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Daily Chat: Monday 3rd December

Good Morning Everybody :0)

A grey and very wet day here on the M6 motorway for Claire and I. We're on our way to (hopefully) Sunny Birmingham so shall pop on as we can but it will likely be on our way home after 5.

Big fat huge congratulations Andi :0) 7 months is a crackin' benchmark. You should treat yourself to something nice, maybe something to do with your training or how about keep fit magazine subscription? :-)

Pete, I hope your shift flies by today and your boss continues to be nice to you... Try and stay as positive as ever and we'll be here for a catch up when you get home tonight :0)

Kazz, I wonder whether chocolate will play a part in your day today. It seems to be your main fuel :-)

John, how are you doing? Try and stay strong won't you? Remembering that smoking causes a stress hormone within the body to be released, causing you to feel a bit more down than normal. :-)

Sue, Hope you have an easy day today and enjoy having the laptop to yourself :-)

JillyGirl, big waves and hugz to you if you pop on here today. Hope you're feeling better and are still as positive as ever. We've missed ya! xx

Big waves to everyone else, remember that today is another day under your belt and is a fresh new start :0)

Any whose, I'm trying to type on my phone and the sun is shining ever so brightly now. Shall post this and probably see that somebody else has started daily chat :-/ If so, I'll delete this one.

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Good Morning Emjay, and everyone else.

Hope you have a good day today, and that it's sunny for you and Claire :) we've got rain today, but at least it's not snow :D :D

I'm on housework duty today, and Xmas tree shopping, since the stand on my last one broke

I hope you've recovered from you hospital stay Jillygirl, although I know you may be tired for a few days, put your feet up and have a good rest :)

It would be great to see you on here :), only if your up to it though :)

love and hugs :) xxx

I hope everyone else has a great day :) xx


Hi from sunny Birmingham its lovely here, hope everyone is having a good day so far, just made some low cal chicken soup for lunch :) now to tackle the ironing and some housework. Can't believe Christmas is so close :) and I have not bought a single present yet :( still not to worry :)


sorry delina, i didn't see you there, think i need new glasses :D :D

I've done some housework, but i hate ironing, i give mine to Kazz :D :D

you'll need to get shopping tomorrow Xmas is nearly here, just do what i do, i got all mine in 2 shops, nice and quick he he


Done the housework then Sue? :o :D :D



Hi all! Gosh, what a busy weekend I had, am shattered! Been to work this morning, not been home long. A cup of decaff coffee and a snoozette for me this afty.

Brill to see you Jilly! Great news re your op being brought forward! You're deffo in my thoughts and prayers, and am going to send you lashings of healing and positive vibes! You are a very remarkable lady!

Well done to all on staying smoke free! I now have an appointment with my jim jams, duvet and hot water bottle...




Hi everyone,

It's quiet on here today, maybe everyone has Mondayitus like me and not felt like chatting. I've woken up a bit now so I thought I would come and see what is going on. It's so good to see Jillygirl back with us :)

Yes EmJay, chocolate will feature in my day at some point, probably this evening after my tea. I have had chicken cup a soup for lunch.

Sue, will you be going for the traditional green tree or one of those funky coloured ones like black or pink : ) My tree is the one my mum and dad bought when I was 3 years old and I inherited it when they downsized. It is artificial but the branches are all separate and have to be slotted in, it is a lovely tree and I will never get rid of it.

That sounds lovely Chickles, jimjams, duvet and hot water bottle. I hope you are going to bed because you are feeling tired Chickles and not because you are feeling poorly?

I'd be panicking by now delina if I hadn't bought anything. Enjoy your ironing :( I hate ironing and put mine in with Andi's :D



Hi Kazz, I've been busy with housework, haven't managed to go for a tree yet, i prefer green ones, hopefully i can get one tomorrow :) It's lovely that you still have your mum and dads tree, my brother has that one

Wish i was doing that right now Chickles, i do hope your not ill though :)

Hope you all have a great day :) xx


Good evening everyone.

So pleased that Jilly was able to post her news today. :)

Decided not to come on til now as I don't seem to be able to get much done lately as I'm distracted too easily! :o

Typical Monday had by all I see - some working, some houseworking, etc. etc. but all still staying strong and not giving in to the little white sticks. :)

Must get my dinner now, see you later. :)


A fab snoozette for me! Kazz and Sue...nope I am not ill( apart from my usual complaints), just really tired. A busy weekend catching up with me, 2 late nights and not enough sleep.

Good luck with your tree shopping Sue!

Am away to watch some telly.



Glad you enjoyed your siesta. :)



Love that Andi and it is so true, don't want to have to start thinking about ironing my face :D :D Did you see what Sue said earlier, I've only just spotted it, that she is going to give me her ironing!! :D She should give it to you, you love ironing you do :P


Oy Susan, I've only just seen what you said to delina that you give you ironing to me :D :D well you know what will happen then because I give all mine to Andi so that's 3 lots of ironing in Andi's cupboard, I hope she's got room :D

Hi Chickles, I'm glad you had a good sleep and that you're not ill.

Hey Sue, what if people don't want what you can get in two shops or is that tough :D what if they wanted some......... marbles for instance, what would you do then? Ha!

Just going to dig some more Christmas cards out now, finish writing them tomorrow.

See you later my wonderful no smoking chums xxx :)


It is quite a big cupboard - positively Tardis-like even. :D :D :D



Ps did a gym session this morning. :)


Hi Kazz,

poor Andi :D :D :D

yeh, that's tough, he he, i usually know what i'm gonna get so can narrow it down that way :D

Funny you should say that, i'm just away to finish writing out my Xmas cards now.....that's spooky :o :D


That is a bit spooky :D

I wont ask for any marbles off you for Christmas then :D


So that's where you've all been hiding? I'm still at the thinking about it stage - better pull my finger out so I have some to open before I go away! (Not tonight though. :o ) :|


Well Wonderwoman, if you did a bit less exercise you might just have a bit of time left to do some cards :|

I like the idea of a tardis cupboard, not sure what we are all going to do when all our clothes need ironing, will it be a) go around naked or b) buy some more clothes :)

Good for you on the gym session Andi, I walked to the kitchen at work 5 times to make a brew then walked all the way back again. :D


Wot? no walking round that ping pong table today? :( :D


Message for Pete when he gets home - don't know what this has got to do with Monday's though. :o :D :D



Hi ya Andi and everyone else :) :)

Hmmmmmm nice pic gal, but erm are you trying to call me a t-- ed :o :|


Kaz, I dont suppose you were munchin on choc as you walked to and fro from the kitchen :o nagh surly not :D :D


Hey Andi, a dont half like your cupboard/tardis gal :P :D :P :D


No I wasn't, I like to eat it at my desk in case I drop any crumbs, I'm not licking crumbs up off the carpet :D

I thought I would have a change of scene today Andi, that ping pong table gets a bit boring :)

I might have a walk round the conference room table tomorrow or might leave that until next week:)

How's your day been Peetie Weetie? :D


Do you want to put your ironing in there as well Pete? There's loads of room.


I wouldnt mind staying in there myself, Wonder Woman looks a bit of all rite :D :D


Hi Sue, soooooooo you've been writing Christmas card out all day then :( just love doing that :( but havnt found it to be spooky though :o :)


Gosh flippin Kaz :o

Now I know what Sue meant by being spooooooky, cus you just come from anywhere :o :o


Hey and less cheeking your elders gal, flippin Peetie Weetie :P :P

Tipical flippin Woman :D :D

As for my day, its not been toooooo bad thank you for asking, yeah not to bad at all :) :)


:D What do you mean I just come from anywhere? Me no understand :o

I'm glad you've had a good day :)


If you dont understand, then what chance have i got :o :D

And thank you for that Kaz :) :)


Hey there Peetie Weetie! :D :D

I think you should be very proud of yourself today in reaching 6 weeks again on your latest (and last!) journey of quitting smoking! Conratulations and well done, old boy! :) :D :D :D



Cheers Andi flippin pandi :D :D

Thank you too for that Andi :) :)


Ha ha ha just ace gal, I would love to stay and play with you, but my eye's are shuttin so got to go


Nite nite everybody hugs and luv is going out to you all :) :)

Sleep well :) :)


So Kazz - have you finished writing your cards now? :)


Nite nite Pete, sleep well. xx :)

My eyes are drooping too so am off myself so nite nite to kazz and sue and everyone else. Hope you all have a nice sleep and ssee you tomorrow. xxxx :)


Aaaahh Andi Pandi I want one, he's gorgeous :D

Well Andi about the cards, you will need to sit down before I tell you this.. are you sat down? Hopefully you are.... I did some ironing instead :o

I've come over all faint now so I'm just sat down having a niQuitin mini and a bottle of water :D It was either that or I had to go to work with only my underwear on or creased clothes :)

I do have my cards on the table next to me and when I recover from the ironing saga, I will do some.

Peetie Weetie, what do you mean if I don't understand then how are you meant to? You said it, are you saying you don't understand what you are saying now because if that's the case then I don't understand, why you don't understand why I don't understand :|


Night night Andi Pandi, sleep well you deserve it, sweet dreams. Speak to you tomorrow, I hope I didn't send you to bed because you feel ill after hearing about me doing ironing :D xx I wont be doing anymore for while so calm down :D


Night night Peetie Weetie, sleep well and sweet dreams.

Speak to you tomorrow xx :)


I'm going to write some cards now then head off to bed so night night Sue, hope you got your cards finished.

Night night all, sleep and sweet dreams xxx :)


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