Good morning /evening to everyone. Well its a new week and a new start for some of us.

Those of you who aren`t quite ready to quit smoking just yet, why not set the 12th of March

as your quit date.(no smoking day) Get prepared. Buy your nicotine replacement therapy products. Have a word at your local pharmacy or your smoking cessation clinic. Read up on all the facts. Join quit support community for help and advice. Talk to other members who are quitting .

Go on what are you waiting for? You can do it. :)

Meanwhile enjoy your day. :)

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  • Good morning Jillygirl and everyone,

    A brill opening today Jillygirl, it should encourage more people to stop :)

    I'm just back from my holiday, had a great time :) I tried to come on here when I was away but the computers kept crashing, it was so annoying.

    It's great to see so many new people on here :) keep strong everyone, you can do this, we're all here for you.

    I'm away to have a shower now then start on my mountain of washing, see you later :) xx

  • yay - loopygran, hello Sue, not heard from you for long, long time. Hope you are well and glad to hear you have had a nice holiday. Enjoy your washing - the sun is shinying today, well it is here anyway at least for the time being, so you can hang it all out and get it dry.

  • Hiya Sinfree, it does seem like ages since we spoke, I hope your doing great :) washing is nearly done, ya :D :D back to the cold now though

  • HEY SUE :) its just great to have you back gal :) :) aint half missed ya :( :(

    I'm soooooooo glad you had a lovely holiday, justa pity about the computers eh :o

    You got your laptop working now, or you got a new one :) Speak soon Sue, luvs ya gal :) xx

  • Hey Sue! welcome back home. I hope your holiday was fantastic. Photos please. :) I hope you and hubby are feeling ok and well rested. So glad your back. :) :) :)

  • Thanks Jillygirl, the holiday was brill, I'll put some pics up when I put them on my laptop, which may be when my son helps me, I'm hopeless at that :D :D

  • Hi loopygran, So it's back to reality, ( washer on ) :-( glad you had a good holiday. The sun has his Hat on here so a good day to line dry ! :-)

  • Hi mrssunnyside, we did have the sun here but now it's hiding :D a well, just have to put the dryer on

  • morning jilly very up lifting today. goes with this lovely sunny day.

  • Hey there Jilly and everyone.Makes me think of warmer places reading loopygrans post. I ventured out to our local spar shop today and just asked the guy how much 20 of my favourite cigs are costing these days, £ 6:81 is how much !!!!!!!!!!!!!! To think I used to smoke around 80 a week that works out at £27:60 a week or around £116 a month, so I've saved in nearly 6 months £696 approx (Not at the 6 months yet but will be soon, EmJay are you reading this LOL :) x That's a week in Marrakech Bloomin Heck. For those who are reading this and are MAYBE thinking it's time to stop PLEASE if for nothing other than financial reasons set your quit date for national no smoking day and go for it. Don't be a mug like me and put it off thinking that you'll do it ONE day because that one day never comes. I was forced into it and it's the best thing I ever ever did, yep I still miss my cigs but not that much anymore honestly. I'd rather be able to breathe and smell and taste my food than pay the tobacco companies £ 696 for 6 months of misery really. COME and JOIN US the feeling really is PRICELESS. Hx

  • Helen thats a lot of money. What a lot of money wasted. for what " lung problems ". Like you say if we knew what we were in for we would never have lit that first cigarette. :)

  • A bit late today, I know. It's really spooky cos I was going to mention that Sue should be due back any time now, then up she pops. :) Welcome home Sue, I bet you had the most amazing holiday and look forward to hearing a bit about it soon. Andi. xxx :)

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