Daily Chat: Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Daily Chat: Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Good Morning Everybody, a bright crisp start to the day. I can hear all the birds singing away as though they really do believe that spring has finally landed :-)

If you are still in the process of thinking about quitting, your success lies in the planning... planning to stop, planning towards your chosen quit date, planning on how you are going to do it :-)

If you have already quit, planning also plays a huge part in maintaining your smoke-free lifestyle - Planning ahead to ensure you're not going to get 'caught out', planning for what you will do if a craving raises it's ugly head, planning for any up and coming celebrations - parties, Christenings, family gatherings etc - situations where you used to smoke.

Breathing exercises are one of the best ways to help overcome any cravings and if you practice them enough, you will be able to use the as you need them.

Have a lovely day everyone :-)

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  • Good morning Emjay and everyone,

    I love you photo today, I like to think of myself on the top stair, but still on guard, these cravings can jump in at anytime.

    My stupid laptop crashed last night, i gave it a kick in temper, it must have worked though :D :D :)

    I hope your feeling a lot better now, the lurgy is not nice to get, stay warm today, and have lots of cuppas :)

    I hope everyone has a great smoke free day whatever your all doing :) xx

  • Morning Sue, how are you feeling now? It's only been a matter of weeks since your operation, you seem to have recovered marvelously :D

    The kettle has just boiled :D

  • Hi Emjay, I'm not feeling too bad today, It was the same after my hysterectomy, as long as i behave and do as i'm told everything goes fine, maybe I'm a quick healer :D :D of course all the tablets i'm on helps, I feel tipsy half the time :o :D :D

    Biccies to have with the cuppa :)


  • Ooooh thanks, they'll go down nicely :-)

    The fact that you've stopped smoking too will help your body to heal much quicker, the benefits of quitting always continue. It's just that we can't always see or notice it :X

  • Hi Sue, keep looking after yourself, especially NOT to do lifting, that caught me out a couple of years ago.

    Well, thank you for the ladder, it's a good way to see it, and I am on 'I will try' (again). I have put on the patch - got a stock in. I have been putting one on then ripping it off over the last few months. I have to stop, my throat has been so sore for over a month now, so I am scared (again) of having been caught at last by my terrible, horrible smoking habit. I managed over 3 months as a complete non smoker last year, and then went through a 6 month gradual decline, as if I could really have a couple of days not smoking, then a couple of days having a few. It doesn't work.

    I thought that maybe if I 'come out' and declare my intent again here it will help. And it has been encouraging seeing Buttons and others using the blogging to help. Maybe I can do that too?

    What a pain it is, worrying every single day, with every cigarette, about being a smoker - just to be free of the worry would be wonderful, magical! Fingers crossed I get there :)

    Thank you all for being here, all the time, every day. I have never stopped looking in, following people's journeys and pleased to see the successes and share the pitfalls too, hoping to be successful one day. Jillygirl you are an inspiration :) Thank you so much.

  • Hiya Betts and welcome back. You can do this with everyone's help on here, you just have to keep coming on here forever! :o :D :D

  • Thanks, Andi. Such a lovely warm welcome with a smile :) !

    I have just managed to make an apointment for this afternoon at the stop smoking clinic. That helped a lot before, wishing and hoping it will again :)

  • Good morning Emjay, Sue and everyone.

    What a beautiful morning - typical for those poor people who have to go back to work today. I thought I'd try my riverside walk this morning. I haven't done it since it started raining last year and as we haven't had any for a little while I donned my walking boots and off I went. The place I was expecting to be wet was but someone had broken into the field next door so I could continue. There's still so much standing water everywhere (road flooded at one point) I don't know when it's ever going to dry out. It's also a route I like on my bike but definitely not possible til I don't know when.

    Nice to see all the new people on here. Right off to get on with my packing.

  • Good morning , Lovely to see you back Emjay. You keep warm and like sue says plenty of cuppas.

    Sue you are really doing well. I think the worse thing is boredom.

    Andi if I forget you enjoy your holiday. :)

    Took daughter Sarah for her ct scan this morning. She sees the consultant a week on Thursday for results.

    I had a lovely time in the hospital sitting in the play area with my granddaughter. :D


  • Good Morning all,

    A bit of sunshine makes us all feel brighter methinks! Saying that, the sun has gone in and the sky is grey, but am still smiling. Am feeling a bit brighter again today, but my energy levels are low! I have some ironing to do, will do an hour and then cook tea, spag bol and garlic bread today.

    Have been catching up my home accounts this morning, a nice easy day, back at work tomorrow! I shall deffo be having a snoozette later!

    Fingers crossed for your daughter's results Jilly x

    Happy packing Andi! How long are you away for this time?

    Betts- Do whatever it takes to keep your mind off smoking! You can do it! I still don't carry any cash with me so I don't have the money to buy any. I was shocked the other day, I popped in to a local garage for some petrol and the cigarettes in there were £8.73 for the brand I smoked. I nearly fainted! before long they'll be a tenner a packet! I don't want to know how much money of mine has gone up in smoke over the years but like to know how much I'm saving since I stopped!

    Since stopping I have become a proper miser! I guess not smoking has made me more aware of how much everything costs. I was always out shopping! I don't need any new clothes, I've still things in my wardrobes that still have labels on!

    Hope that everyone has a fab day!


  • Hi Chick, am off for 10 days this time - helping to celebrate my sister's "big" birthday. :)

  • Good morning everyone Not usually this late 'on the board' but had to go to Leeds this am to get something sorted for the car. Did quite well as roads seemed relatively quiet although that may be us as it's not often we need to go on the motorway these days. Anyway, got there did what we needed to do at the DVLA office and then home again the scenic route (the old roads to see what's changed from last time) and we did it all just under 3 hours so were quite pleased. Can't believe that they are shutting that DVLA office as (a) it looks really new with nice fittings, etc., (b) the staff were extremely helpful and quick and (c) there were people coming in all the time but I suppose that could have been because it is the beginning of the month. Apparently, 10 people were made redundant last week but it would seem that the bulk of them will loose their jobs in December this year - what great timing, a really nice and thoughtful Christmas present. Everything then that was done at the local offices ('cos Leeds isn't the only one they are shutting) will be centralised and done from Swansea - don't know about your experiences with Swansea but sometimes they leave a lot to be desired. Way of the world at the moment as everywhere seems to be hit with places closing and people loosing their jobs.

    Talking of work, I'm back in tomorrow but short week which is nice but think as far as the Easter holiday goes, it's been that cold and we've had a few showers of really fine snow, that it's not encouraged people to get out and about - well certainly not us two anyway.

    Well hope everyone enjoyed the break from working (well those of us that had a break that is - some poor people had to carry on working - monky this means you!) just a shame that the time seems to go twice as quick as normal. Roll on the next bank holiday - May Day, 6th May?

    Enjoy the rest of your day people and remember, to err is human for a right cock-up trust your computer!!!!

    Take care and remember, TOGETHER WE ARE DOING THIS!


  • Hello John

    Great news about Amor and so pleased that they are resting and content.

    Look after them and you.

    Take care


  • John, so pleased that Amor's finally out and back with Vida. They should sleep well tonight and not disturb you, especially with their full little bellies. (Oh no, that's you with a full belly! :o ) :D :D Did you get any cakes today? I thought you made them.

  • Aup John, so glad Amor is out of hospital now :) :)

    I bet he's happy tooooo :)

  • Good evening all :)

    Emjay, just love the pic gal, its flippin ''ace'' and I hope your feeling a lot better :) :)

  • Jillygirl, ha ha ha I can just picture you playing with all the toys, I bet poor Granddaughter didnt get a look in :D :D :D

    I hope the results are good for Sarah :) :)

  • Hiya Pete. hope it wasn't too manic for you today. :)

  • Aup Andi :) , its bin a flippin looooooong day gal :(

    You finished your packing yet :o

  • Yeah, just the usual last minute stuff to do - washing up, cleaning, handbag etc. etc. :o :D :D

  • Hi all, I got lay wade by visitors all day, by the time they left I was exhausted and fell asleep, just hope i can manage to sleep tonight now :o :D :D I'll need to try and catch up with all the posts now, if my one brain cell can manage it :D :D

    Hope you all had a great day and are enjoying your evening :) xx

  • Aup Sue, you have a nod if you want one gal :)

    yes I know what you mean about catchup with 1 brain cell :o :D :D

  • :D :D :D i hope i can nod now Pete, been nodding all day cause of those pesky visitors :D :D

  • Ha ha ha Sue you tickle me gal :D :D dont you ever get any ''nice'' visitors :o :D :D

  • :D :D there nice enough Pete, the just don't know when to leave, the hints i was giving, they must have no brain cells, at least i'm more intelligent that some people then :D :D :D

  • Hi Sue, wondered where you were hiding. :)

  • Hi Andi,

    I'm thinking of doing a moonlight so nobody can find me :D :D

    How long are you on holiday for, I hope you have a fantastic time :) :) xx

  • Only about 10 days this time! :)

  • Please wish your Sister a happy Birthday for me, just say its from the old boy :o :D :D

    Ask her if she wants a gardener !!! well thats when it gets warmer eh :D :D

  • 10 flippin days :o :o what we goin to do while your gone then ????

  • (whisper) hey Pete we should sneak inside her suitcase :D :D :D

  • ( whisper) beat you to it Sue, am already in :) just rummaging through her draws to make some room for you :D :D :D

  • (whisper) :D :D :D rummaging through her drawers :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D Typical! :D :D

  • What ave I done wrong now :o :|

  • That sounds great, hope the weather is better over there, if it is bring some back with you :D :D :)

  • Wot you usually do of course! (Or you could get on with your studies. :o :P ) :D :D

  • :P :P

  • I'm just soooo hoping the weather's improved by the time I get back - I've got so much I want to do then and want to get outside a lot more. :)

  • Same here, we need to the sun to cheer us all up after this terrible weather :)

  • Happy Birthday to your sister from me as well :)

  • Hey I said it first :P I did Andi :o :D :D

  • :P just cause i forgot :D :D

  • Even with my 1 brain cell, I didnt forget Andi :) :) :)

  • your cheating, you've got 2 brain cells :D :D

  • Thanks both of you. Pete, she doesn't need a gardener - but I know a woman who does. :)

  • Hmmmm :) :)

  • Well am so sorry, but I've got to get to my bed now :( :( Andi you have a lovely time away, and I hope it gets warmer for you when you get back :) :)

    Good night Andi, Sue, Jillygirl and everybody, God bless you all :) and enjoy your kip tonight :) :) luvs ya xxxxxxxxx :) :)

  • Nite nite Pete, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xxx

  • I need to go it's tablet time

    nite nite Andi, Jillygirl and everybody :)

    Have a brill holiday Andi, hope the weather is sunny for you both :)

    luv yas :) xxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Pete and Sue and Jilly and everyone.

    I'm signing off too now so I can get my bits done before bed.

    Stay strong everyone, you can do this - you know it makes sense. :)

    Sleep well and sweet dreams, love you all :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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