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8 days without a cig

Ive recently quit smoking and am now using an e cig to adhere my cravings

Is it a good or bad thing and does it class me as a none smoker,ive gone wihout a cigarette

For 8 days and can say i dont miss them,i smoked roll ups for 30 yr plus,will i experiance

The same symtoms of someone stopping without the aid of an e cig?

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Well done on 8 days that's great !! :) ecigs are a good thing if they help you stay away from cigs .I think you will need to gradually reduce your useage as you go . As for withdrawl symptoms ,you may well get some as e-cigs still contain Nicotine,however they may not be as bad ..I think this is an unknown area at present..my thinking is yes you probably will,a little...But for now good luck stick with it and enjoy the e-cig :)))


Thanks for that thenunn the ecig really has worked for me,eventually i hope to stop this also.


The ecig is not filling your lungs with smoke and nasty chemicals like

an ordinary cig. So I would say yes you are a non smoker and if the ecig helps

then you go for it! I use one only on weekends when socialising etc and it really

helps! One of our members has been quit for nearly a year now with the aid

of an ecig! 8 days is great - well done!



It really does help dawn i havnt managed to find a flavour yet to suit but im currently

Vaping cherry&menthol at the moment 24mgs,i find the lower mgs not

As satisfying,it is probably because i smoked roll ups and they are quite strong,i will keep on the e cigs until i feel i dont need them.thanks again :)


Cheers madimad I'm currently on cherry and menthol I keep trying different flavours to find the right one so ill have a go at your suggestion next.


Welcome aboard Babydoggy,

congratulations on reaching day 8, you are now into your 2nd smokefree week :-)

As long as you are using your e-cig as a method to stopping smoking with plans to eventually end its use, then I would class you as a non smoker :-)

I would probably think it would be advisable to reach at least 12 smokefree weeks and then review how you are doing before moving onto the next step :-)

There are some people who are using their e-cig as an alternative to smoking - due to being cheaper than paying for cigarettes, or because they cannot smoke in public spaces - I'm not sure how I would class these folks, smokers or no-smokers I believe that some of them call themselves 'Vapers'... As far as I am aware, they plan to continue to use their e-cigs on a long term basis.

I'm not completely sure about how you will feel whilst using an e-cigarette, but what I would usually say to anybody that is using any form of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) is that it will never do for you what a cigarette will do, but it does take the edge off your cravings. From what I believe with e-cigs is that many people sail through their use of it as they tend to use them as they would a cigarette. Using an e-cigarette (so far) appears to be a lot safer than smoking regular cigarettes.

Mad is usually quite helpful when it comes to information on using e-cigarettes.

Remember to stay positive and for every time you do overcome any cravings and make it through to your next smoke-free day, give yourself a well deserved pat on the back :D

You're doing brilliantly! :D


Well done thats fantastic -it has to be better using e cigs than fags. Keep at it and your 8 days will soon turn into a month and so on. Stick at it - its not easy - but every day is a bonus and your body will thank you in the end.


well done, it does get easier day by day. I used the e-cigs to begin with but now I don't and haven't for sometime. I gave up six months ago now and its the best thing I have done in ages, keep it up you will feel better.


Babbydoggy, I smoked the old rollups for many years, hand rolled and no tip, a year ago I changed to normal fags. I offten wonder if the rollups contributed to more quickly to my copd. Ah well not to worry, don't intend to ever smoke again. 8 weeks and a few days, so am classing myself a non smoker. Feeling really good wish I'd packed up years ago....bet we all say that !!!!!!!!! good luck


I am doing the e-cig thing--but just when it gets really tough--My ecigs have 4 ingredients in them as opposed to 400 chemicals in a cigarette--I will never smoke a cigarette again--Go slowly and don't worry--what you are doing is a huge step up from regular smokes--I consider myself a non-smoker with an addiction to nicotine working towards recovery.. Baby steps,,,,,Luck to you MadameT


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