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Good morning each and every one of you wonderful smoke free people or should that be person? Don't really know to be honest and more importantly is the 'smoke free' part so grammar or whatever it's called can take a running jump today as it's Tuesday and I have the privilege of opening up again!

So, here we are again, happy as can be, oh what fun and in such good companee!!!

Don't think that is quite right but never mind it sounds good - well I think it does - so there! Now if I was really clever I could put a smiley face with a tongue sticking out here but seen as I'm not (in other words I still don't know how to do them - any of them!) - clever that is - I won't and I ask you to use your imagination please! Thank you very much!!

Really cloudy again this morning so no (new) snap to put up so will use one from a couple of days ago. Feels a bit depressing, but no probably a better word is down, at the moment as there is no blue sky or sunrise. Me thinks it will be another one of those days when it doesn't get proper daylight - oh well, at least it's not raining, snowing and/or blowing a gale! Dry walk to work looks good and hopefully the same walking home.

Well, unfortunately I spoke too soon the other day about sleeping getting back to something like normal. Last night such vivid dreams that always seem so real and laid awake from 3.15 a.m. Did think about logging on and posting daily chat but I was lovely and warm under the duvet so decided to stay where I was. Oh well, maybe tonight will be different, hope so anyway. On a positive note, I came 4th in a half marathon which is definitely some achievement as I've never run one in my life but now I'm on the road to being smoke free perhaps I might just do so. Maybe we could do one for us all off here and pick a couple of charities but then again maybe that's a bad idea. Over to you all - good or bad idea? OK, I'm being honest now I just want to see monky (aka Pete) in shorts and a string vest, alright, I have confessed!

Anybody up to ought good today? Baking perhaps? Came across a recipe for Banana Bread yesterday which seems relatively easy so may have a go at that tonight. If I do, it means I will be late on but will make at least 3 so that there is enough for everyone even those that don't finish until late (this is me crawling Pete for the comment above)! Not actually bread at all reading the recipe seems more like cake but we shall see. Quite looking forward to trying both recipe and bread/cake. Added bonus is that bananas are good for us quitters and/or non smokers. Anyway, definitely going to try this recipe tonight so can someone stick the kettle on about 7.30 time? Thanks.

Hey ho! Hey ho! It's off to work I go. With a shovel and a stick, make that walking stick as ache all over from running that half marathon and I ache in places I didn't know existed!

Seriously though people, have a lovely stress and smoke free day and whatever you decide to do, enjoy! Just time for a quick cuppa before I set off, anyone care to join me?

Have a souper,douper, day folks. Think of me slaving over a hot adding machine!

Catch you all later.



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bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER

Mornng buttons and All.

Gloomy wet day in Maidenhead although my garden could do with it. They are forcasting a warmer sunnier weekend.....at last :-)

Buttons...wow a marathon, you go girl. I am so impressed if not jealeous. Maybe my day will come once the docs have sorted out all my problems. Gotta go at 9.40 to see the doc this morning. So fed up of going every month. One of my probelms has been ongoing for 8 years....seriously they could sort this my giving we a womb with a view.

Anyway being more up beat...I will not be making any more jam for at least a month. Just made 42 jars!! I usually make chutney with home grown produce but too early in the year.

Defrosted freezer last night which seemed like a marathon in itself!!

My best friend had a little slip Saturday night and is now back on track...bless her I think the huge hangover she had Sunday didn't help, (te he) Another firend stopped yesterday. What a great group of friends I have..I am blessed.

Tonight I have planned (boring for some) an evening of tv and cross stitching...happy happy happy with my partner and Barney coming over.

We don't live together as he has a very nasty ex and it is just easier keeping both our houses and money seperate. It works for us as we have only had one argument in 4 years...although I do miss the company.

Have a great day all and catch up later.

Still don't know how to add pictures but trust me when I say I have some fudge brownies for you all.

Take care stay strong xx


Good morning everyone, Slept pretty well last night as my shoulder and side were playing me up yesterday, Its all part of the healing process , but doesn't help when it niggles you all day. I felt off it yesterday and I think that's why I slept. See what today brings. Going for my supermarket exercise this morning and a bit of retail therapy with some birthday vouchers.

That should make me feel better. :P

Thanks for the brownies bunnyrabbit. yummy! :)

Will try and explain how to put smileys and pictures on. Going to get some brekky and a cuppa and wake up first.

see you all later on. have a lovely day ! :) xx


Good morning everyone, I managed to get back on here after feeling ill yesterday, i just hope the doctors get to the bottom of this soon. Will need to go out soon for my daily 10 min walk, i want to go before the rain arrives.

Have a fandabbydozi day everyone :) xx


Good Morning, Good Morning :-)

Buttons, a half marathon eh? I'm assuming you meant in your sleep and never actually got up at 3am to go for a run! If you did, Andi will be well impressed to hear it when she gets back from her jollies :-)

Bunnyrabbit, 42 jars! That's a serious amount of jam :-) I hope you remember to tell your Dr that you have now stopped smoking and that your appointment goes well :-)

You take it easy and look after yourself JillyGirl. Enjoy your shopping :-)

Sue, if you don't feel too good, don't hold back on calling your Dr. You've been through quite a lot this past couple of weeks and may need some medication adjusting.

It's quite chilly out today, I bet there are plenty of you glad that you don't have to nip outside for a quick smoke!

Remember to practice your breathing exercises too as they really do help overcome the cravings :-)

Right... Kettles on :-)

bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER in reply to EmJay

Thanks EmJay. Dr very proud of me. Day 8. Had my jab etc....and everything sorted for now, although a couple of things are ongoing.:-)

simba19618 Months Winner

Morning evenone, lovely day in Derbyshire, sun shining (for a change) makes you feel better.

Lovely blog again Buttons, well done on completely the half marathon and coming 4th wow!

Morning Jillygirl hope you are feeling better and had a good walk to the supermarket

Bunnyrabbit - 42 jars fantastic - what sort? I love jam and Day8 well done

Morning Sue - hope you have a better day. Know how it feels now treatment has finished my days are hit and miss but they did say it would get worse before it got better

Morning Emjay, thanks for your continued support to us all on the site.

I am a carer for my mum so just going to do her dinner now, will speak later. Take care and keep smiling suecx


Hello all, just put a blog on for those who want to put piccys and smileys on their blogs. I have also tagged it should you need it in the future.

I expect to see lots of smiles now. :D :D :D : )

Pictures from bunny rabbit. :D


bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER in reply to jillygirl

Thanks Jillygirl...love the bunniev :-)


Hi John, good for you getting a new t.shirt. Poor Vida bet she thought not some more competition. :D Have to put a photo of the tee shirt on. Bet Amor is the boss in your house. :)

Have a lovely day. xx

simba19618 Months Winner

Nice photo and lovely story about teddy suecx

bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER

John, Vida and Amor are beautiful :-) and what a way to wake up!!? I have a cat and if you move he's there sitting on top saying "get up and feed me! I saw you move" arn't pets just the best :D

bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER

Sweet dreams all :-) have a good rest ready for another smoke and stress free day!

Sue x

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