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Good morning everyone

Another beautiful morning and makes you glad to be firstly alive and secondly smoke free! Bit later walk this morning with my two but gorgeous and invigorating! Pic taken at just after 7.30 and shows how much snow we still have left me thinks. Hopefully the rain will be rain and although could do without it as long as it's not snow I'm not bothered.

Hopefully no rain today as we are off to Leeds to a Ford car meet today - usually have this every year before the show season starts but didn't get last year but there were plenty that did (about 1000 is my understanding). Don't want to be late setting off but there again don't want to be too early as it makes it a hell of a long day. Hey ho! One of them things that you don't always get the timing right.

Today will be a big test for me as the meet is (obviously) outside so I am going to have to stay strong and hope that you will all send your positive vibes to help me!

Hope everyone else has a really good Sunday doing what you wanna do and enjoying yourselves and the sunshine.


Stay strong - have a great stress and smoke free day all.

Take care,


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Morning Buttons

Have a great day it sounds like fun :-) Sending you many many strong positive vibes to help you stay strong. You can do it!!

Take care



Thank you. You have a nice day too and will let you know if we are 'tony' when we get there (tony one that's gone!).

Smoke free wishes,



Good morning Buttons and everyone,

I didn't think you'd still have all that snow lying about at this time of year Buttons, that's mental :D :D, i hope the rain comes and washes it all away for you, then plenty sunny days from then on :)

I hope you have a lovely time today with no rain or cold wind, I'm sending positive vibes your way, stay strong buttons, you can do this. I'm away to have a cuppa and some brekkie, catch you all later :) xx


Hi Butts

You are up and about bright and early again :). It's so good to get up and read your posts. I am going to take a leaf out of your book and get out for a walk, fairly quick sharp. It is a lovely day here too, and later we are planning to get off to a point-to-point we saw a billboard for, so even more fresh air. Not sure what it will be like, but looking forward to finding out.

Got to keep busy. Yesterday I lingered too long, and found myself spiralling down a craving vortex, then couldn't make a decision about what to do about anything, then finally went really enraged - like the Basil Faulty experience Johnny described last week. It was shocking, and my poor hubby didn't know what to do. Completely illogical, but didn't seem so at the time. Eventually I drove to see family, a big surprise for them, who I love dearly, and it was great, best thing I could have done - 4 hours driving! Plenty good driving songs on the way. Whoah, it's a journey this is, in more ways than one :) !! The family had no idea of the Jekyll and Hyde that had gone on, everything really was fine, and the cravings had gone too :) It was so good to be with them, having a laugh, a meal and a walk, then back last night.

So, must be off. Have a great day at the Ford meet, and keep strong. Thanks for being in it together with me, makes me feel much stronger :)



Good morning, Buttons and everyone.

Buttons sure you will be fine, All those positive vibes are on their way. Its lovely and Sunny here this morning so if your off to Leeds Yorkshire you will be fine.

Hope everyone else has a lovely smoke free day. :)

Off for my cuppa now. see you soon. xxx


Good morning everyone, lovely in Derbyshire too hopefully the start of spring at last:) Have a lovely day Buttons I am sure you will keep smoke free as you have such a positivity.

Sorry you had a bad day Betts, seeing the family is a good tonic, mine live quite over 2 hours away so it does take the cravings away when concentrating on driving especially now my hubby no longer smokes in the car.

Morning Jilly girl hope you are well and enjoyed your cuppa.

Morning Sue hope you continue to get better

Morning bunnyrabbit.

Hope everyone makes the most of this snow. Have a lovely smoke free day. Suecx


Thanks, Simba and everyone

We all have a wobble now and then. Today's good, a day at a time.

Back home to bacon butties and a steaming strong coffee mmmmm.. It doesn't get better than this ! :)

Have a great smoke-free day everyone :)


That sounds good my mouth is watering suecx


Good Morning and Happy Sunday everyone :-)

It's a beautiful day out there, I'm gong to take our hound out for a good walk and count the squirrels I see :-)

Have a great time at your meet Buttons, you're doing fab! :-)

Betts, I reckon that bacon butty and coffee smells a lot more enticing now that you're smokefree ;-)

Really pleased to hear that your hubby has stopped smoking in the car Simba Suec, at least he's supporting you :-)

Morning Jillygirl, I bet you're well chuffed with yourself settling into your 2nd year as a non-smoker ;-)

You still missing the ironing Sue? :-/

Hope the jam you made is tast on some toast this morning Bunnyrabbit :-)

Have a lovely day everyone :-)


Thanks Emjay. Haven't tried any but made another 12 jars this morning plus gardening, washing etc. Seriously didn't realise how much I can do when trying to forget nic. Tomorrow is day 7. Think I might write nic a letter and post it on here for a laugh!

Have a great smoke free day all :-)


Good afternoon Emjay, You enjoy your walk, its a lovely sunny day for it.

Betts I agree with samba bacon butty sounds scrummy.

Sue you have a good day love keep warm and cosy. Don't be like me and get impatient as you only kna ....... yourself up. :D :D

Had my walk this morning. and a walk round the supermarket too. Only cost hubby a fiver this morning. He jokingly has told me I have to go on my own its cheaper. :D

Having a hoe down this aft. Hubby pulling weeds out of the garden , under my supervision. And yep I am doing the hoeing. :D

Sure Pete will have something to say about that.

Talking of Pete , sorry I missed you last night. :(

catch up later . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)


Hi ya Jillygirl :) :)

Hey just wondering if your hubby has got his specks on :o cos if he aint, then dont you stand still for to long gal, cos he might just pull you up and chuck you in the bin :D :D :D


Just spotted Pete getting ready :D :D



:D :D :D :D


Hi everybody, the suns out here in Derbyshire too 8-) :)

Just finished cooking mi lumpy chilli con carne :) am off out in the garden now, to do some pottering about :o :)

Buttons, you will be fine gal, just you enjoy the Ford car meet, will speak later :)

Hmmmm it's nice to see you Emjay :) on a Sunday tooooo, thought it would be a noddin day for you today gal :D :D

Now then, who flippin mentioned bacon butties ???? got to get one now :o


:P yum :P flippin yummmmmm

I hope you all have a nice relaxing day :) :)


I reckon I could just about manage that Jillygirl :) hmmm may be a bit too fast for me though :D :D


Oy where you gone now Jillygirl :o was just enjoying that :D :D :D


Back soon granddaughter just coming up in a few minutes.

:) :) :)


Hi all, I'm glad to see you back and happy Pete :) :)

I've just had a tussle with the water board and the council as all my water went off, got it back on thankfully but don't know what the problem was, so now I'm gonna have to go and do my dishes.

Hope you all have a fab day :) xxx


Hello again everyone

Back safe and sound and still smoke freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the positive vibes really do work and I'll you something my friends they have certainly had to work today. Not only was it a Ford car meet but it seems to be the place where all the bikers meet (and very nice people they were as well I hasten to add) but all the smokers seemed to want to talk to my other half about our car and all cars!! Had to walk away a couple of times but it was just so hard but with all your help (and my thanks go to you all for that) I have got through the day - somewhat frazzled and a bit rough round the edges but definitely, positively smoke free!! Reminds me of the story of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell - everybody had to say they believed in fairies for Tinkerbell to live bit the same here - everybody believes in me (and each other) so maybe that is what the secret is!? Anyway, had a good day and got through it but although it's nice to get out and about it's so much nicer to come home especially with the greeting from my two! Been out with them before doing this and what a lovely afternoon for a walk - and a bit of a run for them AND ME which I couldn't do before without doubling over breathless and with a stitch in my side! I even ventured out without my scarf and hat for the first time in months or is that years!!

Hope everyone has had a lovely day going to put the kettle on now - tea or coffee or hot chocolate anyone! No cakes today (sorry John haven't had time to bake) but have got some home made melting moments and ginger biscuits if anyone would like to partake of them!


Take care



Well done Buttons I am dreading my first "get together" it must be so stressful suecx


Hi Sue Thank you. I must admit I am really pleased as I did worry very much that I wouldn't make it but it just goes to show that if I can do it then so can you! Honest - I wouldn't fib to you as it's not in my nature to do so. I found that I was really talking myself through it from yesterday lunch by originally thinking that I would claim a headache and tell himself to go on his own but I knew/know that I can't hide/stay hidden for ever. We still have to live our lives and that unfortunately does mean being with folk who smoke! Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon keeping busy by washing and polishing the car but in my head I was going through all the scenarios of what could happen today. I realised after a couple of hours that I was really driving myself crazy by the what ifs and what do I do situations. The best way I found in dealing with it was to say to myself whatever happens don't get angry and don't have a cig and like I said above, on a couple of occasions I had to walk away but my excuse was I needed the loo so although I didn't I went and just washed my hands and face, dried them off and then went back to where they were all standing. By the time I got back, I had calmed down and was actually able to joint in the conversation. I think it was so easy for me to see problems that just weren't there and didn't happen as your mind can play some rotten tricks and give you nightmares so when you're going on your first get together, tell your friends that you are anxious and/or nervous because it will be the first since you stopped. I am sure that being true friends they will understand and think positively because I am certain that all the problems you are dreading at your first get together will not occur. If you think there are going to be 10 problems then I am fairly certain that only 1 or 2 will happen and I am sure that with your friends help (and all the positive vibes from everyone on this site) you will be able to tackle them and sort them and come out at the other side a very happy and much stronger person. Sorry to go on but really and truly do hope that this has helped. Please, please don't get uptight over this as that will just make things worse - take it one step at a time and don't talk yourself into what ifs that may not actually happen!

Just enjoy your get together and let us know when it is so that we can all send our positive vibes for you to have a good time - YOU CAN DO THIS HONEST YOU CAN!!

Take care



THANKS I am sure the first time is the worse good idea to walk away and do so.ebbing else You are an inspiration Have a lovely rest now take care suecx


Thank you - I'm blushing now. Just want/trying to help as you and the others help me. Have a lovely evening Sue. TOGETHER WE CAN AND ARE DOING THIS!



Hi Sue and Simba, You are both doing fantastic. Main thing is keeping yourself or your brain occupied , so mr nic doesn't get a look in. Keep up the good work. :)


Just found this on browsing.

today, i choose life.

today, i choose health.

today, i choose strength.

today, i choose self-control.

today, i choose not to smoke.

today, i choose to keep walking down the road of freedom.

you come too.

Read more: talesfromthequit.com/you-co...



have a look at this link.


Thanks Jillygirl can't a cess 2 link from phone will try computer later but 1st one very good. IThank you for your support suecx


Absolutely superb - I'm still laughing - that is ace!


Hi all!

Hope that everyone is fine and dandy!

Phew what a busy day I've had! Ironing all done, washing nearly all done, just one more load of towels to do! Kitchen and living room done! Tea cooked, dishwasher loaded and all clean again! Ironing all put away! Will do my bedroom and the bathroom tomorrow when I get home from work. My daughter did her bedroom last Thursday/Friday, it was a 'work in progress'. She pulled everything out and vacced under the bed etc plus did the skirting boards! I was wll impressed.

Am so glad that I'm feeling better! Still got a chesty cough, but my energy levels are a lot better, thank goodness.

Everybody is doing so well being smoke free. Even if you're thinking about stopping, that's the first step taken towards a smoke-free life!

A big congratulations Jilly on your year anniversary! I read your story again, and once again I was in tears! You are one hell of an inspiration to us all!

Erm Sue...should you be doing dishes? I hope that you're behaving young lady :)

Pete...I hope that your man flu is on the mend!

Laters all

Tis bubbley bath and jim jam time for me

Jan xx


Aup Pam, aint seen ya fa a bit gal, :o ave missed ya :( just like a trapped finger :D :D :D

Enjoy your bubbley moment and jim jam time gal, and yes I think I've finally got rid of the Woman fluuuuu :o thank you for asking :)

Look after yourself erm JAN :) :)

Fred xxxx :)


OK everyone , eyes starting to get heavy, so am signing off. Luvs ya all.

night night sweets dreams. see you tomorrow. :) xxxxx


Nite nite Jillygirl, and hey, you take it steady gal, cos dont want you getting too exited eh :o ;) cos I need you to keep sending me them lovely quit smoking vibes :) :)

I hope you have the sweetest dreams ever Jillygirl, cos you deserve them :) :) luvs ya xxxxxx :)


I'm off everyone, sorry i've not been on much, the water went back on then off again, it's taken ages on the phone to get it on again, I'm totally exhausted now and my heads sore so i'm off to bed.

I hope you've all had a great smoke free, craving free day, see you tomorrow

nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxx


Nite nite Sue, luvs ya ta bits gal, and i hope that flippin water man has got you all watered up now, and flowing so you can have a cuppa :) :) Take care Sue, you get snuggled up in that duvet of yours, and get some zzzzzzzzzz's :) xxxxxx


Night all. Sleep well.Glad you had a good day Buttons. You are all very inspirational. See you tomorrow to do battle again. XX


Yes Bunny, it is a battle, but its a battle we can ''WIN'' and you and all of us ''WILL'' win :) :)

Good night Bunnyrabbit, take care now :) xxxx :)


Change of shifts this week, so probably wont see any of you, :( :( cos am working from 10 am tooooo flippin 8pm, so wont get home until 9 ish, then got mi shower, and mi dins, so it will be about 10ish when I get on here, but I will read all your blogs and reply to them, that is if there any good :o ;) otherwise I will speak next weekend :) :)

You know what they say dont you, if in dought, flippin smack it with a hammer, I mean nic of course :) :) xxxxxx :)


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