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MONDAY / DAILY CHAT / 31 /03/ 2014

MONDAY / DAILY CHAT / 31 /03/ 2014

Good morning everyone,

Start of another week and another week to tick off the no smoking calendar.

Your all doing fantastic especially the PIPPS. Lovely to see such support and friendship on here.

Jazzcat, hope your feeling a bit better now. Like Chrissy says your body is still adjusting the first few weeks.

Hope the computer is ok today Chrissy.

Sin , Andi and Pete will be watching out for you on the tissington trail. :) :) :)

Andi good to see you back. Hope you enjoyed your break.

Granddaughters birthday today so wont be on line until this evening (party time) :D :) :)

catch up later. xx

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Happy Birthday to your grand-daughter Jillygirl. Good morning everyone. Despite the brightness Mr sunshine seems to be having a bit of a battle with all that hazy cloud hanging over us. Nevertheless gonna try out a bike ride this morning.


Good Morning Everyone!

Hi Jilly, Hi Sin! Well I'm playing truant today :) - actually I have to confess that I just couldn't fall asleep last night this is my worst nice since stopping smoking but I think the idea of the Tissington Trail was scaring me! :D Anyway when I last looked it was 4 am and my alarm went off at 5.30 am! Fortunately I have so much flexi time due and very kind bosses who let me take the day at short notice!

My computer problem is completely resolved. there is a button on the side of my laptop which wasn't quite in the right place and this affected the wireless connection - it's being doing it for days but last night was really bad. Eventually it was completely off and eventually I remembered about the sliding button and as soon as I remembered it was there,the computer is now working perfectly again! Actually Mrs TechnoWizard Sin I should have explained to you what was happening - you might have worked that out for me! :)

Anyway enjoy the birthday party Jilly and don't eat too much jelly!

Sin I hope you get out on your bike today, it doesn't feel like it's cold out there today, just a bit dull!

And I am going to have some breakfast and then I'll probably nod off for a while :) (so tired!)

Have a wonderful day!

Love Chrissie x


Right have I been overdosing on the paracetamol cos am seeing double here. Don't know about you Chrissie but I can see mine and your replies duplicated or maybe it's cos am using my phone. Chrissie am going to reply to the other person who struggled sleeping last night with a tip that works for me when I can't sleep.


Oh you are right - the posts are duplicated and even your second post has duplicated which no doubt means that mine will be too.

Okay, I haven't seen the other persons post yet but I'll go and look for it now!



Good afternoon Jillygirl, Sinfree, Chrissie and everybody :) :)

Jillygirl, just love the pic gal :D :D enjoy your Granddaughters Birthday party, and heyyyyy, not tooooo much bum wiggling eh :o :D :D

Sinfree, I hope you get out and about on your bike today gal :)

Chrissie PIPP, its week 1 for you and Mummy now sooooo Wayyyyyy Hayyyyyy you keep focused and busy eh :) :)

Rite am off to do morrrrrrrrre pottering about see, so speak soon and enjoy your day :)

Pete :) xx


One whole week.....doing my dance...lol. Very happy to get to this!! ;)

Poor u Chrissie...that's what I had in first few days...the hard sleeping ...just shows how it all hits people at diff times!! Today I forgot to put my patch on...went out for day...been fine without it! Another great moment! ;)

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Well done mummy your really doing well. :) :) :)


MinderMummy PIPP!

CONGRATULATIONS sweetie! We did it, we got to one whole week! :) :) :D

I actually can't believe it - Im so happy!!!

Wow I am so impressed you forgot to put your patch on today and have been fine without it - that truly is a great moment for you!

Hang on - I'll dance around the living room to celebrate that fact with you :D :D :D

Phew - I think this stopping smoking lark is having an effect - I don't feel nearly as puffed as I used to! ha ha ha

So what are you going to do tomorrow re your patch?

I've been feeling that I'm over-using the e-cig at the moment - well especially over the weekend, it's becoming more like a dummy than NRT - so I'm thinking of just trying the mini lozenges tomorrow evening to see how I get on. I shall let you know how it goes my dear!



Really busy stressful day ahead so have put it on already!! Had a terrible terrible night sleep...waking up every hour and have the oddest headache from hell this morning!!! Ugh. I would try the lozenges...it have them too and there ok. Infact I think better than the gum.x good luck with them.xxx


Good morning Mummy PIPP, a massive well done to you gal :) :) Well its week 2 now for you and Chrissie PIPP, I havnt heard from Louby, Dave and the others, I hope there ok :)

I think we all get these sleepless nights during the early stages of our quit, but it soon passes :) I'm with you about the lozenges being better than the gum, I use the 2mg big lozenges, they seem to do the trick for me at a hard time :)

Take care now Mum and I hope your headache gets better soon :) :)


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