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Hello all you lovely people,

Sorry not been on line for a week but laptop getting sorted. Stupid me left the charger for the tablet in the laptop case, so Pete your right dumb woman.

Today our Sue comes home hooray!


Still a very cold strong wind here in Yorkshire. hope its better where you are.

Buttons sorry I missed your birthday. :(


Still got to catch up on last weeks gossip so going to put the kettle on.

Off out this afternoon to doctors ( not serious) so will be back later. xxxxxxx :)

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Good morning Jillygirl and everyone,

Thank you for the welcome back Jillygirl :) this will be my last post from hospital, the docs have been and I'm getting home once my tablets come up from the pharmacy, hope they don't take too long :)

Sorry I missed your birthday Buttons, hope you have a good one :) I'm away to get packed now, will see you all when i get home :) xx


Hey Sue that's great. Just hope they hurry up with your tablets. When I got discharged it was lunch time and tablets didn't come until 9pm. My hubby said who is delivering them forest gump. :D

Sure you will get yours quicker.

See you later on. :)


Hi Sue..HAPPY COMING HOME DAY :) :) glad all has gone well,home for lots of tlc and relax I hope . have a lovely day xx jan

Hi Jillygirl hope all is well in your camp :) ive just taken pain meds which doc has upped and feeling a little spaced out lol,so a rest day as I think my driving may be a bit eh wonky lol xx jan


Hi everyone, that's me home now and i can't do anything for 6 weeks, I'll be bored, so i guess a lot of tv will be getting watched, I'll end up with square eyes :D :D

I think they sent off to Tibetan monks for your tablets Jillygirl :D :D joking apart, that was a ridiculously long time to have to wait :o

Thank you Jan, I'm sure I'll get lots of that, my lot will have to glue me to the chair though :D :D I hope you all have a brill day :) xx


Good afternoon everyone.

Lovely to see that you're now back home safe and sound Sue and that you didn't have to wait all afternoon for your pills! Welcome back to your own lovely, cosy duvet. :)

Jilly, so glad to see your back in the land of the blogging. :)

Jan, are you off the fags at the mo or still thinking about it - I seem to have lost track! :o You will get there in the end though, just you wait and see. :)

Dawn and Suec, fantastic you've got a whole week under your belts now and into your second week on day 8 - great you're keeping up with each other - so nice to do it when you know you've got a "buddy" to go along with. :)

Buttons - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - I'm sure you're enjoying it to the full. :) When was the last time you had a birthday without a cigarette - can you remember? :o :D :D

All you others out there - too numerous to mention - hope you're keeping strong and staying away from those nasty little white sticks. Just keep on keeping on, you will get there. :)


My sister was walking back home through the woods today when she bumped into a friend walking her dog. The friend went out of her way to tell my sister to tell me that she thinks it is such an amazing thing that I managed to quit smoking and managed to stay quit all this time. It does make you feel quite proud of the achievement. :)

I even went into the fag shop today to buy a carton for my friend at home who takes care of my house while I'm away. If she didn't ask me I'm not sure I would have done it but she manages to get all her friends to bring them back for her. She was talking about giving up long before me last year cos another friend gave up. She kept talking about it for ages, then this friend (who'd been using Champix) started smoking again so she suddenly gave up on giving up. :(


You should be proud of yourself Andi, it's not easy doing this :) :) It's such a shame that your friend still smokes, but one day she could get the right mindset for it, you never know, then she'd have you to help her :) :) xx


Hi Andi,

Welcome back, hope you didn't bring all the snow back with you, I think you might want a break from that :)

I'm all cosied up but sitting in the living room. I'm fed up of beds :o :D :D

Hope you have a great day :) xx


Hi Sue, not actually back yet - hoping to get back tomorrow if it doesn't snow too much! :o then won't get on here til Wednesday so hope you settle back in ok. :)


I completely forgot you weren't back yet, or i forgot what day it is :o :D :D :D, where's Jillygirl when you need her brain cell :D :D :D


What brain cell? Left it in the hospital I think, not sure as I haven't anything to think with. :D

Glad Your back Sue. xxxxxxxxxxxx


:D :D :D I'm not surprised mine has gone, hospitals are mind numbing and boring :D :D

Thank you Jillygirl, I'm soooo glad to be back :) xxxxxx


Well hello all :) I've had a rite job getting on here tonight :o :( :(

So I say nite nite to you Jillygirl, Susan, Andi and Jan and everybody else :) :) I hope your all tucked in under your duvets and keeping warm :) and have wonderful sweet dreams :) :)

Nite nite, Pete :) xxxxxxx


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