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Good morning everyone, I hope the weather is fine for you and not too cold. Remember to wrap up warm, and keep those . flu and chest infections at bay.

Well it will soon be another new year, another reason to celebrate, and another reason to stop smoking. Many of you have already stopped and must be so pleased with yourselves

Why not try and encourage other smokers to stop, just direct them on to this site , then there is no pressure and may be they will see its possible to quit.

Whatever your plans are enjoy your day. :) :) :)

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Good evening (my time) jilly and everyone :)

I'm feeling very proud as am nearly on day 8!!! I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my partner to arrive after a month away at work. I can't wait to see him but I'm a little reticent as he is still smoking! I just hope I don't relapse!! He says he's quitting Jan 3rd so I'll definitely be directing him to this site!! It's been my savior so far!!!

Hope you all have a happy and smoke free 2014. Weather here is for a NYE with a temp of 22deg Celsius so it should be awesome for the fireworks :).

Cheers all xxx


Hi Mardi BIG well done on reaching day 8. fingers crossed your partner is serious. with your help he can do it. :)


Hi ya Mardi, like Jillygirl says, day 8 !! yippppppy flippin dipppppppy doooooo :)

Hey, you stay strong now gal :) and show your partner that you CAN do it ! When he see's that you can do it, then he will also :)

Yes, you bring him on here Mardi, you know we will all help him :) :)

Dont forget to say NO !! if he offers you a ciggie !! but you can say yes to everything else eh :) What ?? Like cooking his dins for him, washing & ironing his clothes, etc etc :|

Speak soon, Pete :)


Good Morning and Good Evening All :-)

I was in the middle of replying and took a telephone call and now my post seems to have disappeared :-(

JillyGirl, my News Resolution list is already being put together. Although I seem to have a long list at the moment I am going to whittle it down to just a few - I think then I will be more likely to stick to them :-/

Andi, practising yoga a number of times a week is on my list - I seem to have picked up a sneaky half a stone from somewhere!

Mardi, well done to you on reaching day 8 and a huge welcome into week 2 :-) You're dong really well. With regards to your partner smoking, try not to see it as a big task of staying smokefree around him. Maybe if you just try to overcome the one cigarette each time he has one. At the end of the day, it probably only takes him around 3 minutes to smoke one so maybe you can take yourself off to do something as a distraction in that time... Roll on 3rd January then when you can support each other at the same time :-) Remember to stay positive and that if you plan a decent strategy and do your bestest to keep to it, then you'll do okay... I need to start taking a bit of my own advice here - with regards to my new yoga regime (watch this space!) :-)

Cup of tea anyone?


Hi Emajy, only half a stone erm I certainly got the other half. :P exercise and weight watching on my list.


Aup Jillygirl, its bin quiet today eh :o

If Emjay has got half a stone !! and you have got the other half !! then, what ave I got around my middle ?? Hmmmmm, if it was my head that had got bigger, then perhaps I could have fitted more brain cells in it eh :o what do you think !! :D :D

I know you will be fast asleeeeeeeep now, so I will whisper sweet dreams to you gal and you have a lovely nights sleep :) :)


Emjay, I'm already watching Jillygirl's space, soooooo, I will be watching your space toooooo :o :|

I might even get perched on your right shoulder ;) :D :D


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