DAILY CHAT / MONDAY/ 25/06/2012

Good Morning,

Another Monday, however it`s a sunny and SMOKEFREE day!

Welcome to Tango57. and Lisa-jane :) :) I hope everyone has been some help to you. well done for making a start on quitting. It doesnt matter how many attempts you have , you will get there eventually. This site really does help keep you motivated.

Andie bet your out training on a nice morning like this. keep positive love , hope your leg isnt playing you up too much. (wanna borrow my nora battys :D )

Pete hope your ok love and take it steady at work. That last week went quick didnt it.

Finley keep positive must be on your 9th week now aren`t you. enjoy your day.

Claire hope your ok and not too busy at work. will catch up with you later.

Boiled egg and soldiers are ready :D so got to go. back in a bit. xx

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  • Morning Jilly, I'm up extra early as fed up with lying in bed. Was all set to go to the gym but have found that I haven't got anything to wear! :X It's all in the wash! So as it's such a lovely morning I'd better stay home and catch up on some jobs.

    Look in later. x

  • Hi andi , hope you got your jobs done. , and sorted your clothes out for tommorow. hows your calf ( i do mean your leg not baby cow) :D

    hope its stopped hurting for you. enjoy your day and see you later on. xx

  • Hi Jilly, got some jobs done - including washing - so now have full sets of gym kit. :o (no excuse now!) :) Will have to do the ironing this eve as not done that lately either (lazy cow :D ).

    Speaking of calves, it doesn't hurt when I do anything but have got to wait til Thurs eve before I see the physio again and can't run before then. Hopefully he'll give me the nod cos now I've started this thing I really want to get going with it. :(

    See you later. x

  • PS got to go as have just come in from garden and am STARVING!

  • Morning ladies, up before the lark again eh?

    My cat's going to the vets this morning because they won't give him the decent flea treatment unless they've seen him once a year. He's an indoor cat and not used to the outside world so I am going to watch some True Blood and try to keep calm ;) He will come back safe and sound, and tell me all about his adventure. Or not- because he's a cat! :D

  • Hi Lenne, hope your ok. hope your cat is ok too. At least the cat is good company for you. give it a cuddle from me. :)

    My daughter and grandaughter has a rabbit which is house trained. good job as she is in a flat with no garden. Poor little thing it had to go to the vets last week for a man operation. (the cut) ouch! :(

    Anyway its ok now. At least all this activity keeps us all busy and away from the piggies. see you later love. xx :)

  • Hi Lenne, you're a bit of a bright spark this morning considering the sun's shining! 8-) :D Hope you had a good weekend and managed to get out a bit. Aren't you lucky having a cat? :) Quite a few of you have them and I used to but can't at the moment as am planning on being away quite a bit over the next couple of years so it wouldn't be fair. :( Shame cos I really think one would help me out at the moment. Have a good day. :)

  • Morning fellow quitters!! Well I survived the Christening without having a piggie! Did'nt drink alcohol so the temptation was'nt really there at all. My son's were all so shocked - look and Mum no fags or booze lol! Everyone said how well and healthy I look and it's true! I think once you've got through a social occassion you can get through anything! Next hurdle - holiday in the sun next week but I WILL get through it.

    Have a lovely day everyone - day 20 for me!!

    Dawn x

  • Morning Dawn - wow a week in the sun 8-) - how lucky are you! :)

    I went down the beach (when we had that nice day the other week - if you remember? :o :D ) and was lying there and people were lighting up all around so that was another milestone for me. Nothing like coming out of the sea and lighting up - but I got over it - especially as all the friends I was on the beach with were smokers!! I was well impressed with myself at the time! :) Haven't had a holiday yet - think that will be a real challenge. I hardly drink these days but I do allow myself a few when on holiday so will find out when the time comes.

    It's a great feeling shocking everyone with the news that you've given up though isn't it? :D :D

  • Hi dawlol, So pleased for you that you coped this weekend. Well done love , no alcohol or piggies wow ! you must be so proud of yourself. :)

    As for your holiday you will be fine. you deserve it. day 20 eh thats brill.

    keep focused. catch up later. xxx :)

  • Thanks so much jilly - I am really proud of myself. Must say this site really helps, did'nt wanna come in today and admit defeat. LOL!

  • Good morning everyone

    It seems the sun is out in most places except here :,-(

    Jillygirl do you ever sleep in??? Thank you for the Daily Chat; hope you enjoyed your breakfast. I’m getting hungry now. How are you feeling?

    Lenne I hope your cats are ok on their adventures. How are you feeling?

    Andi22 that’s an excuse I would use ;-)

    Dawn A very well done to you, what an achievement another barrier crossed and what lovely compliments you received. I’m sure this has really given you a push to carry on. I hope you enjoyed the day. 8-)

    You’re all doing brilliantly, well done – A BIG pat on the back for you!!!

  • Good afternoon everybody

    :-) :-) :-) :-) We're all winners :-) :-) :-) :-)

    Please remember to add your quit date to Emjays question - quitsupport.healthunlocked....

    Thanks 8-)

  • Hi claire, Cyprus eh! bet you cant wait. I think there will be more inhalators on the plane that what you think, everyone I talk to seems to be using them for plane journeys.

    As for me sleeping its very rarely I sleep in. Think its because I used to be up at 5.30am when i was working, and I cant seem to get out of the habit.

    Hope you dont mind me starting the daily chat, just gives me something to do until hubby gets up.

    See you later on. xx :)

  • Great stuff Dawn - where are you going? I'm off to Cyprus next month and looking forward to it but not the flights - scared to death of flying and usually smoke right up to the last minute. This time I'll have inhalators with me. Have fun wherever you're off x

  • I'm off to Belgrade in Serbia, we have a little houseboat on the river and it's total CHILLAX..lol! There will be loads of food, vino and piggies but I will not be partaking in the piggies.

    Dawn x

  • Sounds wonderful. Just the thing - loads of good food, wine and relaxation. Probably a good place to do without the piggies actually. I'm more worried about the flights than anything, but reminded myself, you can't smoke once you get through security anyway, so I guess I've always had to fly and hour or more after my last fag. Have a great time x

  • Just keep puffing on ur inhalator, you will be fine. You can go for 4 hours or more on the flight anyway, how long have you been smoke free now?

  • 8 weeks yesterday. I know my NRT should really stop after 12 weeks total - but I was going to chemist at first who really mucked me about, reduced my patches too early, swapped me from inhalators (which I'd reduced from 12 per day to about 5 per day by 6th week) onto lozenges, which I couldn't use 'cos they gave me terrible heartburn and indigestion, and generally the lack of support there almost sent me back to smoking (but didn't thank goodness :D). Now I'm attending my local NHS clinic and the nurse says I can have another 12 weeks (from 2 weeks ago) if I want, so I'll be OK for NRT while I'm on holiday. Of course, my aim is to be smoke AND nicotine free, but I'm not rushing it after my difficult experience........can't wait for Cyprus though, I've never been before and one thing at least is pretty much guaranteed - it will be SUNNY :D. X

  • Sounds like you've had a nightmare but at least you survived it. 8 Weeks is great, which part of Cyprus are you going to? I've been to paphos and it's lovely. I'm sure you'll have a lovely smoke free time.

    Dawn x

  • Paphos! Glad to hear you liked it. I can't wait.....just got back from smoking clinic, had my carbon monoxide tested and blew a big fat ZERO - woohooooo! Second time in a row (It was 49 the day I stopped smoking - boooooo) x

  • I can only ever get a one on the carbon monoxide test but that's because I live in pollution riddled London...lol!

  • Hi Dawn - I live in London too! Nurse joked that I mustn't have been out of the house all day - ha ha x

  • Not at all Jillygirl, my mornings are pretty hectic so its nice to have the Daily Chat up and running early. Thank you :-)

  • Just wanted to say today has been much easier.. And I don't feel as unwell which is good. Despite having received some devestating family news I haven't reached for a cig, that would be my usual reaction.so today is a good day in my quit process let's hope I have a few more!!

  • Hi Lisa-jane, So glad your day was better than yesterday. I know it can be hard at times, especially when you get bad news etc. However think positive and think to yourself why undo all the willpower you have shown .

    great to have you join us all keep in touch. :) and well done! :D

  • Hi Lisa-Jane, so glad you're having a better day today in spite of every thing else that's happening with you. Maybe your news has also taken your mind off it in other ways and it's a way of showing you how strong you really are. Another thing I've found is that you now have a real sense of freedom as you're not always looking about for when and where you can nip off out to have one (never mind the smell when you come back in! :o )

    Nice to see you here and speak again soon. :)

  • Hi Andi, soooo you have finaly done some gardening then!! :o

    and house work, and washing, well you have been a busy little bee today :D :D but what about the ironing then!! or are you saving that for next week ???? :P :P

    Speak soon Pete :)

  • Hi Pete, ships in the night this week? ;-) Wasn't that busy really, even managed a doze in the afternoon to try and catch up with sleep but it wasn't enough! :o Slept a bit better last night though. Must do the ironing today as running out of tshirts again! :D :D

  • Good evening Pete, if your back. hope wok went ok and not too hectic.

    hope those piggies didnt go to work too.

    everybody seems to be doing well if you read the blogs.

    missed chatting to you today.

    will call in before bedtime. xx :)

  • Aup Jillygirl, yes quite hectic at work, loads to do, but no probs with the piggies gal :) :)

    Just wondered how your house selling/buying was going??

    Yes i've read all the bolgs, and it seems everybody is doing very well, and staying quit.

    Will try to get on earlier tmoz :)

    Speak soon Pete :)

  • Hi everybody,

    Flippin eck !! :( its been a looooong day today, this time last week it was Tuesday!! it went so fast :D

    Gosh it seems busier on here without me :( are you trying to tell me somethink ?? just spent 3 hours reading all the posts.

    Huh seems like Claires got the Emjay nod !! it must be that chair that keeps making them nodddddd :D :D

    Lenne its great to see you again gal, and i'm sure my cat talks to me too, not quite sure what she says though!! :o

    Pete :)

  • Good night everybody and sweet dreams to you all :) :)

    Pete :)

  • HI Pete will talk tmoz. nite nite. xx :)

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