rheum and to supplement with over the counter iron eg feroglobin. I've ordered some spatone.

What concerns me is my rbc was slightly out of range, see below, at the time of the ferritin test.

After looking at symptoms of polycythemia I do appear to have some, especially itchy after bath and full feeling in abdomen.

I've booked a second gp appt today for a second opinion; I wondered if I should get another blood test done before supplementing?

Or, just stay super hydrated and try and do some exersise?

Eosinophil. 0.24 (0.04-0.4)

Heamatocrit ABOVE RANGE 0.471 (0.36-0.46)

Haemoglobin concentration 159 (115-165)

Lymphocyte count 2.27 (1-4.5)

Mean cell haemoglobin 30.9 (27-34)

Mean cell volume 91.5 (83-101)

Monocyte count 0.48 (0.2-0.8)

Neutrophil count 2.85 (2-7)

Platelet count 262 (150-450)

Red blood cell count ABOVE RANGE 5.15 (3.8-4.8)

Total white blood count 5.86 (4-11)

Basophil count 0.02 (0.0-0.1)

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I do nor ynderstand everything you wrote but ferritin level shall be over 75 if you have RL


Ah should it? Will Dr know this?


Your doctor will probably not know this, I have not yet met a doctor who knows. But the Swedish "health goverment" says that ferritin level in RLS below 50 shall be treaten with iron injection and that the levels between 50-75 maybe can be cured with iron pills if your stomach can handle that. You have to look it up what the authorities in your country says.


He did say there's some expensive drugs they give to the elderly but they must test their ferritin first, so he might be referring to that, just not sure what level he will go for.

We've been talking about hypermobility for some months; I thought this in the summer but we thought we'd tackle the thyroid stuff first. So the referral may include this. I do score highly, just not knees and thumbs.

Oddly I took a beta blocker and some of the pain has subsided, my heart rate has lowered too from 80-90 bpm resting to 60. timgling and desire to stretch till there a bit but manageable.

Ironically I know beta blockers help people with hms too!


Hi, i am not understanding all that you have wrong with you. Are you taking any meds right now for your RLS...? Your ferritin level is quite good seeing you have RLS. Alot of RLSers have a much lower level. Your doctor would normally give iron pills to get the ferritin level up. I would get it checked again. Taking iron pills does not help everyone who has RLS.

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I went thru all the things you have , took every suppliment known to man or woman and it never had any effect on my Rls or my total restless body. The dopamine drugs and opiates are the only relief I ever got. Good luck with all you do but I am convinced it is genetic and the answer is to try to fill all the receptors with a substitute for whatever natural substance i am missing.


I was on opiates and benzos...I quit them all..Have had rls,every since..The only thing that helps me,is tramadol..(Non Narcotic) medicine...


We do have to remember that an inflammation risen the ferritin level, so high ferritin is not always a good sign. If you have a known inflammation you should check the trans ferrin level as well.


Thanks. I've been taking two spatone sachets a day plus all the festive meat etc and have noticed a slight reduction in my whole body inflammation.

A day in the car though caused awful spasming yesterday morning but for the first time in ages ibuprofen helped. Going to keep going and try to continue to build up muscle strength.

Following more looking at ferritin it could explain a lot.


Hi haggisplant, I recently have had 2 iron infusions as my ferratin level was extremely low, down to 5. I'm hoping these have done the trick and got the levels back up to somewhere near normal - upwards of 100 any way. Didn't feel any benefit after first infusion, think slight improvement following second, just hoping this isn't a case of wishful thinking though! Still tired, not sleeping well and legs, well................ I have a lot of weakness and terrible tingling all over. RLS in arms as well as legs.

Hope you manage to get your symptoms and blood tests sorted out very soon. Low ferratin levels can have an affect on all these things apparently. V


Hi Violet. Did you at least get relief from RLS the night of the infusions or did you fall asleep the second you got home from them?


Tramadol..(Non Narcotic) works wonders!! 50 mgs


Hi violet,

I think I'm feeling brighter from two weeks of double spatone daily (three with my period) but still getting the night time issues.

However, I'm wondering if it could be something else entirely, eg inflamatory back pain, hence the fatigue and mild low ferritin, high blood count which might be due to inflamation. I've got a referral to rheum anyway.

I've possibly been worse rls way as have had low ferritin and possibly a bit low b12 previously though I've been eating lots of b12 foods.

The 'rls' is now feeling more like sunburnt bones, of my spine, Si joint, ribs and sternum and seems to flare up and down.

Either way hoping rheum will help.

Actually was going to ask for either diclofenac or tramadol at Dr this afternoon as both fine for bf.


Hi Haggis, try taking one of the Spatone one hour before bed on an empty stomach, rather than during day. That might help with night time issues.


Thanks tcho. Can't currently as take thyroxine at night but once I'm off the sertraline I'm thinking of switching it about again as might try magnesium at night too.


It's great that you're feeling better. Plus I thought I read somewhere that iron is a mild anti-depressant so maybe taking it during the day is the way to go, especially since you're dropping the sertraline. You might barely even notice RLS once off sertraline.


Interesting article...take it for what it is worth. When your spatone runs out I would give iron bis-glycinate a try. It's on Amazon for $10 with free delivery. I believe it's the most bio-available form on the market right now.


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