My life without fags!

Ok......ive been trying to stop smoking on and off for the last 8 years! Ive tried everything from patches to hypnotherapy to acupuncture to champix. Until today I thought I was totally helpless and quite possibly condemmed to a life of smoking and more than likely a life cut short. Ive decided to give myself a break and accept that smoking is a nasty horrible addiction that I have total control over (if I choose to) and im going to beat it once and for all. As a smoker I feel low, unhealthy and pretty bad about myself. When I have gone without fags (9 days is the longest I have managed), and felt good about myself, confident and felt like my life was full of hope and excitment. Cigarettes are dragging me down, using up all of my money and ruining my health. I want nice things and to life a long life. I want to be around for my 7 year old Daughter and I want us to enjoy a great life and nice things together. So ive set a final quit date of this Monday coming and no matter how hard I find it or how much I feel I cant cope without these dreaded little white sticks I promise myself that I will not give in. I am going to be using patches and nicotine spray and this works for me. I have been reading everyones blogs and chats on here over the last couple of days and im totally inspired by how well everyone is doing. On Monday its going to be my turn :-)

Jo x

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  • if i can do it i am sure anyone can, i find the chewing gum helps me having stopped 7 weeks i find the morning the worst like you i want to see my family grow up even thou mine are older. my worst fear is getting lung cancer like my mum and watching her daily struggle.

  • Wow 7 weeks, thats amazing!! Are you finding it any easier now? I am petrified of lung cancer. Wish there was a way to find out if I have it already as I have convinced myself I probably have. Its awful what cigs do to your mental state!

  • hi jojolou

    I can understand your fears. Have a word with your doctors, and see if there is a walk in chest clinic. I know we have one in Leeds. I am sure he will put you on the right track.

    So Monday it is you can do it . log on to this site we are all here to help. xx :)

  • Hi! Thanks for your reply. Its just a fear that I have re lung cancer but really worries me so I will see my dr, thanks. Yes Monday is the day. If you guys can all do it so can I! xx

  • Aup Jo :)

    So you've set your quit date for Monday then :) thats just magic gal, it is :) and you really sound so so positive and focused about it too :)

    We've just got to make sure that you keep positive and focused on your quit after that eh :) if you need any help, just come and shout about it gal :) :)

  • Oh I have no doubt whatsoever that Ill be giving you all a shout and keeping my blog up to date! Really committed to succeeding this time!

  • Well done, We have all had similar stories, reasons and doubts but, hey we gave it a go. I am amazed at my own results (6 weeks using NRT) and I am so pleased with the results. It isn't easy but you get a lot of support here and that in itself is priceless.

    Well Done and good luck

    Dave :)

  • Thank you!

  • good luck jojolou...i tried all methods more than 40yrs with no luck

    then i tried e cigs,i'm now nearly 6 months tobacco free...if you feel you are wavering,give them a try may help you too...good luck can do it..

  • Wow last October, thats amazing! I am going to a stop smoking clinic so that all taken care of ;-) Yes, the spray is powerful isnt it! Great but I agree, you need to be careful with it. My daughter knows that I smoke and that I have fallen off the wagon. I think she feels dissapoined in me and I feel really selfish. Monday theres no going back though. Massive well done to you and thanks for your words of encouragement and advice x

  • Hi Jojolou You are right to start again.. I am off the cigs since the first of January and its going good so far.. I too started on the e cig and it has helped me I attend my non smoking clinic and I am now on the inhaler and just chew on it and even sometimes forget about it all day.. I wish you all the best and come on here as its a great way to get support... :) :)

  • Hi again Jo :)

    Yes I know what you mean about the spray, but if you cup one hand, spray a bit into it,then rub a finger into it and rub your finger on your gums :) that way its not quite as strong and you dont get the hiccups :) :)

    Speak soon :)

  • hahahaha yes those hiccups! Will try that ;)

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