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Good morning everyone - Rise and shine - Hi De Hi

Bit grey and duil to start the day here in Yorkshire but the promise of sun later on so here's hoping. Just got a few minutes before we start moving cars around to get the one that's going to the show on the road ready to set off.

Kettles on and there's crumpets this morning with either butter :O or strawberry jam :( if you prefer them that way which I do so have had 2 already!! :P

Have a fandoosy stress and smoke free day all and remember, if you're in the sun, please use cream and wear your 8-) .

Catch you all later on.



PS Inside of the show car - for a 17 year old car it looks a bit like a plane's cockpit and I'm still trying to figure out which button or lever does what!?!

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Good morning Kath and everyone, Hope the sun comes out for everybody. Like Kath says its a bit dull at the moment.

If the kettles still on Kath I will be round in a minute. milk no sugar ta.

Catch up later. xx


Morning Kath, jillygirl and all

Sun's up and out here, so off for a walk to make the most of it. But first I'd love a cuppa and crumpet Kath, thanks.

Have a great day at the show :)


Morning Everyone, looks like its going to be a lovely day here too.

Oooooh crumpets with jam for me too please, a nice cup if tea on a Sunday morning with friends. I've just heard the chooks clucking which means they've just laid a nice fresh egg so if anybody would like a nice poached egg, there's two freshly laid ones ready :-)

Have a lovely day everyone, stay positive :-)


Good morning everyone. :)

A poached egg sounds just brill Emjay. The sun's trying to come out here - not like yesterday.

I'm off out for a walk in the New Forest today and I think a pub lunch might be involved. Hope it's not too hot as I've got to wear my jeans as nothing else really fits on the bottom half yet. :o

Went for a run this mornng and did 5k again. That's 3 weeks running (no pun intended :o ) and each time I gone a fraction further in slightly less time. I did have to keep nagging myself to keep going though as the gremlins kept telling me to stop. :D :D

Hope you all have a lovely day and get out in that lovely fresh air while you still can. :)


Good morning Betts, Emjay, and Andi. Iwondered why I haven't got the sunshine here.

You lot pinched it. :(


Enjoy it whilst you can. looks like it could rain here, or could be tea time sunshine. Never mind. Off for a ride out taking a picnic lunch. Think we are off to a place near York where we park up and watch high speed trains going into York. No we aint anoraks. :P

see ya later. :)


Good morning all,

It's a bit overcast here and warm, the sun is supposed to come out later so i'm gonna go out, maybe to St Andrews, I've not been there for a while.

I hope you all get some sun today :) have a great smoke free day everyone :) x


Afternoon Everyone, just thought I'd pop round and see if all is well :0)

Hopefully you're all enjoying your gardening, exercises, car show, family visits, day out, new Grandbabies and picnics :0)

Sun has paid me a decent visit today so I'm best pleased with that :0)

Nice cold drink just being made if anybody fancies it :0)


Emjay, That was perfect timing I have just got in from a ride in the countryside, and I am parched. bless you. :)


This is boring talking to myself. nearly as bad as Pete.



:P :P :P :P

Take that :o :| flippin typical flippin Woman flippin you :D :D


Hi Jillygirl,

I'm just in from my trip to St. Andrews, it was sunny but a bit windy, I hope you had a great day :) and got plenty sun :) x


I'm here JillyGirl, my battery went as soon as I'd sent my last post sorry.

I have nice iced tonic water and for those who fancy it, a large dash of gin to keep any mozzies away ;-)


Aaaaah bless ya! Like little Billy no mates :0/


Hello Sue and Emjay, Thought I hadn't put my deodorant on for a minute.

G and T sounds good to me.

Glad you enjoyed your day out Sue.



G & T it is then :D

I've made the most of the sun today, thankfully we have tinted windows in work (I think they're in the wrong way) so I don't really see that I might be missing the sunny sun sun shining like it has today! I've done a little bit of gardening and now have Tommy Tomato stripes on my legs from the sun :-/ Don't worry Kath, I've remembered to wear suncream :D Remember that song?

I'm on my phone so can't post pickies :-/


Good evening all. I tried coming on earlier but my computer kept dying on me so I gave up. It was probably one of those peak times of day. :(

It as perfect walking weather although the guy organising it was very cagey about the distance. I didn't tell him that I had my running watch with me and it turned out to be 5.60 miles. All on the level along the coast overlooking the Isle of Wight. Perfect weather for it - breezy but the day got sunnier as it went on. Nice pub - moules marinieres and cider for me. :) Only down side was that I went over on my ankle and have a bit of a sprain there. When I got home, I was amazed how it had blown up in less than hour so now having to ice it and keep it up! :(


Oh Andi, take it easy on that ankle. Emjay got the ice to go with the g and ts.


Well actually It's the other ankle! :o


Hmmmm, so you Ladies like G&Ts then :) :) I will get some in for you :o :)

Am so glad you enjoyed your walk Andi :) :) erm, cos you've hurt your ankle, dose that mean you wont be gardenin then :o :|

:P :P :D :D :D


Probably. :P :D :D


Now, how did I know that :o ;) :D :D :D


:D :D

We're going to have the G 'n T's neat folks if Andi's having the ice.... I'll add in fresh lemon and lines though... :D


Would that be coke then, or what? ! :D :D :D


No, Lager :P :P :D :D :D


So, how d'you do a line of lager then? :o


Line em up :P :D :D :D


some sour faces with the lemon



:D :D :D


Andi :) :)

Erm, if you were able to put a pic of your garden on here, then just maybe I will be able to help you start it, :) :) just a bit at a time gal :)

I tell you Andi, it is lovely to spend a couple of hours in the garden, then have a sit down, and look back at what you have achieved :) :) and all your own work toooo :) :)


I know that Pete. :)




Emjay, :)

Just wondered how your chicks were gal :o :|



I bid you all a lovely peaceful and restful nights sleep :) and I hope your dreams are all nice ones :)

Remember, you can do this, :) we can do this, :) with each others help :) we will do it :) :)

Nite nite :)

Pete :)


getting tired now. So signing off. see you all tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening . and a good nights sleep. xxxxx :) :) :)



Nite nite Jilly, Pete, Emjay and everyone. Sleep well and sweet dreams. :) xxxxx


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