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Good morning all, Yep another scorcher. Hope you didn't sleep in the fridge all night Sue. Sinfree how are you today? hope you are ok . Jonathan I have only one word to say to you and that is NOPE! :D :D

Pete hope your ok and managed to sleep ok. Did you sleep outside? Well whatever your up to Andi it must be good , not heard anything from you. or are you off galavanting somewhere else? Whatever you are all doing try and stay cool and smoke-free. Most of all smile and be HAPPY! xxx

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Good morning Jilly and everyone.

Mmmmm - turned out nice again! ;-) 8-)

Had a day off the beach yesterday and vegged on the sofa watching the Tour in the afternoon.

Glad your hospital visit went okay Jilly and I hope you and hubby aren't overdoing anything in this weather - decorating can wait a bit - get down that tarn and go for a dip! :D :D

Sue, hope you made your fridge nice and cosy last night so you could snuggle down in your duvet. ;-) :D :D

Right, been for a run, had my brekkie so now have to do a bit of housework (till I start dripping too much :o - I know, TMI) bit of shopping then I guess it'll be a cool off in the sea. :)

Have a good day everyone, TGFI today then the weekend to look forward to. ;-)


Hello and good morning all

Yes well I am not quite sure which way I am heading today - sitting on the fence at the moment !!

Looking forward to a smoke free day (positive) .... N O P E ever again.

Cravings manageable (positive) at the moment !!

Maybe if I get stuck into doing some work this will lift my spirits (or maybe NOT).

Have a good one.


NON SMOKER day 13 !!


Wow J! I can't believe it'll be a fortnight tomorrow for you - great beginning, keep it up. :)


Good Morning :D :D

JillyGirl, I'm going to have a go at popping up a post with a picture in a mo, shall let you know how it goes. I'm with Andi on her advice for you, get off out down to that Tarn and paddle those feet in the water :D

Andi, we have a mop and bucket at the ready as you melt away :D :D


Jonathan, whilst sitting on your fence, take a look at the smokers on the left side, puffing away, smelling not to fresh, money going up in smoke, who knows what smoking related illness's are creeping or have crept in, feeling a bit low (because nicotine actually causes the release of a stress hormone)... Then take a look at the non smokers on the right, beautiful fresh smelling home and garden, money to spend on the things they like or need, able to think more clearly, able to deal with anything a lot better, generally a much happier person all round. The garden on the right is yours.... :D :D

It's most definitely going to be another beautiful day today :D Make sure you all drink plenty of fluids (Water as opposed to alcohol!) and for those of you who have a garden, a shallow bowl of fresh water will be greatly received by your little garden visitors (Gnomes and all!)

Happy NOPE day everyone :D


Sorry when I said "sitting on the fence" meant not sure in which direction my head (brain if I have one) was heading today. All the same I can see the miserable smokers on the left stuck with their awful addiction, burning money and feeling low / out of it !! ( If I had a cig now I would without question be sick).

I am all for NOPE & turning very anti-smoking ...

MANY THANKS & back early evening.



Good evening everyone, Just got home from babysitting duties, a bit tired but I loved it :)

I was gonna stay in the fridge all night but it was too small so just melted in bed all night :D :D

i6.cdnds.net/13/07/450x450/... :D :D

I Hope you've all had a great NOPE day :D :)


Hi everyone,

I'm off for my shower then bed, babysitting tired me out :D hopefully I'll see you all tomorrow :)

nite nite, sweet dreams, Love and hugs :) xx


Nite nite Sue have a cool and relaxing sleep. sweet dreams. XX


All quiet on the website at the moment (my fault I am sure !!)

Do you know what - when I give up something like smoking I go totally nuts for awhile and this evening it is on me like a tone of bricks .... it is not anyones fault this is just my make up and unfortunately for me when I try it all gets so mad ..... so mad.

Sorry everybody you have got a right one here.

I do not think other people go through this and if you do go mad on 2 weeks please let me know ...... I am not going to smoke .... maybe this is me but I haven't met myself for a while.

Sorry about all this .......



Hi Jonathan NOPE your not going mad. erm ! May be a little bit , I think we are all a bit odd when we first give up. it will get better honest, :)



I am going to stick with this because I believe it will all get better .... I think the problem is I am so much stronger and this has upset my state of being .......


Hiya J, I think we all went a bit bonkers in the early days so don't worry about it - just go with the flow! :)


Good - well I am glad to hear this is a path well worn ... and nutters like me should go with the flow !

I do know the promised land is not that far away as long as I stay quit ... NOPE !!

Thanks & I remain a NON smoker.



Good evening all nearly the weekend. I am going to call it a day now. so sorry if I missed you Andi or Pete, see you tomorrow, night night sweet dreams. love ya. xxx :)


Nite nite Jilly, sleep well, see you tomorrow. :) xxx


Nite nite jillygirl, Andi and Sue :) :)

It seems to have got a bit cooooooooler here tonight, so am hoping its a bit cooler for all of you too :) :) sweet dreams to everybody, try to enjoy your sleep and I luvs ya all, take care now :)

Pete :) xxxxx


Hey Jonathan, am so glad you havnt, erm whooooopsid pal, you keep strong and collected :) :)

As for going nuts, the gals are right am afraid, thats why I've only got 1 brain cell, and thats on a good day :o :D :D

Pete :)


Well if you have 1 left & I think I still have 1 left we are on our way ....we could / should take on the world !!

Thanks will keep strong (can't help this now) and collected (whatever that is ??)


almost 2 week (messed up) Jonathan


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