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DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY /10/03/2014

DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY /10/03/2014

Good morning /evening, Monday again and the start of a new week. Dont forget No smoking day on Wednesday, so anyone who is thinking of quitting get prepared. Nrt. at the ready plenty of healthy nibbles handy when those cravings call. And lots of support on here so dont be afraid of asking for help. Whatever stage you are at with your quitting dont forget stay positive. Mr Nic can sneak up on you if you aren`t careful.

Right back to business Kettles on anyone for a cuppa?

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DAY *8* for you Pete. Monkey your cat is waiting to greet you.



Ha ha ha ha Jillygirl, you just flippin crack me up gal :D :D :D Monkey does look a bit like that, but she's got a bigger nose, which is into everything I tell ya :o Whether I'm pottering in the garden, in my garage, in the shed, in the greenhouse or in the house, she's there flippin nosying to see what am up to, I'm wandering if er-in-doors has trained her to do it, so she can keep an eye on me :P :D :D

As it happens Jillygirl, she was sat by my garage waiting for me, how the heck she knows when I'm coming home, I don't know :o But she's usually sat by my garage and watches me reverse my van into the drive so I don't hit anything !! typical flippin Woman :o :|

I hope you've had a nice day Jillygirl :) its been quiet on here eh :o

Rite, Day 8 - for saying its a Monday, its not been too bad, but have had 4 lozenges today at work, that's with my patch on. I'm working 10am - 10pm this week, so don't get home until about 11 - 11.30 depending on the flippin roadworks on the M1 and the A38 :P :P But there is a good side to it, when I get home, although I can still smell the smoke in the house, they have gone to bed, sooooo, there are no ciggies laying about to tempt me :) :) So I've just done a bit of erm, snacking :o and that's all so far :)

I hope you have a lovely nights sleep Jillygirl, sweet dreams gal :) xx


Evening all, Welcome Thiett, sending you loads of good luck vibes for your quit :-)

Hubby and I have had lovely day at the seaside, lots of healthy sea air, I don't usually take my e-cig out with me but did today, and did use it about 4 times, it doesn't help as hubby still smokes the ciggies, but I honestly don't hanker for one anymore, I don't like the smell at all now, and I get quite embarrassed when out with hubby because I wonder if people think the smoke smell is coming from me ! so I'm still using loads of perfume like I used to just to try and disguise the smell from him ! Grrrrr

Oh well ' That's Life ' :-\


Aup Sunny, so your hubby still smokes then :o well, I would spray some perfume on him tooo :D :D

As for you not liking the smell of smoke anymore, I still do :o although I'm only on day 8 this time, the last quit attempt I very nearly made it to 5 months, but still liked the smell then :o

If you don't mind me asking you, when did you start disliking the smell of ciggies ?


Hi Pete, I think I started to dislike the smell of ciggie smoke well before my quit, although I miss the taste ! We haven't smoked in the house for years, hubby still going outside in all weathers ! I wish he would quit as he has a terrible cough all the time, and is very chesty with poor breathing, But I have tried to persuade him, given up now though :-(

The thing is I now realize how important it is to hopefully be a Healthy old lady, but then will need to be if I have to look after hubby when he gets sick from the smoking !!

Any way after all that I'll say Here's to a Happy day, the sun is shining here, hope it is for you too, Stay strong. :-) :-)


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