Good morning everyone,

First of all thanks to Pete and sinfree for last nights comments,got a lump in my throat. (no pete it wasn't your lumpy gravy :D )

Tuesday and bright and sunny at the moment.

All you members who are just starting on your quit journey why not do like the picture says and make a list of reasons to stop smoking and the benefits you will gain. When you get a craving look at the list.I know Pete did that to help him. or simply bob on this site and have a chat or a moan we don't mind. So stay positive and have a lovely Tuesday. :)

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  • Good morning Jillygirl and everyone,

    Not been on for a while as I've been baby sitting for a few days, to say It tired me out is the understatement of the century :D :D Nairn is gorgeous but demands so much attention I never got a minute to myself.

    Jillygirl I agree with Pete and sinfree, you are an amazing woman :) Making up a list of reasons to stop smoking is a great idea, I had one too, it's still on my fridge as a reminder, it really helped me stay focused.

    I hope you all have a great smoke free, craving free day :)

  • Hi Sue, lovely to hear from you. How I envy you with Nairn. I love my two granddaughters to bits , but at 12 years ad 8 years old they are a bit big to cuddle in your arms. However I do get plenty of Grannie hugs, thats what the eldest calls them. :) Thank you for your comment but I aren't any different to you and the others your all amazing . well busy afternoon coming up got roped in to helping (not playing) bingo. as Miranda say oh! such fun. :D :D

  • Hi Jillygirl, I bet you'll always get granny hugs no matter how old they get :) :)

    Have a great afternoon bingo helping :) I'm looking forward to playing games with Nairn, that's if my body is up to it :D :D

  • Enjoy give Nairn a grannie hug from me. :)

  • Will do :) I'm having a few days rest before I see him again, I need to build my strength up :D :D

  • Good evening (again) you all !!

    Sorry for the silence but I have been getting out and getting on with life !!! Most of the time stressed to hell !!?

    Yeah - what a trip this is though and it is still all change as my lungs, throat & mouth etc still try and recover !!

    What flipping damage that .... smoking did !! Taste & smell still coming back and sometimes I get a smell that I haven't had for 37 years or so, that might then bring in a memory of something I hadn't thought about in all this time.

    I am not out of the woods so to speak but I remain so very very grateful that I have QUIT and stay a NON SMOKER whatever happens.

    Very best wishes to you all



  • Jonathan so hlad your enjoying your smokefree nope life. :) :)

  • xxxxx

  • Aup Jonathan, its great to see ya again pal :) :)

    I know your a very positive man, not like me, am all flippin over the place :o so you keep focused eh :) cos your doing so so well :) Erm, it seems to take some people longer to get there taste buds and smell back, its the same with getting rid of all that, ermmmm stuff in your lungs :o it seems to take some people longer than others !!

    I will have to pop the question to our lovely Emjay :) and see what she can come up with eh :o :)

    Take care pal, and if you find that you need any huggs, I will send you some, but you've got to realise that they are man to man ones eh :) :D :D

  • Hi Jonathan, it's nice to see you on here again, it can take a while for taste and smell to come back fully, it is great when you get a memory from them though isn't :)

    Your doing brilliantly, it's great that your still so positive :) I hope your less stressed, keep going strong, your a winner :)

  • Aup Supergran :)

    So you had a great time with Nairne then :) :)

    Yes, you have a lovely rest for a few days eh :) cos you deserve it :)

  • Hi Pete, I hope your doing well and that flipping work isn't working you too hard, at least Xmas will soon be here so you'll get some time off :)

  • Am sorry Sue, just trying to get around all the comments today :o :) :)

    Yep cant wait till Xmas to get a couple of days off :) although saying that, its an Irish company thats took us over, and I think they have a day more than us, at xmas, sooooooo might get 3 flippin days off eh :) :D :D

  • Signing off now. Night night everyone and thanks for being there for me. : )

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xxx

  • Nity nite Jillygirl, and thanks for being there for me toooooo :) :) and boyyyyyy where you there gal :) :D :D

    Sweet dreams Jillygirl :) and I hope all the nice ones come true :) :)

    You rest now :) xxxxx

  • Yeh just what you need a good rest, I really hope you get it :) so sit with your feet up the whole time, you deserve it :)





  • Hay, Liz, its great to see you gal :)

    Its great news that you are cutting down on the lozenge's tooo :) It takes time gal :o so dont push it too much eh, cos you know what they say, a little goes a long long way :) :)

    Got to go now Liz, so I will say nite nite to you, and you stand firm on your quit eh :) you take every day as it comes, and be ready to kick the nic monster into touch, if he should even dare to come close :)

    Speak soon, Pete :) xx

  • Hi teddy 08,

    It's great your managing to cut down on the lozenges a bit, keep going and stay positive, you can do this, your a winner :)

  • Well I'm off to bed now everyone, need to catch up on my sleep, doubt I'll be able to catch it though :D :D

    Nite nite Pete and everyone, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xxxx

  • Nite nite Sue :)

    Hold on a minute whats that !!!! I'll go get my spear out, got it ------zzzzzzzz---->> erm are these your zzzzzzzz Sue ?? :D :D

    Sweet dreams Sue, luvs ya gal xxxx

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